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  1. “PARTNERSHIPS THAT TRANSFORM” CONF: CDs/MP3s NOW AVAILABLE — The 2006 COSIM conference, held June 12-14 at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton, Illinois, advanced the theology and practice of cross-cultural ministry partnerships. COSIM stands for Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries. Speakers included: Dick Robinson: “Partnerships that transform our understanding of . . . mission, the gospel, and the world / Gary Edmonds: “From missions-TO . . . to missions-WITH” / “Faisal” — “Partnering with indigenous ministries for transformation: A non-Western perspective”. Dr. David Kasali’s address, “Will the African Church be ready?” was the high-point of the conference for many. Also, how-to workshops on: accountability — short-term mission trips for long-term transformation — assessing your cross-cultural partnerships — etc. Recordings of all sessions are now available as CD or MP3 download. Visit the COSIM web site:

  2. LINKING LITERACY AND ORAL COMMUNICATION — Nearly 4 billion people cannot read. But what about the millions who are learning to read but continue to read too poorly to understand? There is a very simple way to help turn poor, struggling readers into good readers. It is the Talking Bible in that reader’s own language. The advent of the talking Bible now offers a wonderful new way to help poor readers become good readers. A poor reader with a talking Bible can open the printed Bible and follow the text while listening to the narration of that text in audio. The new solid state, digital Talking Bible will make it easy to select the exact passage in the printed text. Talking Bibles International says it will have its revolutionary, new solid-state, digital Talking Bible available by summer’s end. An exciting new era is dawning. For more information visit: or contact: info(at)talkingbibles(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  3. SO BY NOW YOU MUST HAVE HEARD… CALEB PROJECT & ACMC WED — It’s not too late to send a wedding gift (joking). But seriously, Caleb Project and ACMC are merging. See the details at…

    See links there for more information. We’re all on the edge of our seats to see how this will shake out in practical details.

  4. CHECK OUT THE ALPHA TEST OF THE “MONITOR” — This is a database of events, trends, analysis, statistics, photographs, reports, etc. that Justin Long, Senior Editor of Momentum, is maintaining to use to build each issue of Momentum Magazine. It is now a web-based database. Each entry has a single brief comment and a link to the website where the article is found. I’m liking this page a *lot*. You can check it out at:

  5. THE RESULTS: WHICH CAMCORDER IS THE BEST? — [drum roll] OK, thanks too all those who gave input on the question, “Which camcorder is the best?” We’ve combed through the input, and here are some over all themes. First, as Ed pointed out, this is a market that moves fast, so it’s important to figure out your needs based on work process, the user’s technical capabilities, local servicing available, etc. He urges users to see the reviews at web sites such as (in no particular order): **** This one in particular is great click on camcorders

    Second, don’t assume you have to spend $3000 to get something that works for you. Bob, one of our good friends at Good News Productions (, recently looked at camcorders with a view toward high image quality, manual functions (for aperture, shutter, focus, white balance), ease of use for novices, external audio input, firewire port (for connection to computers), cost, and manufacture track record. Using these as our guide, we chose the Panasonic PV GS500, a 3 CCD DV tape camcorder for around $800. Interestingly, Brad, another Brigada participant, settled on a similar model, the GS-250, as his favorite.

    Bob pointed out that there are multiple options out there in terms of video recording formats (tape, disk, hard drive) and each has its own pros and cons, requiring the smart shopper to consider how and where the camcorder will be used. Also, some features that one camera user insists on having would intimidate others, as in manual controls versus total automation. Image quality ranges from small, single CCD (the image capture device) to 3 CCD models, multiple digital video formats, wide screen, high definition, and a host of other considerations in how different camcorders record the image. The bottom line is truly that you have to pay more for higher quality, so at some point the buyer has to set a limit and choose a camcorder that fits within the budget. The good news is that competition among manufacturers keeps the costs reasonable and the features constantly evolving into better bang for your buck.

  6. MORE ON LATEST GUIDANCE ON TRAVELING/CONNECTING TO THE ‘NET — We continue to feel good about using MS Outlook and a secure email account, or at least a secure webmail provider. (Thanks for giving your two cents on this, Justin.) Another Brigada participant, Todd, recently pointed to evidence that maybe wasn’t so “country neutral” as was originally thought. (For example, he has personally experienced regionally targeted ads which seem country aware.) Also, don’t forget about using a web interface like Hushmail,

    which offers encryption built-in from the server… and you can install an Outlook plug-in that let’s you access your Hushmail messages via Outlook, so you can compose offline and save online minutes (which is probably going to be important if you’re connecting via a remote dial-up). Finally, whatever you use, be sure to try it out in advance. The worst time to be experimenting is when you’re on the road already, under the gun. If at all possible, try out these connections in advance.

  7. THE HERERO PEOPLE — Find these people in central and eastern Namibia in Africa. In the traditional Herero village, the village head is the link between the living members and dead ancestors of the family. He is responsible for keeping the holy fire burning at the main hut of the village. This fire symbolizes continuous contact with the deceased ancestors. In the event the fire should go out, it is a slight or insult to the ancestors and endangers the spiritual security of the offender as well as the other members of the family. If the village head should die, the living link between the village and ancestors is dead. What results is tremendous grief and mourning for long periods of time, until a new head is established. Pray for the Herero people of Namibia, that they may come to know the true intercessor for all people, Jesus Christ. Pray that they come to know the One who will never die and that they will no longer feel the grief that comes with lostness! To adopt the Herero people for prayer or for more information, click to…

    or email lynchdp(at)iafrica(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  8. GET PRE & MID FIELD RUSSIAN LANG. TRAINING THIS FALL/SPRING — Studying at the Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures (ISLC) (formerly Russian Language Ministries) will give you a good head start in learning the needed language and culture. Their experienced staff is called by God to equip you in the Russian language & cross-cultural skills you will need to be effective in ministry. Courses are tailored to your learning needs and offer an intensive and focused experience with, gradual effective immersion in the language, communicative learning methods & flexible duration for all programs. Their U.S. based courses are taught in an encouraging spiritual atmosphere with a focus on future ministry. Classes now forming for their 16 week fall course 2006 (Aug. 28- Dec. 15). Spring 2007 (Jan. 22 – May 11) US toll Free: 1-800-799-7976 or 1-803-333-9119. or click to

    or email RLMoffice(at)juno(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  9. MINISTRYHOME.ORG — The free online social network for ministry! MinistryHome allows you to promote your ministry, raise funds, build teams and network with like-minded individuals, all for free (Note that some packages are for sale there too… but the $15/mo. cost seems reasonable.) This has the potential to radically change the way missions teams are built and resourced. Joining the MinistryHome community only takes a few minutes. For more information, visit

  10. FREE PAPERS ON RUSSIAN YOUTH MINISTRY — Dr. Mark Harris has made available a set of seven papers based on the research he did a few years back among Russian young people. In addition, there are four papers to help you understand Russian Baptist churches, and a few other miscellaneous papers on ministry in Russia. These are free for the downloading at

  11. SPECIAL ARTICLES ON DISCIPLESHIP — Here is a whole series of discipleship articles and training materials all available on the web! Some people think of discipleship only at its beginning stages. But that is only the start! The Flow maps out the progress of discipleship from the beginning right to the end: the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced. There are even articles on how this advanced stage connects to leadership training. Also please notice BFF’s special offer. Full-time Christian workers overseas, 4 from each country can get a free BFF CD 2.2 mailed to them. See the homepage for details. The CD has many of these materials in eBook form with lots of Powerpoints, maps and handouts. Printed material can be purchased. BFF has a liberal copy policy which enables a teacher to share the materials with the ones he serves. Learn more at

  12. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS — Thanks to the folks at Reignbridge for their gift of $50. Don’t miss their “Kids Praying for Kids” DVD… Learn more at:

    Want to join them? Just click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. In any case, thanks for considering Brigada in your estate giving, your monthly church missions fund, and/or your own personal giving for this calendar year.

  13. THE BACKPAGE: LEARNING FROM THE HOMETOWN OF “HOOSIERS” — You’ve probably seen the 1986 movie, “Hoosiers.” If not, it’s definitely worth the rental. Sites like ESPN and the American Film Institute frequently rave about it (#4 of the “Top 20 Sports Movies of All Time”, #13 on the list of the “100 Most Inspiring Films of All Time”). USA Today found it to be the best sports movie of all time. So over these next three weeks, I’d like to draw some lessons from my personal visit to the “hometown” of Hoosiers… the place where it actually happened. (You’ll actually get more out of these entries if you’ve seen the movie, so if you don’t mind, pick it up and review it again so the lessons will be fresh. Tune in next week, once you’ve done that, for more about my visit to Milan, Indiana, where the *real* Hoosiers story begins.