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Paypal logo Wow… blinking1eyes just heard from a very satisfied seminary president, “I just used PayPal to send some missionary friends an offering. Thanks for letting me know about the service AND I appreciate getting your ‘e-zine.'” It’s nice when someone sends a note of encouragement, but I’ll be honest… we actually get more out of knowing that every once and awhile, this service is actually accomplishing something for its participants! :-) God be praised! By the way, if you’d like to try PayPal to send a donation to the missionary you know and love… or if you are a missionary but need to pay bills or receive funds while traveling, try PayPal. It won’t cost you a thing to sign up (in fact, you get $5 for trying it — and so does Brigada Today! :-) ). Just click on over to:

Again, if you need full service, secure banking on the Internet, try: You actually get 4 times as much for opening a Compubank account ($20). It’s free money . . . nothing to lose . . . nothing to spend. Brigada Today get a bonus there too. And the accounts are FDIC-insured. (Unfortunately, Compubank requires a USA social security number, I believe. PayPal requires a USA address to open a new account.)



calendar The tenth Heartland MissionsFest will be February 22-24, 2001, in Tulsa, Oklahoma with tracks on long-term missions, short-term trips, and serving as senders. Speakers include George Verwer, David Shibley, Betty Barnett, Bill Berry, Steve Hawthorne, Steve Hoke, Neal Pirolo, Tom Telford, and Keith Wheeler. The last conference drew 2,000 participants from 15 schools, 21 states, 67 churches and 97 agencies. Co-sponsors include ACMC, Ask A Missionary, Caleb Project, and the U.S. Center for World Mission. Complete information including exhibit/advertising options can be found on Or you may send your snail mail address to or phone toll-free in the USA (or via Net2Phone) 800-366-6641.


praying hands Charisma Magazine is publishing a 31-day prayer calendar focusing on China. It’s for the month of October, but can of course be used for any month. Each day focuses on two of China’s minority groups and a general prayer need for China. The magazine welcomes and encourages you to reprint the calendar, which is part of a cover story on China and the Uygur people in Xinjiang province. If you already receive Charisma, you are welcome to simply copy the calendar (it’s copyright-free). If you don’t subscribe, you can download the text at starting October 1. Or you can obtain the calendar with artwork by contacting Charisma at or


Is yours a mission needing musicians and artists to join your ranks? Maybe Grace can help. Just send her the name of your mission/ministry, your contact info, (especially your email address), your vision statement, and what you are looking for in terms of musicians and artists – i.e. potential roles, possible locations where they might be sent, etc. She’ll put the word out, search the ranks of the artist groups she knows, and, if security allows, even post your information on a relevant web site.


calendar One Voice 2000 is this coming weekend (September 23-24). It’s not too late to sign up online! There are nearly 250 churches signed up from twelve countries (four continents)! In addition to being geographically and ethnically diverse, One Voice also has churches from many different denominations participating! This is what One Voice is all about – bringing the Body of Christ together. Participating churches will sing “Open the Eyes of My Heart” during their normal worship services and remember our Christian family around the world in a time of prayer. To encourage participation from non-English speaking countries, volunteers have translated “Open The Eyes of My Heart” into Polish and Spanish. If all goes well, a French version will be available online before this weekend.

The music is free. Registration is free. If you have any questions please send an email to or visit the One Voice 2000 website:



This past week, we rec’d the following email from a Brigada participant: “We are newly appointed missionaries to Albania. The water there is often problematic. Missionary friends suggest we get a distiller and/or filter. Do you recommend a particular brand? Thanks.” This was an easy question. We have had really good luck with the PUR Sport Bottles that Tealbrook sells. Their website can be found at or you can email Mike & Deb at or call toll-free in the USA (or via Net2Phone) at 800-222-6614. If you’re interested in a belt pouch for the Sport Bottle, don’t forget to talk with them about that too. The great thing about this particular model for travelers is that there’s never a need to pump water through the filter. Instead, the filtering happens as you suck the water into your mouth via a straw. It’s good for all the standard little bugs that the Katadyn filters pull out . . . but no messy tubing or dripping hardware to carry around in the backpack. Plus (and perhaps most importantly of all), it looks enough like a regular water bottle that no one is even aware that you’re filtering their water. Just fill it up at any sink or faucet and you’re off and running!


Bible There are at least a couple of options. I’ve just gotten a copy of Avery Willis’ Masterlife. You can order the 4-book set for $40 or so at by clicking here: This is a great set of Bible studies that can be done solo or in small groups or classes. Avery originally wrote it while serving as a missionary in Indonesia. They received it so well there, he finally translated it into English for use here. The new set is totally revised and made user-friendly by a professional editor. It would be great for a tentmaker or someone else headed to the field without a seminary or Bible college education. Another option is Rooted And Grounded-Guide for Spiritual Growth from Deeper Roots Publications. Written for a high school through adult level audience, this is a topical Bible study course that should take a full year. Topics cover selected areas of theology, relationship with God, and Christian living. Each week also includes a two-page introduction to an unreached people group accompanied by beautiful artwork by Julie Bosacker. Check out the 356- page Teacher’s Guide, 250 page Student Workbook, and Test and Answer Key descriptions, prices, and pdf samples at, or e-mail: or call Howard in the USA at 407-293-8666.


Now you can…
  • Serve frontier missions at the U.S. Center for World Mission.
  • Earn your M.A. or complete your B.A.
  • Gain practical skills useful in overseas missions.
  • Experience exciting field trips to temples, mosques and mission agencies.
  • Interact with missionaries and national church leaders both here and abroad.
  • Serve two months each summer overseas among unreached peoples in the 10/40 Window.

One summer will be in India and the other in West Africa. Entry opportunities are January 2001 and August 2001 for this 1-2 year program. Learn more about Frontier Service Corps through, or 626-398-2433.



calendar The World Evangelical Fellowship Missions Commission recently announced “Bringing Hope to the Refugee Highway,” a global consultation on ministries to refugees to be held November 15-19, 2001 in Turkey. This strategic by-invitation-only consultation is designed for leaders from agencies, denominations and local churches who are involved in refugee ministries. For more information, contact Geoff or tel. 604-502-0981, Fax: 604-608-3215.


WebWatch One of the biggest challenges to online evangelists is to persuade non-Christians to visit evangelistic sites. If they have no interest in Christianity, they do not usually search for Christian material. One strategy is to create a ‘Community Portal’ – a page full of useful informational links relating to a town or local area. Appropriate evangelistic and church web sites are then included among the many good secular links. The strategy can work in any language and situation, including relatively closed countries. This new page explains the details: (Thanks Tony!)


WebWatch The Centre for Intercultural Studies has a new site at You can ask for information online and apply online for the courses you fancy.


graduation cap Cornerstone Centre for Intercultural Studies in the Netherlands is offering a seminar on Nomads with Dr David Phillips, WEC International’s Advisor on Nomads, and Phil & Marion Grasham, who work among nomads in Mali. It’s slated for 6 November 2000 from 9am to 5pm. Costs: DFL 60. For more info write


The SOON easy-English evangelistic paper (circulation 3 million p.a.) wants to try using culturally relevant, (very) short stories/allegories which would relate particular to Africa. Does anyone know of any good sources? Please write to Tony

Bible Like the Hunger Site, the Bible Site focuses on donating Bibles in exchange for visiting the site. Just click to and you can donate a book of the Bible to an unreached land, just by clicking! (Thanks for the tip, Wendy!)


calendar “Working Your Way to the Nations” is the theme for Missions Fest Vancouver on January 12-14, 2001. Speakers include Loren Cunningham, Vishal Mangalwadi, Steve Saint and Joanne Shetler. This conference is designed for the whole family with Plenary addresses, over 100 Seminars, 240 mission agency exhibits, Youth Rallies, and Children’s programs. Over 140 churches across many denominations are the sole sponsors. If you fly Air Canada or its partner, United Airlines, quote “CV552816 Missions Fest 2001”. More info? Call: 604-524-9944 or email: or check


telephone Thanks to Paul for the tip about, where you can sign up to receive your phone calls while you’re online. You do have to sign up for call-forwarding on busy (about $1/month). Check it out!


lighting the way Rats. rats face The free color printer we mentioned two weeks ago “TRY A XEROX COLOR PRINTER FOR FREE” is only open to addresses in the USA. To all our international participants — sorry about that! Hey — at least you’re important to us here at Brigada Today!!! :-)


Take a moment and log onto the newWway site this month and learn how surprisingly simple it is for your team to make a different type of advocacy brochure that is cheaper than print, really on the cutting edge, and is almost guaranteed to be taken home and read . Other newWway articles include: How to improve your team’s Advocacy plans in just five minutes; How to Jump Start your planning with a team communication inventory. There’s also a great list of cultural crosschecks to help you see if you may be placing too much “American” influence in your team’s communications. Find it all for free at


lighting the way try finding it at:


lighting the way If you went to looking for the Saint, “‘SAINT'” SATELLITE TRANSCEIVER, you were probably disappointed. According to Allan McGuirl, Galcom’s International Director, it became obsolete 4 years ago. The great thing is . . . at least he knows about Brigada Today now. :-) (’cause he probably got a bunch of flack from all the people who couldn’t find it on his site! :-) )


book Bev Caruso has written a book, Loving Confrontation (originally published by Bethany House), covering various Biblical relationship principles. Two of the chapters deal specifically with confrontation. She’s received reports from leaders of several churches/ministries telling how a church split was avoided by following the principles in her book. The Introduction can be read at Copies can be obtained by sending US$9.00 for US addresses or US$12.00 to overseas addresses: Hands to Help, P.O. Box 3464, Orange, CA 92865 USA. Bev has offered to send multiple copies (6 copies or more) to missionaries for US$4.00 each, plus postage. State whether you want them sent by air. You can reach Bev at

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