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Brigada Logo Brigada, pronounced “bree-GAH-dah” (rhymes with armada), is the rough equivalent of a “brigade” — in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian and even Filipino! The idea is to stand side by side to pass buckets of hope for those most in need of Christ’s eternal message! Check out nearly 5 years of weekly back issues at https://brigada.org. See recent back issues and links at http://www.eGroups.com/list/brigada-today. Brigada Today is compiled by Doug Lucas DLucas@teamexpansion.org, Louisville, KY.


Brigada Logo Register online right now for BrigadaFest, Feb. 3-5 in Louisville, KY. This very focused get-together will serve as a venue for uniting those who have a vision for reaching specific people groups. We’re providing meeting rooms for tracks focused on various people group outreaches, along with logistics for meals, housing, secure registrations by web, security, audio-visual equipment, etc. The works! The cost is $60 (if you register before Dec. 20). Register online by going to: http://www.teamexpansion.org then clicking on “Register for BrigadaFest”. For more information – or if you don’t have web access to register online – write the Registrar, Angela, at akeeran@TeamExpansion.org. The event is being jointly sponsored by:
  • Interdev (Partnership Development tracks),
  • Caleb Project (Advocacy Training tracks),
  • Southeast Christian Church (host)
  • Friends of Bosnia and other unreached peoples tracks
  • Team Expansion (a catalyst for PACE Projects),
  • Brigada (well, . . . you know who we are! :-) )

    After registering, send a message to brigadafest-subscribe@egroups.com to receive occasional updates starting this week. And if you’re interested in interceding especially for the event, send a message to brigadafest-prayer-subscribe@egroups.com where the prayer meeting has already begun! Thanks to Terry BorkTerry@aol.com for serving as a prayer coordinator for the event.



    movie camera According to one supplier of the Jesus Film (Keith), in the last 10 months he’s sent out about $250,000 worth of Jesus videos, about 2/3 of which came as a result of the Brigada family jumping on board with requests and follow- up. 92% have gone to the 10/40 window or 10/40 peoples. Keith wrote yesterday, “So, thanks for the chance. Many many conversions have resulted and literally hundreds of thousands have been exposed to the gospel. Amazing, huh?” I’d say. Thanks to Keith and his team for making the outreaches possible! Unfortunately, at least until Jan. 2000, his funding grants have dried up. Maybe after January we’ll be able to jump on board again! :-) 3 cheers for Keith and his group! thumbs-up
    (Please don’t write for more details at this time. If he receives new funding, we’ll be sure to announce it here.)



    Bible Looking for great prices in the USA on Bibles and other Bible resources? Leslie’s found a spot for you to try. Check out Bibles At Cost, http://www.biblesatcost.com, or email them at biblesatcost@sprintmail.com. In the USA or via Net2Phone, call 800-778-8865. According to Leslie, “These folks want to get the Word out! Their prices on Life Application Bibles, New Living Translation, Student and Kids Bibles are the best I’ve found anywhere! They also carry WordSearch and interactive Bible software for kids.”



    praying hands The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus continues to receive amazing testimonies from around the world. It was reported in a Reuters article that the last Ramadan was the most compassionate in 7 years. Many hundreds of prisoners were released from prisons in Palestine and Morocco as an act of forgiveness. “God has finally bestowed His mercy on us,” said Zeinab, a housewife from central Algiers. The dates for Ramadan are from 8 December 1999 to 6 January 2000. Will you too join millions of Christians in prayer for the Muslim world?

    The 30 Days booklets are available in a variety of languages from some 40 offices around the world as both Adult and Kids version. And, taken from the original booklets, an e-mail version is also available. Designed to be easy to read and prayed through each day, the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus is truly one of the greatest global prayer movements of our time.

    To receive the e-mail edition (especially designed for those who don’t have access to booklets), send any e-mail to join-30-days@XC.Org.

    To get a list of the nearest 30-Days distribution centre near you, check http://www.hfe.org/news/30dlist You can also click on “30 days” at http://ramadan.everypeople.net for more information. (Thanks Mike!)

    Please pass this info. along to your friends, newsgroups, newsletters or add it to your web-site. Let us believe God for mighty things as we join together to focus on Him during this prayer time for the Muslim world, Dec. 8 – Jan. 6, 2000. (Thanks Ron, for all the info!)



    telephone We continue to see long distance services duke it out for the lowest rates per minute in long distance and calling card time. Maybe the lowest I’ve seen so far comes from a company called ATN. 13.9 cents a minute, with 6 second billing. NO service charge or monthly fee. The card is free. Pay only for usage. Not a debit card or prepaid card. A true calling card. All calls to and from your home or office (including 800 numbers) only 6.9 cents a minute. You can sign up in the USA by calling 888-487-4732 toll-free. If you tell them EC Code 10689, the guy who tipped us off to this service (Dennis) probably gets a bit of credit. :-)



    world globe Millions of believers will be praying for the persecuted church on November 14 as part of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. China continues to be one of the countries with the largest number of persecuted Christians. House church leaders there interviewed in August and September confirmed that the situation for unregistered Christians is extremely tight and increasingly difficult. Reasons include the recent crackdown on the Falun Gong cult, tight security surrounding the 50th anniversary celebrations of October 1, and the government’s renewed emphasis on spreading atheism. In Shanghai, many house churches have temporarily ceased meeting, or have sub-divided into even smaller cell groups and confirm that many Christians in the country’s interior have been arrested. In spite of arbitrary persecution, the house churches continue to grow.
    (Source: Compas Direct 1999 via International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church website: www.persecutedchurch.org or IDOP@xc.org. For information on Compas Direct email compassdr@compuserve.com)
    Global Glimpse is compiled occasionally by John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO.



    It keeps coming back, again and again. The request for prayer is noble… and honorable… and important… but the petition at the end is what makes it a bit questionable. The text says, “PLEASE COPY this email on to a new message, sign the bottom and forward it to everyone on your distribution lists. If you receive this list with more than 200 names onit, please e-mail a copy of it to : [sic] (Please send after every 200 names) Even if you decide not to sign, please be considerate and do not kill the petition. It is best to copy rather than forward it.” Unfortunately, there’s never an email address to forward it to. And if there were, what good would it do? What are we supposed to think — that by emailing Internet petitions to the government of Afghanistan, they’re going to stop mistreating women? I’ve been told they don’t even want to turn over prisoners for whom there are sworn warrants in international courts — why would they listen to emailed petitions? Once again, I’m afraid we’d better re-read the Brigada OPC protocol. When you receive an email asking you to forward it, make sure it has a VERIFIABLE ORIGIN, a VERIFIABLE PURPOSE, and a VERIFIABLE CLOSURE (OPC). By following this simple approach, many “email viruses” could be nipped in the bud… at least in the Brigada family. To get a copy of the full Brigada OPC protocol, send a message to opc@brigada.worldchurches.org. You’ll receive a one-page email via an autoresponder with more information about the OPC protocol and a list of websites where you can check to see if the alleged virus or other announcement is really a hoax. And, in case you were wondering, no, Bill Gates doesn’t have software that pays you if you forward any emails. :-) “A Lump of Coal” is a lie, there’s no free trip to Disney world, and, as far as we know, nobody’s liver has actually been harvested from an iced-down body in a bathtub. :-) Whew! Who thinks these things up?! :-)



    musical notes The SIL Ethnomusicology Department is teaching their Applied Ethnomusicology course (MUMIN 590) during the short winter term at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, January 10-14, 2000. This course provides the philosophy and tools for cross-cultural music ministry and can be taken by missionaries without formal musical training. Areas covered include teaching other missionaries about music and missions, music ministry program planning and strategies, music workshops, project management styles, working within the context of a mission and strategies for dissemination of indigenous Christian music. Cost is $374 plus a $30 one-time application fee. Class books and materials cost $30.

    If you’d rather shoot for summer courses, all three of the SIL ethnomusicology courses will be taught this summer at SWBTS in Ft Worth, TX: Applied Ethnomusicology – June 19-23, 2000, Analysis of Non- Western Music – July 10 – August 9, 2000, Field of Ethnomusicology/Anthropology of Music – July 10 – August 9, 2000 For more information contact: SIL Ethnomusicology Dept, ethnomusicology@sil.org.



    Adams & Associates International has been appointed administrator for an Overseas Missionary Life Program through Kiln Life Insurance Corporation of London, U.K. Many Missionaries have difficulty obtaining life insurance because of their geographical location and occupation. This program is available to any member of a mission sending organization or independent missionary who is living and working outside the United States. For complete details, please contact Adams & Associates International at aai@aaintl.com or in the USA or via Net2Phone, 800-922-8438.


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