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Joshua Project 2000 logo Want to participate in the follow-on work to Joshua Project 2000? Just click on over to Joshua Project II welcomes survey participation by any ministry or organization working among one or more people groups. Users can download the survey cover letter and instructions and select from over 225 country survey forms in PDF format. This is still somewhat of a “paper-based” system as users must print off various reports, fill them in manually and return them to Joshua Project II via postal mail. JPII plans to upgrade this to a full on-line system where users can fill in survey forms directly on the web and submit batches of ministry activity updates electronically.


WebWatch Ask A Missionary shares questions and answers on becoming a long-term missionary. In the last two years this free monthly email newsletter has grown from 400 to 1,600 readers. Browse to subscribe, to post new questions and answers, and to read dozens of answers online. Six topics are discussed: Support-Raising, Selecting an agency, The Call, Tentmaking, Training, Singles/Families. In addition, each topic has a recommended list of books, tapes and websites. This can be an excellent follow-up for those who went on a short-term and are now interested in long-term missions. And agencies can get visitors to their websites since answers include the first name of the missionary and the agency website.


Try browsing: to get ideas for your next study. The artwork and “look and feel” is great for kids. Also check out: for older teens, college-agers or young marrieds.


calendar The purpose of this year’s strategic conference is to teach Japanese Christians through fellowship and messages in Japanese from God’s Word to ‘Look Unto Jesus’ thus encouraging one another’s spiritual growth and faith. This conference is also dedicated to help equip those ministering among Japanese to better understand the critical issues in preparing Japanese Christians to take root and bear fruit back home. 12/27/01-1/1/02 at Forest Home Christian Conference Center, Forest Falls, CA 92339. Sponsoring Organizations: International Students Incorporated, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Japanese Christian Fellowship Network, Navigators For more information go to or e-mail


Vision International Alliance (VIA) is recruiting people to teach English for at least one year in Japan, South Korea and China. VIA provides all training and generous benefits. Teachers will work with local church leaders and have many opportunities to interact with students outside of the classroom. This is a wonderful opportunity for short-term missionaries and tentmakers. For an application and more information, look up or write to Lydia at


4x4 vehicle A&R Associates is a Christian business dedicated to serving the travel needs a missionaries traveling to international and domestic locations since 1996. They just installed self booking reservation system on their website. You can book your own international and domestic flights, car rentals, and hotels 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also book flights back to the United States from foreign countries and from one foreign to other foreign countries. Click to or write to or tel. 805-739-0378, Fax 805-739-0689, 800-298-0198 Ask for Roland.


movie camera Want to travel and learn? Media professionals are invited to travel to Asia for 2-4 weeks in 2002 to conduct workshops on web design, scriptwriting and/or video production depending on the country. Support of approximately $2,000-2,300 will be required. Contact Professor DanH


calendar The dates are October 17 through 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a goal of bringing missions and aviation together by networking ministries, organizations, missionaries, etc. for the purpose of reaching the unreached. Alpha Aviation Missions Outreach Center is the host. A registration and exhibitor discount will be given to all subscribers of Brigada. For more info, see: or call Rod toll-free in the USA or via Net2Phone at Call toll free 866-GO-ALPHA or dial 918-438-7812 from anywhere or write him


10/40 window If you live and work in the 10-40 you may be interested to learn about OPEN Network, a network of workers serving in Creative Access Nations. The objective of OPEN is to help us share and learn from each other. Learn more at their website;


graduation cap “You have always wanted to earn a credible Doctorate but did not know how and from where. Your PRAYER is now answered. The learner-friendly doctoral programme is finally here: The International Council of Higher Education’s (ICHE) Doctor of Intercultural Studies (DIS)– upgradable to a Ph.D, is now offered through the Singpaore’s graduate School, Bethany School of Missions in an Asian and African cultural setting. The unique feature of this programme: flexible, self-paced, cutting-edge, and minimal residence requirements. There are more than 12 areas of major concentrations that you can work under the able guidance of senior experienced and highly qualified missions professors based on your interest and need of missionary work. This doctoral programme is open to specifically missions-minded pastors, missions leaders, missions executives, full- time missionaries, missionaries on furlough, and generally for other categories of Christian workers.” If you are intersted, you may apply to Registrar , Bethany School of Missions, PO Box 143, Singapore-911705 (Tel: 65- 348-5546; F: 65-348-5547). And/or the Programme coordinator

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