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graduation cap A TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training program will be held in Jerusalem this September. This one-month training course could give you the tools you need for TESL worldwide. When: September 3th – 28th, 2001, Where: Jerusalem, Israel, For more information contact Porter


WebWatch Former missionaries with Marriage Ministries International, Bill and Carol O’Hara have developed a website Missions And Marriages aimed at encouraging the marriage relationship of missionaries.Topics include dealing with financial pressure, having to “look good”, the pressure to produce results, being open and transparent with nationals, being accountable to someone, and forgiveness issues. They’re also willing to send you a free copy of their booklet “Eyes of Faith”, available in English and Spanish (whiles supplies last). Check out their site at or email them at And by the way, your suggestions are welcome!


WebWatch Missionaries face unique pressures in their marriage. Former missionaries with Marriage Ministries International, Bill and Carol O’Hara have developed a website Missions And Marriages aimed at encouraging the marriage relationship of missionaries.Topics include dealing with financial pressure, having to “look good”, the pressure to produce results, being open and transparent with nationals, being accountable to someone, and forgiveness issues. They’re also willing to send you a free copy of their booklet “Eyes of Faith”, available in English and Spanish (whiles supplies last). Check out their site at or email them at And by the way, your suggestions are welcome!


calendar Christian researchers from many countries and denominations are planning to gather in Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 4-8, 2001. The Third Lausanne International Researchers Conference will focus on the application of research for strengthening the church and for better strategic planning by church leaders. For more information contact: Christian Research Association, Vision Building, 4 Footscray Road, Eltham, London SE9 2TZ, United Kingdom e-mail, website


Download the new “Macedonian Call Interactive” and have fresh, up-to-date mission news and screensaver photos delivered directly to your personal computer for free! The next time you log on to the Internet and a report matching your specified interests is available, you will notify you with a flashing icon at the bottom of your screen! Simply click on the icon and view the report . . . hot off the press! Visit the Macedonian Call Interactive download site and begin the installation process.


graduation cap Have you wanted to go to a Discipleship Training School with your family, but were not able to find a place where there was room and a program you desired? YWAM, Lebanon, PA is the place for you. School begins October 25, 2001 to January 11, 2002. An 8 week outreach follows the lecture phase. For costs of singles and families, contact YWAM, 1275 Birch Rd, Lebanon, PA 17046 or e-mail


“TEE” stands for… Theological Education by Extension. Based at All Nations Christian College, their main aim is to collect and maintain a database of information about TEE providers and TEE courses worldwide. They can be a source for researchers, and facilitate an exchange of ideas for people setting up or modifying such courses. No need to “re-invent the wheel”! They currently have information on some 100 TEE providers and over 1,000 courses listed. If you can help enlarge the database, or would like more information about TEE courses (be specific) please email for further details on


Brigada Logo Got a missions opportunity? Want one? Have we got the spot for you! And best of all… it’s free! For example, suppose you’re like David and Vicky and you need 8 English Teachers in China. Here’s what I’ll tell them: Just email the note to You don’t even have to join. Your email will automatically float into the conference even though you’re not subscribed! That way, you get to place your notice and those who are searching for the opportunity get to read the options! When the prospective applicant hits reply to ask for information, the reply goes straight to the person who sent the message (not to the whole conference). Those who want to see these opportunities need only send a note to Then sit back and read the mail… and maybe see your future! :-) Oh… and by the way, if you’re interested in teaching in China, no experience needed, September 1, 2001-June 30, 2001 (with full airfare reimbursed for 9 month commitment, medical, room, meals, internet, holidays and travel bonus, plus a stipend of the equivalent of $200 USD per month) see the webpage at To learn more about this and other options, have a look at Brigada-Opportunities!


graduation cap A three-week CEED seminar is being planned for November 2001 in Israel! The goal of the CEED Seminar is to equip persons who are called to serve through the vehicle of business.

For More Information: Web:



Efforts are well underway to launch Arise Shine Morocco (ASM), an International Year of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples in 2002. Volunteer coordinators and translators are still needed. A website is now up and running. Full-color English-language brochures are available for mass distribution. A nearly hour-long ASM Resource Video containing seven short videos about Morocco and its peoples including one for children has been produced in both NTSC and PAL formats. A “52 Weeks of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples” prayer guide will be published this fall. Bulk orders should be placed as soon as possible. For more information or to order materials please go to the ASM website at: or email ASM at:

TRACKIN’ THE TREK is Trackin’ the Trek. The Global Urban Trek is an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship sponsored urban mission to various megacities around the world. Students are applying their fields of study to urban transformation as they share the Gospel with the poorest of the poor and consider a lifelong calling to urban ministry. Several times a week, from June 1 through the end of July, is providing up-to-date student journal entries, photos, prayer requests, and articles. Viewers can see life in the garbage heaps of Manila, the slums of Nairobi, and the streets of Cairo through the eyes of students. They can learn about labor practices in Calcutta, micro-enterprise development in Bangkok, and ministry to street kids in Mexico City. Log on to to Track The Trek.


A team of North American leaders in children’s ministry will journey to Honduras in February of 2002. You might be one of them! The purpose of the vision trip is to ignite or refresh children’s ministry leaders’ vision for the world and equip them to impart that vision to others, especially the kids they lead. Honduras has been identified as the location for the vision trip because of pronounced needs of children and families in the wake of Hurricane Mitch. If you are interested in knowing more about Christian education and service in a cross-cultural context, please send an email to Details of this ministry opportunity will then be sent to you by the end of July. This vision trip is being sponsored by World Concern, World Servants, Through the Bible Publishers, and Restoration Evangelical Church in Honduras. Please inquire or forward this announcement to leaders in children’s ministry that you know.


The FusionPage product makes it easy for anyone to have a great way to communicate, keep supporters up-to-date, and have a private web presence. The FusionPage integrated solution features: Public Web Page Presence, Secure Encrypted Web 2 Web Email, Secure Intranet and Private Web Page, Built-in HTML Editor to build pages, FusionPage Store/E Commerce and donation, News and announcements, Interactive Calendaring, Photograph Galleries, Streaming Video and Audio, Maps area, Virtual File Cabinet (store files or documents for quick access), Discussion Forums and collaborative group interaction, Collaborative interactive mail for projects, all encrypted. Get more information here


Many churches are looking for a way to expand their ministry beyond their doorstep, their community, even their country. On a Vision trip with Wycliffe, a group from a church can reach people around the world with the hope of God’s Word. Each trip is an in-depth cultural experience including visits with local churches and believers, ministry opportunities such as Scripture distribution or assisting translators at work, and a short orientation to linguistics, local culture and overseas living. Participants’ worldview will be changed as they play a part in providing God’s Word to those without it. For more information look at, ,call 407-852-3600 or e-mail


Robert and his daughter, Heidi, recently graduated from Russian Language Ministries housed at Columbia International University in the sunny palmetto state. They attended partially on the recommendation from an earlier edition of Brigada Today! He writes that “they have 50/50 balance of native speakers and American teachers: the first group so you speak correctly, and the second so you can understand how to speak correctly! There is an excellent cultural component to the training.” He served for two years in the former Soviet Union actively studying language, and because the folks at R.L.M. understand how English-speakers think, they were able to surpass all he learned in the first six weeks. He writes, “Russian grammar is incredibly complex, and the folks at R.L.M. make it accessible. I can return to the Russian-speaking world with both linguistic and cultural confidence that I didn’t have before.” Hail the good folks at R.L.M. at 800-799-7976 or 803-333-9119 or or on the web at: Before going to Russia, go to R.L.M.!!

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