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letter and ligntening bolt At least that’s what Faithe says. She tipped us off to PocketMail at Looks interesting, all right. If you live in the USA, you simply call up a toll-free number and send and receive unlimited e-mail for US$9.95 per month (or $99 for a year). They give you an e-mail address or you can also use any POP3 or IMAP accounts you already have. The catch is that you have to buy an e-mail (and address book) device. JVC makes one for US$100 (holds 100 e-mails) and Sharp makes one for $150 (holds 500 e-mails as well as calendar & to-do). PocketMail can filter your mail any way you want. But here’s the great thing about it: you can use these devices with ANY phone (payphone, analog cell phone, whatever), supposedly ANYWHERE in the world. NO special connection wiring is needed. You hold the device up to the phone and it transmits and receives mail. You can also send faxes and alphanumeric pages. So, for around $200 a year, Faithe says I could have unlimited e-mail from anywhere in the world. The one downside, according to Faithe, is that the keyboard is a bit small (6 inches wide), but like she says, the thing weighs less than 9 ounces! Might be just the thing for somebody on the road quite a bit, like a traveling missionary? What do you think?


book Normally it would sell for $13, but for Brigada readers, the Street Children Ministry of Action International Ministries has agreed to make available their excellent manual, “Crisis on the Streets; A Ministry Guide for Taking the Street Out of Street Children,” for free!!! Edited by Philippine Street Children Ministry Director, Jeff Anderson, this 50-page manual (8 ½ x 11) was written specifically for ministry in the Philippines but can be easily adapted for use in other countries. Chapters include, The Street Children Scene, Biblical Foundation, Street Worker Profile, Getting Started, Networking, First-Aid Ministry, Confronting Drug Abuse, Prayer and Fasting, Workshop Exercises, Ministry Planning Forms, and Sample Surveys. This $13 manual is yours as a gift from Action International Ministries. If you can assist with $2 or $3 for postage, this would be appreciated but is not necessary. Contact Kim Jenkins, Action International Ministries, PO Box 398, Mountlake Terrace WA 98043, Tel (425) 775-4800, Fax (425) 775-0634, Email Thanks AIM!


The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED), a part of the UofN-YWAM, is running a 2 and 1/2 week seminar in Galilee, Israel on BUSINESS AND MISSIONS, April 22 – May 7 (1999). The seminar will be launched with a special day of intercessory prayer with Paul Hawkins (Int’l Prayer Center) focused on the area of business and missions. This seminar will study the history of business and missions. It will also focus on the future of business & missions in the 21st century and the call of persons through business. The relationship of business to frontier missions and with church planting will be explored. Successful models of business and missions will be presented. Success principles for starting Great Commission businesses will be identified, the development of entrepreneurial teams and other subjects. Teachers include Peter Tsukahira/ Japan and Israel; Dwight Nordstrom/China; Ken Crowell/ Israel; Kalyan Das/India; Arieh Klein/ Israel; Loren Cunningham; and Sharon Swarr (Dir. CEED). Space is limited. For more information, contact Cathy Miles


Rod suggests that for free backup strategies (to learn how to protect the files on your PC), go to Thanks Rod!


With the addition of Hebrew and Swahili, the list of languages available in the Rosetta Stone Language Library now exceeds 20. This award-winning CD-ROM language-learning program is still available to missionaries for $99 + shipping (per program) through Mission Training Int’l, Tel 800-896-3710 in the USA or email The languages include Arabic, (Mandarin)Chinese, Dutch, English (both UK and US), French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Vietnamese and Welsh. For a full list of MTI’s programs check out their website at


Are you into “classic Christianity?” If so, maybe you’d like to hear segments from Tozer, Murray, Mueller, and other classic writers? Now you can… by e-zine, every two months. Check , or send an email to MAJORDOMO@GOSPELCOM.NET with only these words in the body:
subscribe classic-Christianity

You’ll be added to the list automatically! Great for missionaries! Thanks for the tip, Roger!



Dan wrote this past week, “We are more than excited about the response received from several dozen folks inquiring about Kwe’atchii 99, the fourth biennial Native Urban Church Planting Symposium, May 10-13, 1999, in Calgary, Alberta, sponsored by Inter-Mission Co-operative Outreach. We’re averaging one person registering per day as a direct result of Brigada. In addition to 7 sessions by guest missiologist Duane Elmer of Wheaton College and Grad School on cross-cultural partnerships, there are 15 other workshops facilitated by Native leaders and missionaries. Topics include “getting started right,” “masterplanning your ministry,” “Biblical counseling,” “update on Native-developed Bible study adult curriculum on true Native identity,” and “effective support raising for special projects.” Registration (9 meals and lodging) is a bargain for $175 Canadian or $125 US. For further information or to register today by e-mail, contact Dan Woodard,”


SOON wants to know. The folks at SOON Gospel Literature offer a free easy-English evangelistic paper called SOON. They also have an evangelistic Bible correspondence course. For students who complete this, they would like to advise students of further good postal Bible courses available, preferably free. Please send details direct to Tony would also like to collect some testimonies of non-western people, written specifically for non-Christians according to their guidelines which can be sent by email, or viewed online at: If you can help, drop ’em a line!


That’s what Eric Derry would like to know. If you live in the USA and have recently found a great deal on a handheld cassette recorder with “the right stuff” for LAMP language learners, drop him a line! He’ll assemble the list of options and make it available to us here on Brigada. Maybe your local Circuit City is the best option… but if you’ve got some special warehouses, he’d like to know. He’s equipping some 100 short-term workers headed overseas this summer with Team Expansion . . . to all parts of the globe.


A new moderated email discussion list has been created to facilitate communication among those individuals and agencies involved in relief efforts in the Balkan region. It is intended as a place to share resources, network various relief activities, and disseminate news of relief work.. The list is open to interested individuals, to organizations and agencies both religious and secular, private and governmental. To join this list, send a blank email message to the address:


“Kingdom Professionals: FutureEdge of Missions” is scheduled at the Billy Graham Center in Wheaton, Illinois, on May 21-23, 1999. Request information on this annual tentmaking conference and a program brochure from Dorothy Keynote speakers include Landa Cope and Dwight Nordstrom. Add in tons of workshops and you’re on your way toward a better understanding of tentmaking.


book In response to many requests for resources on tentmaking from individuals and schools, INTENT has prepared the Kingdom Professional Resource Guide. This 3-ring 1-1/2 inch notebook contains more than 150 pages of information and selected papers which challenge and answer your questions on the subject, provide suggestions for tentmaking preparation and training, opportunities, selected URLs, tentmaking resources, marketplace ministries, ministry organizations, and practical help on how to get there from here. The cost is $40.00 plus shipping for this very valuable resource. Contact for more information.


WebWatch Russ recommends for storing your personal or work documents on the Web, so you can then access them from any computer in the world for FREE! He also tipped us on as being the first web based information wakeup and reminder service in the world. Set the time and date, “repeat daily, monthly, etc” and your phone rings for your wake-up or appointment reminder. How ’bout that! Thanks Russ!


Barbara would like to compile a list of online Christian resources for missionary children (up to age 12). She’ll share the results with Brigada subscribers and on the Children’s Chapel. Please be sure there are absolutely no offensive links on submitted web pages. To submit a resource, send your information to Please copy and paste the following format into your e-mail submission:

Resource Title:
Web address:
Brief description (25 words or less):
Select at least one category for each submission:

  1. Activities,
  2. Audio files,
  3. Books,
  4. Dramas,
  5. E-Cards,
  6. Educational,
  7. Games,
  8. Homework Helpers,
  9. Magazines,
  10. Ministries,
  11. Music,
  12. Pen-Pals,
  13. Plays,
  14. Radio,
  15. Resource directories,
  16. Software,
  17. Stories,
  18. Toys,
  19. Tracts,
  20. T.V.,
  21. Videos,
  22. Other:___________

See the results at



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