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letter and ligntening bolt I remember early on in the life of Brigada Today, our early “tech support” helper, Jonathan Marsden, used to say that handling one’s subscription to an email conference should be the most basic, most fundamental interaction with the Internet. All the other items… FTPing a file, writing web pages, etc., were perhaps a challenge, but Jonathan could never figure out why it was so difficult for folks to learn to handle their conference addresses. Well here we are, six years later, and today I’m just as mystified as he was six years ago! Every week I get email from users saying, “I’ve changed email providers; please switch my Brigada Today to the following address…” Sometimes they say, “I’m so-and-so’s secretary and he’s no longer with our organization. Could you please cancel our subscription?” And every once and awhile, someone writes with volcano-like anger in their email, as if they’re about to turn me over to the email police! “If you don’t stop sending me these emails, I’m going to do such-and-such.” My answer is always (always) the same. “Hey… it’s automated. With all due respect, you (or someone from your org.) signed up for it; you maintain it.” Since we never subscribe others to this list, that means all of us signed up for it! :-) So please re-read the first few lines of this message, up there by the address header (beginning with the word, “Important!”).

Bottom line: Let’s learn this fundamental Internet protocol of handling our own subscriptions. Asking the compiler of a list of 10,000 subscribers to change an address manually is a bit like asking a representative from your electric utility to come over to your apartment to change a light bulb.

And probably, the odds of it happening are about the same. :-)



calendar Perspectives Coordinators are invited to the North American Perspectives Field Council and Alumni Celebration, July 19-21, 2001 at Caleb Project in Littleton, Colorado. The theme is “Shape the Movement, Set the Course.” Council chairman Harold Britton says, “We want to hear from YOU as a coordinator, and see YOU participate in the future of the Perspectives movement.” The Field Council meets every third year to discuss issues, provide leadership, and help determine a future agenda. The weekend includes workshops led by seasoned coordinators across the nation and a special Alumni Celebration. A travel subsidy has been donated to help you get to Colorado. Sign-up today at http://www.calebproject.org


calendar They’re coming together again! From June 27 to 30, 2001 at the Mission Palms Resort, Tempe, AZ, Antioch Network participants can hear Ted Haggard, Gregg Parris, Bob Roberts, George Miley and Lincoln Murdoch. Join dozens of churches as they learn together how to most effectively impact unreached people groups. For a free brochure write to Gathering@AntiochNetwork.org or click on: http://www.antiochnetwork.org


calendar The TIE (Tentmakers International Exchange) European 2001 Conference will be held at the Hotel Gallo Negro, Coma Ruga, about 100 kms. south of Barcelona, Spain. What a great venue (for a conference or for a holiday! :-) ) You can get direct and cheap railway fare to the hotel from the Barcelona airport, plus full board and conference fee for about 25 Euros ($23 US) per person. (I think I’m feeling called into tentmaking! :-) ) The dates are June 1 to 3. The focus of the conference will be: The Tentmaker Missionary Today: The Missionary Value of Commerce: The Professional and Mission Strategy; The Student’s Future in Mission; Freedom Within the Structures Imposed on Us; Developing the TIE Network in Europe. For further information, contact Derek dgwgreen@aol.com Angela angela@wornet.org. (Thanks to Tim TParker@TeamExpansion.org for the tip!)


calendar Beverly Pegues invites you to join her in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 21 – May 23 for the 3rd annual Women’s Summit on the 10/40 Window conference and/or the 4th annual Praying With Power conference on May 24 – May 28. For more information, see: http://brochures.win1040.com/wspwp_reg.pdf (If you don’t already have Acrobat reader, get it at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html)



lighting the way We continued to receive a flurry of emails, warning Brigada participants about “Digital Home” A.K.A. “Digital Dog” (who would name their business “digital dog“???). (The video camcorder source mentioned in last week’s Brigada Today.) Folks recommended http://www.crutchfield.com or basically anything else besides the “dog” site. Interestingly enough, we had been burned here by the “dog” site before, but didn’t realize the digital “home” site was actually the same company! So… buyers beware. caution


graduation cap Scott wrote to remind us that Biola offers classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand at Chinese New Year’s time and in August. (The next class will be August 6 – 17.) Students get 1/3 discount, have 10 years to finish program, and all work can be done in Chiang Mai. Applications can be obtained from Shari shari_culver@peter.biola.edu. In addition, Tom pointed us to Azusa Pacific http://www.apu.edu where you can learn about extension courses taught literally all over the globe. (Thanks Tom and Scott!)


Brigada autoresponder Check out the additions to the tentmaking autoresponder, including some great job source sites. Just send a message to tentmaking@brigada.org. The rest is all automatic. The 4K file will soon come winging its way into your inbox.


At least two mission organizations are stepping up their efforts for Japan. One, Harvest Fields Ministries, has noted that the economy there is in recession and the people are experiencing job layoffs, early retirement and downsizing–things they haven’t seen in two generations. As a result, HFM is beginning a push to recruit 200 church planters to respond to that open door. If interested, write mike@hfministries.com or visit the “How big is your vision?” page on their website at http://www.hfministries.com. You may also telephone Harvest Fields Ministries at 417-883-4134.

The other organization, Team Expansion, is shocked at the incredible size of Tokyo and the opportunities to impact 30 million people in one city! The Louisville-based ministry is putting together a 10-week program for those who’d like to check it out during the summer of 2002. All participants will work with a combination of seasoned missionaries and local Japanese hosts. For more information, visit them on the web at http://www.teamexpansion.org or write info@TeamExpansion.org.



If you want to improve your Spanish (or other language) vocabulary, you might want to try “Vocabulary Master” from http://www.transparent.com. There’s an extensive list of vocabulary words included in several categories, and you can edit the lists easily. The bad news: their link to the download doesn’t seem to work. The good news: Terri and Steve found options. Just go directly to: http://www.tldownload.com/ Thanks Terri and Steve (in language school in San Jose, preparing for ministry in Venezuela!)


letter and ligntening bolt As Natasaha would say, “nyet problem.” :-) Just go to http://www.mail2web.com or http://www.pop3now.com Input your POP3 mail server, your name and password, and use the web interface to do POP3 mail from anywhere, even if you don’t have your laptop with you! The best part is the price — free! (Thanks to Joe in Myrtle Point, OR and Chris in Louisville, KY!)


praying hands Every Thursday night at 10pm EST, strategicnetwork.org and livethecall.com have been combining chat rooms to hold a prayer meeting for the unreached. A month ago they were praying for Turkey. Then, two weeks ago they prayed for Afghanistan. Last week 20 people spent an hour praying for India. Next came Kazakhstan and this week it might be Indonesia. Check out the transcripts at http://www.livethecall.com/index.html?a=relationships&b=chat If you would like to participate in a prayer for a particular country or people group, contact them at livethecall@livethecall.com or nsm@strategicnetwork.org to let us know. (The chat rooms use Java technology; you must use a browser able to run Java applets to use it.)


Adams & Associates International now offers online enrollment for short-termers, complete with immediate acknowledgements and ID cards. Click to http://www.aaintl.com or write aai@aaintl.com.


Christian Wings for the World, located in Ironton, MO, USA offers pilot and mechanics (airframe & powerplant) training for missionary aviators. International students are welcome. More information is available at http://www.christianwings.org or email cww1@socket.net.


graduation cap Now is the time to sign up for the English for Missions course that Cornerstone is offering. It takes place from 16 July – 10 August 2001 in the Netherlands. The price is DFL 800, including board, food, lectures, fun. The programme includes lectures in the mornings and practical work in the afternoons. There’s plenty of opportunity to converse and learn English in both formal and informal ways, as well as learn about missions. Apply online at http://www.cornerstone-mtc.com or email 101507.2223@compuserve.com.


If you need black-and-white line drawings of (mainly) non-Western faces and people in a variety of settings, for Christian/health education/development literature, the hundreds of pictures in this book are available to use royalty-free in publications which are not sold: Where There Is No Artist, Petra Rohr-Rouendaal, Intermediate Technology Publications, ISBN 1-85339-391-6. (Thanks Tony! http://www.soon.org.uk )


Want to help with English Programs and Camps around Hong Kong this summer? Write elfong@aohk.org.hk or check out http://www.aohk.org.hk (Chinese only) or http://www.asiaonline.net.hk/~asianout


books and pen The 10/40 Window is alive – but isn’t well. Luis Bush writes, in an article soon to appear in Mission Frontiers, “The 10/40 Window continues to represent the primary geographic challenge entering the twenty-first century. By 2025 there will be over 8.3 billion people in our world. Over a billion will need cross-cultural witness to understand the gospel, most of whom will live in the 10/40 Window. It is the geographical location in which the concentration of the main spiritual, ideological, social, urban, people group challenges are most prominent. There are an estimated 1.2 to 1.4 billion people who have never had the chance to hear the gospel and over 95% of these individuals reside in the Window area. It is where 85% of the world’s poorest and most deprived live. It is the residence of over 95% of the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists in the world. Many of the world’s least reached peoples live in this area. From the ‘Joshua Project 2000 list of Unreached People’, there are still 249 of large groups which remain unclaimed, with no agencies reportedly planning to send workers to them; 542 of them currently have no church planting team on-site; and 1,107 are without a congregation of at least 100 believers.” Yikes. gulp With the needs still so stark, we dare not allow our global efforts to fade. We’ve got to avoid missiological “burn-out,” where fads and campaigns give way to complacency and apathy. Let’s retool, retrain, and rebuild our vigor… and let’s not give up or give in until every last inhabitant of the planet has a chance to say “yes” to Jesus! (Thanks to Rick and the folks at: http://www.missionfrontiers.org )

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