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WebWatch Want to see annotated links to editorials/articles about mission issues in 240+ web-based newsletters, magazines, and papers? Now you can. Recent articles include the first Islamic Internet Bank (formed to enable Muslims to invest more than $100 billion in companies that comply with Islamic law); drought in Afghanistan; an editorial by Jerry Rankin on partnership with local churches; and the wiring of every district in Maharashtra, India with Internet access. Check it all out at


Just what you’ve been waiting for: communication planning made easier! Take a look at the whimsical and different communication strategy planning website for missionaries This month newWway has added some helpful articles from communication professionals, including several never before seen on the Internet from Global Media services MediaNet. The articles include production planning tips for advocacy brochures, newsletters, videos, and more. Learn some basics of communication planning, how to network for results, do surveys, etc. You can also get ready for stateside assignment with an article about “Mission Fair Savoir Faire.” Everything you liked from the last issues of is still there and they have a new look too. As always everything on the site is free and fun!


cassette Audio Scriptures International is praising God for copyright permission given recently by Zondervan Publishing House for all ASI recordings using the NIV text. ASI’s narration of the entire New Testament was done in Singapore for a target audience whose first language is other than English. It is a beautiful narration, read at slightly slower speed with a careful interpretation as to the meaning of the text. It is listed on ASI’s catalog on their website, A beautiful album of this special reading of the New Testament is yours for a suggested donation of $20.00. Mailing address is: Audio Scriptures International, P. O. Box 460634, Escondido, CA 92046 or make your request via the internet.


letter and ligntening bolt If you’re interested in news from a Christian perspective, Charisma Newsservice can send a daily e- mail update (M-F, no holidays). Each day includes 3 short news stories and a “Persecution Watch”, relating a situation in a country where it is difficult to be a Believer. The news stories often relate to a unique outreach of a church, a celebrity (ie Payne Stewart), or a public policy story. For a free subscription, go to, enter your e-mail address in the “subscribe” area and then click on “subscribe”. (You can unsubscribe the same way).


comic bearThe ROX35 COMIX trainings in Romania and Ukraine will be held on Saturday 10 June 2000 in Oradea and Tuesday 13 June 2000 in Kiev. For registration information for Romania contact: Lorri Compton at EEMTI and for Ukraine please contact: Igor Agapov These will be the only ROX35 trainings in this area in 2000, so all interested ministries and individuals in Europe, CIS, or the Middle East should plan to register now for one of these events. The ROX35 web site is located at or send email to


praying hands Some believers have felt led to organize a multi-denominational prayer commitment called 2001 PRAY. It is the desire of those to whom God has given this vision to sensitize the world to the great spiritual and physical needs on the continent of Africa, enabling them to become effective intercessors. All denominations and agencies are asked to seek God’s leadership in developing their individual plans for involvement in the joy and privilege of praying for Africa. Some suggestions which have been made are: One day of prayer for the continent of Africa on the 3rd of August, 2001; an emphasis upon prayerwalking in Africa, June – August of 2001 – a time when both young and old may be able to participate. God will surely bless the prayers of His people as they intercede on behalf of the unreached peoples of Africa. For more information see the website:


world globe Most of North Africa’s Berber people are strong Muslims and oppose the gospel. One Berber woman has secretly helped translate the whole New Testament, the Jesus Film and children’s videos. She believes that God’s timing for her people has clearly arrived, and reports that many underground churches have started. Some time ago, she underwent surgery. The doctors accidentally gave her too much anesthetic, and she slept for 7 hours after the operation. When she woke up, the hospital staff told her that she had worshipped Jesus for hours – in her sleep! If Muslim fundamentalists had heard it, her life would have been in danger. Instead, the two Muslim nurses who had looked after her asked her how they could accept Jesus into their lives!
(Source: Partners International, via FRIDAYFAX Issue 17, 28 April, 2000.)
Global Glimpse is compiled by John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO


WAP device WAP is the new kid on the block. The latest generation of cellphones can access parts of the Internet by the WAP ‘Wireless Application Protocol’ technology.

Only sites written for WAP phones can be accessed – not ‘ordinary’ web- pages. The requirements for WAP pages are very different.

This new technology offers a fresh way of using the Internet to share the Gospel. Some believe that Christians should be in at the beginning of this latest communications revolution. The online Web Evangelism Guide has launched a growing section to explaining how Christians can use WAP Soon, evangelistic web-sites and church pages will be able to offer messages, news, and even audio/video direct to cellphone users. The future is here, and it is exciting!



virus Yikes. gulp I’ve received 3 virus (“actually trojan horse worms”) programs via email in the past 2 weeks! Now there’s a new software available on the Net from which one can detect a lot of virus programs from emails one receives. If you’d like to “protect yourself”, download the software at and follow instructions. F-Prot is another antivirus program and F-Prot is totally free. Find it at


book That’s right! The “annual Great Commission Opportunities Handbook,” and/or SHORT-TERM MISSIONS TODAY are still available for your use this spring and summer. Contact Bill Please request at least 10 total copies (between the two magazines). A modest invoice for the out-of-pocket S&H costs will be included. But, if you don’t have the budget but still need the magazines, just let Bill know that in your e-mail and the copies you request will be shipped.


calendar The International Society for Frontier Missiology (ISFM) has announced its Fall 2000 Conference. All are invited and encouraged to attend. The dates immediately precede the EFMA Conference and will be at the same location. This will take place at the Simpsonwood Conference Center near Atlanta, GA and will begin Sunday, Sept 17 through Monday Sept 18 (The EFMA Conference begins Monday evening, Sept 18). More details will follow. For a brochure and registration form, contact Dave or call 626-398-2336.


lighting the way Oops! Last week’s “WHO WANTS TO BE A KNOW-IT-ALL?” failed to include the two necessary “z” letters in . Once again, that site for questions and answers is Please forgive any inconvenience!


WebWatch Don’t forget to check out They have the capacity for you to post prayer items, web links, newsletters, documents, host discussion groups, and much more. If you would be interested in moderating a web site for a particular people group, please contact Justin, or write his capable assistant, (this goes ditto for anyone else wanting to host an area). We can set up a quick reference like too.


open hand open hand open hand open hand open hand open hand

Recently six of our International Services staff at Team Expansion teamed up to carry a giant log out of our office’s back yard. None of us could have possibly lifted it individually, but with 6 of us heaving together, it actually didn’t seem all that heavy for any of us.

Life is like that too, you know. The old phrase, “Many hands make for less work,” rings true time and time again. Just think about it. . . we still have hundreds of millions of people who haven’t even heard about Jesus for the first time. For any one church or mission to tackle the whole globe — well it would be outlandish! But with God as our helper, standing shoulder to shoulder, one people group at a time, we’re seeing progress! Some researchers believe world evangelism really hit stride during the 90s . . . and that as far as making a difference among the unreached, the last 10 years have been among the most effective in recent history.

How ’bout your church or mission? Are you “sold out” to making a difference among some unreached group(s)? If not, why not? Many hands make for less work. Just ask Nehemiah . . . who attempted a seemingly impossible task. Nehemiah chapter 3 is a kind of “hall of fame” of all the folks that joined hands to complete the task.

Let’s dedicate ourselves anew to the awesome task of finishing the Great Commission. If we lift the load together, many hands will truly make for less work!


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