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  1. SPONSORSHIPS ARE PROVIDING FOR PART-TIME SECRETARY — We’ve jokingly referred to the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” because in it, the community pitches in to help Jimmy Stuart’s character pay off a bank shortage. In the process, he learns just how much the community appreciates him . . . and that makes for a great story-line. Well it still does. Thanks to the sponsorships that have come so far in 2003, we’ve been able to hire a part-time secretary (3 days/week). She will help us cover everything from subscription requests to answering mail & email. In time, we hope this will make Brigada Today a much more “on- time” vehicle for carrying news, resources, and information about God’s great global hope-giving enterprise. So thanks to all those who have been able to pitch in so far. Several have asked to remain anonymous. Only God will know about their gift. In other cases, we have the privilege and responsibility to say how much we appreciate their respective ministries and services. You would help us greatly if you took advantage of their book or class or business. To see the list, just log onto… then click on the word “Sponsors” at the bottom of the page. Please let one or more of these partners know that you appreciate their participation in Brigada. By doing so, you’ll help us as well!

  2. CAN’T ATTEND VIDEOGRAHER CLASSES? AT LEAST BUY THE BOOK — It’s too bad we can’t all go to some course to help us learn how to really take advantage of video. Churches want to see our story. We know they’ll play the tapes on Sunday morning. Sending a 7-minute video home to supporters just makes good sense. But where do we begin? And how do we maximize the impact of those 7 minutes? Well now, thanks to Brigada sponsor John Walton, you can at least get the book, “Toolbox for Video Storytelling.” As far as I know, this is the one best source to help you learn to document your cross-cultural work via video in a top-notch manner. Please check out the book at John’s website, so he’ll know you saw his sponsorship link here. John helps you think through your storyline (thinking stories, not topics), organize your ideas, and develop your script (using “modules”). Then he models video and photography tips while providing great examples on the accompanying CD inside the book’s back jacket cover. He addresses both the technical side of things (e.g., sound, lighting, and camera technique) as well as the artsy side (shooting a picture story, continuity, and organization). His material on editing is the best I’ve seen to get you up and running in record time. John claims that we helped him get the initial word out here, via Brigada. The truth is… the book speaks for itself. Get it — and you’ve got a virtual library of resources to get your video moving… both practically and emotionally. Thanks John, for the $50 sponsorship and the great production to help the worldwide hope-giving enterprise!

  3. MAILWASHER AND OTHER SPAM FILTERS — Whoa. Now *this* is a great find. Brigada participant Bob wrote recently with this note: “Mailwasher allows you to scan your emails before downloading, delete and bounce unwanted messages (as though your email account did not exist) and construct your own personal black and white lists.” For some reason, I was skeptical at first . . . until I found that a) Mailwasher is free, b) the ad is unobtrusive, c) it’s incredibly easy to use, d) it works with any email program, and e) it sends back a spoofed “email address is dead” message (the kind that ISPs generate automatically when you drop your subscription with them). What’s more, I was able to create a filter to watch the subject line for words like “viagra”, “porn”, and … increasing the size of certain body parts I’ll not mention here in Brigada Today. :-) Bottom line: this product is such an incredibly easy program to use, and the price is so right (free!), I can’t think of any reason why I *wouldn’t* want to use it. In fact, if it continues to be so helpful, I’m sure I’ll pay the author the $20 registration fee just to say thanks to him! :-) Try it; you’ll like it. (Thanks Bob!!!) By the way, another Brigada participant, David, likes There’s a charge, but David claims 97% success. Yet another David recommended It’s free as well, and the concept sounds very interesting (works as a proxy server to add classification to your emails). One other reader, William, recommended He said, ” does the same thing as “Spybot” but is free, and does not require (as Spybot does) one to buy or promise to buy in order to get the adware and spyware scrubbed off. Just download the free scrubber and run it.”

    All four of these products sound great. Let’s try ’em and boycott spam! (Thanks Davids! :-) Thanks William!)

  4. TEACHERS NEEDED IN KAZAKHSTAN — Tien Shan Educational Center of Almaty, Kazakhstan, an English language based school Grades 1-12 serving the missions community is in need of several key staff positions and the school year is about to begin! Last we heard, they still needed a Business Manager, JH & HS – Physical Education, Bible, Math, Science, & Language Arts, ESL Teacher, 3rd/4th Grade Teacher, 5th/6th Grade Teacher. For more information contact Gillian at . Their school year begins August 27th. Better contact them yesterday. :-)

  5. MEDICAL MISSIONS TRAINING — Elim Bible Institute is now accepting applications for this fall’s “Missions and International Community Health Program”. The two-year program provides training in the cultures and customs, the missionary life and in preventative and curative community health care focusing on developing countries. It is designed for those with no prior health training or for those such as nurses and EMTs who want practical primary care training. It includes an eight-week international internship with a health missionary. Transfer students are accepted directly into health training with one year of Bible School or its equivalent. For a program description visit their web site email or call 1-800-670-ELIM, International Students are WELCOME! Limited number of scholarships for those from developing countries. Call (585)582-1230.

  6. NEED A STANDARD WALL OR DESK PHONE? — Norm is offering to provide them. He’s got 40 standard wall/desk corded telephone sets to give out free. These are like new ITT phones (analog). Available for pickup or you pay shipping. For more information, contact Norm directly. Thanks for helping the Brigada family, Norm!

  7. CARE ABOUT MUSLIMS? — FFM began over 50 years in North America as a prayer, information and literature service encouraging outreach among Muslims worldwide. A Prayer News Bulletin goes out three times a year, hard copy or e-mail, giving brief prayer requests from around the world, wherever individuals or ministries are witnessing among Muslims. In addition, there’s a 2,600-volume library and a small bookstore (tracts, books, videos, cds) with helpful information. Contact: or go to

  8. OPERATION REVEILLE POSTS NEW ARTICLES — At read how the most historically significant figure of the 20th Century was a not-so-famous linguist and missionary. Read about special operations to employ for spiritual warfare. Find out what Chinese Christians said about SARS, and how Christians are being treated in Iraq.

  9. BUSINESS LEADERS CONFERENCE — If you identify yourself as a kingdom business leader committed and called to serve through the tool of business you are invited to an intensive three day conference following the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED)’s Planting the Kingdom through Business seminar. It will be held September 23-26 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You will hear reports from the pioneering locations where new businesses are being planted, gain vision and opportunities to mentor and coach emerging business leaders, multiply God’s investment through developing and providing capital for new Kingdom businesses, meet likeminded people and build relationships with entrepreneurs and business owners from many nations. For more information log on at or write to