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Thanks to sponsors like TealBrook, Brigada can move forward with no charge to participants! At ‘TealBrook Supplies’ Mike & Deb have been working with mission agencies and individual missionaries for ten years providing resources to make living and traveling internationally safer and easier. Specializing in safe drinking water by means of the PentaPure line of water purifiers, they also offer first aid kits from Adventure Medical Kits, water bottles by Platypus along with many other useful items. Check out their online catalog at or email them at They’ll be glad to help! Their address is 1095 Kirkwood Dr, Eagan, MN 55123, or use Net2Phone by dialing 800-222-6614 [ or call 615-365-7714], or write Thanks Mike and Deb for their partnership!


modem If you’re thinking about switching Internet service providers anyway, try Earthlink. They’re now one of the “big 3” Internet Service Providers and they have zillions of dial-up nodes in cities throughout the USA PLUS they also have a 1- 800- dial-up. In the USA or via Net2Phone, just call 800-EARTHLINK between now and June 30, 2000, and sign-up for a new EarthLink account. Tell them you’re calling because of the $40 referral promotion and if you like, give them our Earthlink referring email address: . If you prepay the first month’s service with a credit card, you’ll then get $40 credit, $10/month beginning the following month and following ’til you’ve been given $40 in free cash!
(Disclaimer — :-) Just so you know, you get a $40 credit for signing up . . . and our Brigada account gets $40 credit too! But hey… we’ve been a paying Netcom customer since 1995, long before they offered $40 cash for it! :-) )


10/40 window is a surprisingly simple free resource for communication strategy planning in media saturated environments. Recently, conducted Internet research that has revealed some important trends in advocacy media among missionary teams. Log on to their site at and save the “Internet Research Survey” to share with your team. This month you’ll also find an article about the “New Communication Environment” of media saturated fields and an interesting article by Professional Trend Tracker Cassidy Dale on the “Postmodern Mindset”. MediaNet has posted a new article “Media Accelerating Church Planting Movements.” You can also learn how to adopt the “Strategic Communicator’s Mentality”.


calendar There are still some openings for Summer training programs in Toronto. You can take in the Language Acquisition Workshop, scheduled for 18-30 June. Not only will you learn effective Language techniques — but you’ll also get hands on experience with nationals from your designated culture and your kids will have a full missions program too! You can also catch Cross-Cultural Training for effective ministry overseas, 4-19 July. This course is designed specifically for missionaries going overseas for more than one year. For more information and detailed curriculum overview check out the MissionPrep Web page, or call Robert in Toronto at 416-284-5645


virus Last week we discussed ways to disable the preview pane in Outlook. But if you’d like to take it one step farther, George recommends disabling Windows Scripting Host (WSH), which he says isn’t needed by most individual computer enthusiasts. Just open My Computer, then open Control Panel, then open Add/Remove Programs. Then click on the “Windows Setup” tab. This gets you to Windows features that you can either add or remove. Highlight “Accessories”, then click on the Details button. Scroll down the list of features, uncheck “Windows Scripting Host” Click OK to save changes, and close out each dialogue window. With Windows Scripting Host uninstalled, those silly “Trojan horse virus programs” won’t be able to run Visual Basic Scripts. Thanks George!


cd-rom and book Don’t forget about the Ephesians 4 group, on the web at We highlighted them last Dec. 31st, but they deserve mentioning again. Tons of free works, along with at least one version of the Bible and Logos viewing software — all for free! Thanks for the reminder, Sharon!


blue question mark There’s no catch. Check it out at Search for “FlashQuiz” and you’ll be glad you did. It’s a simple program that does one thing well — give multiple-choice tests or drill users in a format similar to a “flash card” style learning games. You can set overall time limits for the quiz, as well as time limits for individual questions. You can even decrease the score for a question if the individual takes longer to answer! Each quiz can contain up to 512 questions and questions can be presented in random order. The files and answers are encrypted — just to keep everyone honest. :-) So if you’re in the market for simple testing software, you won’t beat this price! :-)


cd-rom Imagine having access to all the information needed to build a solar food dryer, start a fish farm, build a bamboo printing press, dig a well, harness biogass for energy, build a fuel efficient stove or do thousands of other projects. The AT Library gives you that access! Already in use in over 130 countries, the AT Library consists of 1050 of the most useful and relevant books on village-level do-it-yourself technologies–all on CD- ROM or Microfiche. In the space it takes to store a single book you can have an entire library. Subjects covered by the AT Library include: agriculture tools and techniques, health care, water supply systems, workshop tools and equipment, solar/wind/water/biogas power, small industry and management, forestry, disaster relief, transportation… classics like… Where There is no Doctor, the Foxfire series, and the entire Better Farming Series. The cost of the entire CD-ROM library with its 1050 books is $495 (less than 50 cents a book). For more information on the AT Library contact Village Earth at or or in the USA or via Net2Phone call toll free 800-648-8043 or dial 970-491-5754.


WebWatch From a newsletter sent once a month by “snail mail” to a weekly email and web site, encouragement and help for missionary wives is still the focus, on the web at Subscribe by sending a blank email to: Each week a new topic will be announced. Members send their responses which become part of the article written for the next week. Responses are then archived on the web site for everyone to read at their leisure.


calendar Are you passionate in your pursuit of God above all else? Are you humbled by the fact that God is using you in a special way as a young leader? Do you have a vision for the next century that consumes all that you are? Young leaders from around the globe will be converging on Jerusalem at Celebrate Messiah 2000 – December 27, 2000 – January 2, 2001. The Celebrate Messiah Young Leaders gathering will give you the opportunity to connect with the new generation of Christian leaders in the land of your Biblical ancestors. Be a part of the Global Internet Dialog beginning this month and play a part in helping to shape the Young Leaders Manifesto that will be presented to the 3000 conferees and mission leaders that will be present in Jerusalem. For more information contact


movie camera If you’re looking to purchase one of those “Transformation” videos (mentioned in the June 4th edition), you might want it in English. Check out for the English copy at a substantial discount! Remember, I haven’t seen this, so you’ll have to evaluate it for yourself. Frankly, some readers thought it was monumental while others found it somewhat sensational. Be sure to preview it.


calendar The Cross & Lotus: An Introduction to Buddhism and the Christian Mission will be offered from July 15-July 21 at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. This one-week intensive will expose you to the historic lessons drawn from Nestorian, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, and contemporary mission efforts as they are interwoven with an excellent overview of Buddhism as it is practiced throughout the world. Lectures, audiovisual presentations and actual visits to Buddhist temples and museums will give you a well-rounded educational experience. For more info. check out or write


WebWatch Sonrise Center for Buddhist Studies welcomes you to its new website at which puts valuable training tools & resources for ministry to Buddhists at your fingertips. Access to vital maps, charts, testimonies, and short vignettes on historic missionaries to the Buddhist world are just the beginning of a virtual library of vital helps for you to reach out to your Buddhist neighbor with the Gospel.


computer New software helps missionaries keep track of financial and prayer partners. The best part is…it’s free! All names and addresses entered can be linked to a word processor for mail merges. The software is called RDMA (Resource Development Ministry Application) and will only work on Windows 95 or 98 systems. Point your web browser to to download it. Any questions, send email to Al.Schauer@Netzero.Net. Thanks Al!

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