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PACE Logo It all started back in 1995. I had been asked to serve as point-man for a missions mobilization event in Lexington, Kentucky that we eventually dubbed Envision ’96. Our agenda was clear — to seek to link local churches and partner missions agencies with least reached peoples around the globe. Right away we discovered just how hard it was to get information about unreached peoples. In an effort to build networks, pass along information and share resources, we kicked off Brigada Today in January 1995. About one year later, we sponsored the first-ever “Pit-Stop” in Louisville, Kentucky. About 35 people showed up. Later in the spring, another Pit-Stop in Dayton drew just over 100 mobilizers. But by the time we got to Envision ’96 in Lexington the following fall, over 4000 excited missions enthusiasts gathered together in the largest arena in the city. There were exhibits everywhere. An “Adoption Center” registered people group selections by hundreds of participating registrants. The dream took hold.

Now, five years later, the dream is still alive. And those who wish to pursue it — and launch new initiatives along the way — are gathering at PACE-Lab in Louisville, Kentucky. There, you will be blessed in hearing the past failures and successes of other PACE Projects. You’ll have the chance to link together with other churches and agencies, relying on others’ expertise in various ways. You’ll be directed toward helpful project outlines, CD’s, job descriptions, web pages, to-do lists, videos, etc. etc. etc. And we follow up by helping you develop actual plans, measurable goals and, Lord willing, tangible results.

Interested? Check it out on the web at: You can study the hour-by-hour schedule, look at the map and driving directions, and even register & pay online! We’d love to have you there!



ad2ksm It must have been discouraging for the AD2000 folks to have to finally pull the plug on the “Celebrate Messiah” shin-dig they had been planning in Jerusalem. My own take on the cancellation announcement? Not all that surprising. First, the ongoing regional tensions in that part of the world were only worsened by the bombing of the Cole. Then when those Israeli visa staffers went on strike, leaving half the registrants with no hope of permission to enter . . . well . . .let’s just say that it’s unhandy to organize an international conference without visas for the visitors. :-) But reading between the lines, I’m guessing that it was also disappointing to only have 1300 registrants to begin with. This was supposed to be AD2000’s big end-of the-decade celebration. Some 4000 people brought the movement into full swing at GCOWE ’95 in Seoul. To have less than a third of that number join in the close-out rally must have seemed somewhat anti-climactic. So add in all those factors and it should come as no surprise that Luis Bush sent out apology emails yesterday, canceling the entire event.

Is it a step backward? Only if you think the AD2000 Movement consists primarily of convention events. (If you believe that, just check out their website at:

By next week this time, they will officially have shut down just about all operations. But to me, AD2000’s primary accomplishments had more to do with building networks, goals, passion and a list for the unreached. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s a more humble exit this way. I mean… after all… we can’t really celebrate yet… because the vision of “a church for every people and the gospel for every person” has not yet been completed. So maybe we should save the “Celebrate Messiah” conference for the actual accomplishment of the original vision. So maybe we’ll have no trouble with that conference. Maybe the visas won’t be a problem. Because maybe that event of all events will take place in the air!!! :-)



graduation cap Earn up to 9 graduate credits in Islamic studies at the Institute of Islamic Studies to be held April 09 to June 01, 2001 on the contemplative mountain campus of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines.
  • Course 1: “Introduction to Islam”:
    • Wk 1-Historical Development & Overview (Dale Fagerland);
    • Wk 2-Folk Islam (Dr. Robert Douglas);
    • Wk 3-Peoples of Islam (Dr. Jim Bennett).
  • Course 2: “Apologetics”:
    • Wk 4-Comparative Theologies (Faouzi Arzouni);
    • Wk 5-Answering Islamic Objections (Daniel S. Scot).
  • Course 3: “Approaches to Islam”:
    • Wk 6-Contextual Approach (Dr. Phil Parshall);
    • Wk 7-Narrative Approach (Dr. Paul Parks);
    • Wk 8- Practical Approach (Dr. Stuart Robinson).

Brochures available from or by calling (63)(74) 422-7068. Or, on the web at Registration deadline: March 01, 2001.



Brigada Logo Remember that readership survey we conducted to learn more about our Brigada family? Some of the results are now in hand… with more to follow. So far, it looks as if about half our readers are from North America. The other half is from everywhere else on the globe, just about, with Asia in the lead with 17% of all readers. Two out of five of us are field missionaries. Some 20% are mission agency types and another 20% are some other full-time ministry role. A final fifth are lay people. Students make up about 3% of the readership, according to the survey thus far. 93% of us speak English as our first language, with the final 7% divided between everything else. About 2 out of 3 of us are male. And over 1/3 of us learned about Brigada Today via an email from a friend who had already subscribed.

That last stat was telling. If you know of someone who should be reading Brigada Today, would you tell them about it? Thanks for your help in promoting world evangelism! (Thanks to Jim McGee of Campbell- Research for all the data reporting! We’ll look forward to more later!



graduation cap Youth With A Mission (Lebanon, PA USA) is offering a TESOL course June 18 to July 13,2001. This extensive and highly academic course enables the graduate to teach English as a second language in most countries of the world. The entire cost of the course is $900.00 USD. If you feel this skill will enhance your effectiveness on the mission field or at home contact: Youth With A Mission, 870 Jay St, Lebanon, Pa 17046 USA. Phone: 717-272-3153 or e-mail


graduation cap A six-week TESOL course will be held June 1-July 14, 2001 in Henan Province at an American owned university. Teaching opportunities will be available upon successful completion of the school. The course will utilize proven American instructors and curriculum. Be language sensitive. Unsecured internet site in China. For more information, write


graduation cap Youth With A Mission, Lebanon, Pa USA is offering a CDTS April 23, to July 13, 2001 with an eight week outreach to the Muslim Tatar people of Crimea, Ukraine. The cost of the lecture phase is $2,495.00 plus $25.00 registration fee. The outreach has a cost of approximately $2,000.00. For information contact: Youth With A Mission, 870 Jay St, Lebanon, PA 17046 USA. Phone 717-272-3153. or e-mail


praying hands The new Intercessors for China 2001 prayer calendar is now available in both Engish and Chinese versions. Themes this year are The Persecuted, the Poor, and the Pioneer Missionaries. Use this calendar to pray strategically, comprehensively, and specifically for China. Each month profiles a province. Each week features a city. Each day features a person or group. “Oh Lord, hear my plea for justice. Listen to my cry for help. Pay attention to my prayer, for it comes from an honest heart.” Psalm 17:1 (NLT)


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