Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY, USA
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In this issue…



1) PRAYER CALENDAR FOR CHINA — The “Intercessors for China 2002” prayer calendar is available at

or by calling 1-888-462-5481!


2) FREE FILM CHECKER, ETC. — A Christian film and video library in Minnesota, USA is preparing to close its doors after nearly 30 years of ministry. One of the items it has to dispose of is 16mm film checker, cleaner and previewer. This is a free standing model. There are also cleaning and splicing supplies included. The checker is available free of charge but must be picked up in Minneapolis or you will need to arrange for shipping to you. For more information you can contact: Don Lundeen at gtf media resources, 701 Decatur – Ste. 110, Minneapolis, MN 55427, 763/545-5344, 763/545-5498 fax,


3) LAST CHANCE FOR “MEMBER CARE” PRE-PUBLICATION OFFER — You can still order copies of “Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices From Around the World.” This new book is a compilation of articles and updates on how different organizations and member care workers are providing missionary care around the world. Over 60 authors contributed to the book, from both the Newer Sending Countries (NSCs) and the Older Sending Countries (OSCs). It has 50 chapters, 576 pages, (a few surprises), and is presented in three parts: The Member Care Context (5 articles); Regional Issues and Insights (15 articles from Africa, Latin America, the Arabic World, Asia, and India); Providing and Developing Member Care (30 articles categorized according to the books transcultural model of member care). To see the cover, endorsements, contents, and the introduction, visit

Retail price: $24.99; Until Jan. 10: 1-9 books: $15.00; 10-25 books: $12.00; 26-50 books: $11.00; 51-100 books: $10.00; 101+ books: $ 8.00. Prices exclude shipping. For ordering info: Kelly O’Donnell


4) OFFICE XP USERS CAN GET SERVICE PACK 1 — If you’ve switched to Office XP, might as well make your way to:

for Service Pack 1. I didn’t notice a ton of differences, but there are supposed to be some security things handled.


5) LEARN ENGLISH FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICE — Do you struggle with using and understanding English? Help is available! The international mission, Operation Mobilisation, has a school in the UK aimed specifically at those wanting to learn or improve their English for Christian service and missionary work. They promote a friendly atmosphere and small classes. Each day starts with spiritual input. Courses run throughout the year. Minimum stay is 2 weeks. For info email



6) WEB-WATCH: WHAT CAN ONE COUPLE DO? — To Every Tribe Ministries is the church planting ministry of the Sitton family, but it shows what one family can do! They focus primarily on church planting among unreached tribes in Papua New Guinea and Mexico. However, they hope that their web site to become a valuable tribal missions resource for the entire Body of Christ. Check out the extensive tribal and general missions information they have put together at:


7) MISSIONARY LANGUAGE AND CULTURE TRAINING — This two week seminar will help to equip the new missionary with knowledge, skills and attitudes in overcoming the formidable challenge of cross-cultural hurdles. Learn inside secrets of language learning, master effective language learning techniques. Study cross-cultural adaptation & communication, handling stress, Interpersonal relationships, spiritual warfare and much more. A highlight of MissionPrep training is exposure to other cultures through visits to ethnic centres such as “Little India”, “China Town” in the heart of Toronto. For more information contact Robert,

or call 416-284-5645.


8) INTERCULTURAL STUDIES INSTITUTE — The tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th have set off a whole series of global disruptions that are powerfully impacting how we do cross-cultural ministry. The Columbia Biblical Seminary Extension at Toccoa Falls College in NE Georgia, is concerned that God’s cross-cultural servants be uniquely equipped to respond effectively to the whole array of challenge and opportunity that are being presented. To that end, they have scheduled three of the world’s pre-eminent theologian-missiologists to come teach one week modular graduate courses in June 2002. June 3-7, Dr. Bill Larkin (Professor of Theology and Mission) will teach “Acts in Historical, Theological and Missiological Perspective”, June 10-14, Dr. Ken Mulholland (Dean, Columbia Biblical Seminary) will lead “Issues in Missions for the 21st Century” and June 17-21, Dr. Timothy Tennent (Associate Professor of World Missions and Director of Missions Programs Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) will lead “Biblical Contextualization”. For complete information call Lynette at 1-800-868-3257 Ext. 5423, outside the US call 011-706-886-7299 Ext. 5423, email them at: , or visit the web site at


9) WORK BESIDE A JAPANESE-SPEAKING PERSON — Here’s a very unique opportunity to work alongside an English speaking Japanese pastor to reach the Japanese for Christ. You would have significant involvement in ministry activities including worship, preaching, and outreach activities. The church is established and has had prior missionary involvement. Married couples with children preferred but all applicants will be considered, you just have to have a passion for the Japanese lost! Please inquire with us today! Mission to Unreached People. Contact Jeff at 1-888-847-6950 or (206) 781-3151 or check them out at Our email address is .


10) GET TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS — Here are transportation solutions for Christian Ministries, Missions, Para-Church for field, furlough, and domestic use. The MATS “Furlough Rental Program” provides Rental Cars at Cost, while the New Field Units for NGO missions are built for the country, insured, and delivered to port. They’ve got all the major manufacturers, new and used cars, suv’s, mini-vans, club wagons, church vans and busses. Their sole objective is to save you money when you need to rent, purchase or lease a vehicle for ministry. Find MATS International at Inc. 4444 National Road E Richmond, Indiana 47374, phone 888.776.7211 or 765.965.7777 fax 765.962.9966, email

, web:


11) WEB EVANGELISM RESOURCE — Grab free content for webmasters. You can now incorporate over 30 pages of detailed resource material directly into your site – just by adding a few lines of code to one of your pages. The pages are completely integrated – they match the appearance of other pages on your site. The material helps Christians to understand the issues involved in effective online communication, and stresses the importance and potential of online cross-cultural evangelism. It also includes a customized poster for the webmaster’s own site.


12) ECONOMIC INSTITUTE — The Christian Economic Development Institute is upon us — May 20-31, 2002. If you are seeking a way to help the poor transform their lives, but don’t know how or where to start, this training is for you. Whether you serve on the foreign missions field or in the inner city in the US, their trainers will start you in the right direction. Faculty and facilitators are experienced practitioners who have served both overseas and in the US. The Institute is sponsored by the Chalmers Center for Economic Development, in partnership with Food for the Hungry, World Relief and Christian Community Development Association and will be held on the campus of Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia (USA). For full details and an application, see the Chalmers Center’s website:

Or, contact us at .


13) UPDATE ON SOUTH EAST ASIA INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES — South East Asia Institute of Islamic Studies (SEAIIS) will begin its first year of courses starting 8 April through 31 May 2002. The course will be taught in one-week modules. Their schedule for this year is: Week 1: 8-12 April Introduction to Islam – Dr. Tan Kim Sai; Week 2: 15-20 April Building Relationships with Muslim & Apologetics – Daoud Irasaneous; Week 3: 22-26 April – Narrative Approach to Reaching Muslims -Dr. Paul Parks; Week 4: 29 April-4 – Muslim Worldview and the Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic Law – Sam Solomon; Week 5: 6-10 May – History of Missions to Muslims Sandra Chiew; Week 6: 13-17 May – Church Planting Among Muslims Roger Dixon; Week 7: 20-24 May Muslim Evangelism – Phil Parshall; Week 8: 27-31 May Christian Use of the Quran – Harry Morin. If you would like more information regarding SEAIIS email: . For security reasons, please state where you heard about SEAIIS, the nature of your inquiry and any information that will let them know who you are or represent. All applications need to be in by March 1.


14) A NEW REALITY: MULTICULTURAL TEAMS — What are the questions we fail to ask in multicultural teams? What are the identity issues of the workers unique to these teams? Are there extra stress factors? What role do the different forms of logic play? How does this play out in relationships? decision-making? leadership? And what about the things that trip us up so easily – retreats and relaxation? And the Achilles heel – finances and lifestyle? Are there advantages to working in multicultural teams?

What issues need to be attended to most in selection and training people for these teams? How can leadership prepare their workers for such teams? These and other related subjects will be handled in a workshop from 27-31 May 2002 offered by Lianne Roembke in Limassol, Cyprus. Dr. Roembke has been involved in training such teams for over 25 years and it was the subject of her doctoral dissertation. For more information see or contact

This workshop is offered in German in Korntal/Stuttgart by Seminare für Missionarische Fortbildung, 2.-6. September 2002. Contact .


15) LIFE INSURANCE FOR OVERSEAS MISSIONARIES — With the tragic events of 9/11 it may be prudent to review your life insurance program and determine if your family will be financially provided for in the case of death. Adams & Associates International (sm) can arrange a 5-year level premium, level term life insurance policy for overseas missionaries through Lloyd’s, London. The initial application proposal is subject to medical underwriting and possibly rated for geographical location including current political and world events. Once the application proposal is approved, the terms agreed to by the applicant and a policy issued, the annual premium rates are level for the 5 year term. The policy is renewable if overseas service is maintained. The cost of international life insurance is now, more than ever, based on world events and location, which we all know, can change quickly and without notice. For complete information, contact Adams & Associates International (sm) at (if in a sensitive area, please type “Restricted” in the subject line) or call 1-800-922-8438 / (803)-758-1400.


16) THE BACKPAGE: PARTNERING MOST WITH PRAYER PARTNERS — Today I’m wondering what you ask your prayer partners to pray for. Sometimes I hear missionaries poke fun at those who pray, “Lord bless the missionaries.” But in reality, don’t we have to accept some of the responsibility for our friends and loved ones not knowing how to pray? Some of our Team Expansion missionaries have long ago figured out that prayer covering can mean a *world* of difference. Others are still at the starting gate, wondering how to begin. How ’bout taking some of these idea-starter prayer requests and sending them to a select group of a dozen friends or so. Ask them to pray. Some will write back and say they will. Those could become your new prayer group! (These are written from “First person” point of view.)

When traveling…

*** That we will pass through customs and immigration lines without incident
*** That our planes will not encounter mechanical problems or trouble from terrorists
*** That we’ll make all our connections

Health and Safety

*** Protection from accidents, crime, natural disasters, terrorists, and dangerous animals
*** Protection from all kinds of sickness
*** That we’ll find time for proper sleep, rest, and exercise
*** That our food and water needs will be met by the Lord

Spiritual Watchcare

*** Good times of intimacy with Jesus in Bible, prayer and worship
*** Protection from dark forces in spiritual realms
*** Protection from discouragement, fear, and doubt
*** That we’ll demonstrate purity, humility, boldness, wisdom, patience, love for people, teachable spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit


*** That our team will experience and express unity, love, good communication, patience, and spiritual gifts
*** That we can resist temptation toward jealousy, envy, bitterness, and pride
*** That we’ll be granted grace for cultural adjustments, dealing with jet lag, being away from family and friends and lack of privacy.
*** That God will grant us wisdom to design and implement effective efforts that will make a long-term difference here . . . and that we’ll be able to establish and maintain a solid friendships with government officials and other leaders in this land.

Verses to Read as you Pray

*** Exodus 4:12; 33:14
*** Psalms 4:8, 19:14, 121:1-8
*** Isaiah 40:29-31; 55:10-11
*** Zechariah 4:6
*** Acts 1:8, 4:29,30
*** Ephesians 3:16-20; 6:10-20

(* Portions of the above prayer requests adapted from original prayers by Gail Seiver, as featured in _World Christian_, Vol. 14, Number 4.)

By the way… if you get a chance… 4 of us from Team Expansion are heading into Central Asia tomorrow. We’d actually really appreciate your prayers for us as we travel.