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Brigada LogoNext week, on March 21st exactly, we celebrate 4 years of weekly editions of Brigada Today, without a single miss! You can’t exactly set your watch by it (not a chance), but you can use it as a reminder to tear off the weekly calendar sheet! :-) Last year, on March 21st, we were about 7000 in number. Next week, we’ll be well above 9000!

So anyway… here we are, ready to celebrate 4 years together! And some in the Brigada family have been there the whole time! We’ve got folks who remember …

  • Those little graphical “maps” we used to try to draw of the Brigada family of conferences (some of those sub-conferences are still active, mind you!)
  • The 100 Gateway Cities maps (how many gazillion of those were actually sold, anyway!)
  • The introduction of Brigada-peoples, still in use today to give insight and guidance on finding people group help
  • The “People Group Consultant” (whatever happened to that, anyway? :-) I think the AD2000 web site came along and raised the bar significantly! :-) )
  • The GCOWE meetings in Seoul
  • The “Launch” conference in Colorado Springs (where the JP2000 list was first introduced)
  • Envision ’96 in Lexington, KY
  • All the videos, web-sites, books, training conferences, travel agents, water filters, computers, car rentals, and tons of other stuff…
  • The humble beginning in January 25th, 1995, with just two people
  • The day we “went public” on the concept of Brigada, March 21st, 1995, with 106 participants
  • All 911 pages… 3.8 megabytes of resources, proposals, ideas, and missions mobilization tools . . . . . . okay… so make that 912.

    To those who have hung in there for the whole 4 years, we owe you a big thanks. But we’re sorry to have to report today that, as of next week, the Brigada family of conferences will be totally shut down, never to exist again.
    not symbolNOT!!!!!! Just kidding. :-)

    Anyway… in honor of the birthday next week — 4 years old — all 9000 of you are invited for what my wife is calling “virtual reality pizza!” Now don’t ask me what that is, but my 12-year-old says “you just log on and pretend like your tasting pepperoni!” My 9-year-old says it’ll be “real yummy.” So… either way… Happy Birthday Brigada! :-)



    bookHave you been looking for a one-stop source on how to get your organization or small business ready for the year 2000 computer bug? Dean Huffman’s notebook can do it. Dean is a missionary himself, training leaders full-time in the former Soviet Union. But prior to kicking off his ministry there, Dean worked as a big-time computer consultant in Dallas, Texas. His notebook sells on the web at to small businesses everywhere for $139 plus shipping. But because of his passion for missions and Brigada, here’s how you can grab it for about half that price. Dean wrote this past week from Ukraine to tell us that any Brigada participant could simply go to the web page, copy down the mailing address and the questions on the form, then answer the questions on paper and mail them to the address on the form. Enclose a check or money order (or they’ll even send it C.O.D. — but no credit cards please) for just $75 plus $7.50 shipping. Be sure to write in big letters the word “Brigada” on the form, or the charge is $139. Thanks Dean!



    Check out the Adventures in English materials (EFCM International Network). With a focus on developing conversational English in a small group setting, these user friendly materials have been developed through 7 years of actual cross-cultural use by short-term teams of non-professional ESL teachers in over 20 countries (including the increasingly multi-cultural US!). For more information or a sample of the 1999 materials, visit the EFCM web site at or contact Don Erickson at



    lighting the wayThat’s got to be one of the most common phrases around our mission agency headquarters “home office.” It ranks right up there with “Just call 1-800-MISSION.” But if you need a fax number, don’t waste your time trying to call the one we provided last week. Instead, dial the new area code and number at (626) 794-0477. If you need a regular non-toll-free number, use (626) 798-0819. Thanks Greg!



    world globeTrains in Thailand ride the rails every day between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. But this train is different; its passengers are Christian volunteers from throughout the country who are there to share their faith. Four hundred believers fill the train. Spirits are high. This will be the first time many of these people share their faith on the street. When the train pulls into Lop Buri, the visor-wearing volunteers spring into action. They give out gospel tracts and invitations to a crusade where gift bags filled with much- needed food items will be given away. The “Train to Glory” pulls out for another city, and another parade. The pain of the economic crisis has given Thai people little reason to celebrate, so today’s flood of believers offering hope and comfort speaks volumes. By the end, one hundred thousand books and a half-million tracts have been given to people, many of whom have never heard the gospel.
    (Source: CBN Christian World News, “A Ride on Thailand’s ‘Glory Train,'” Airdate: February 25, 1999, Gordon Robertson, reporter,
    Global Glimpse is compiled by John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO.



    For all those who are involved in establishing Native Indian churches in urban centers, or those who have an interest in cross-cultural partnerships among Native Indian peoples – here’s an event you’ll want to check out. It’s called “Kwe’atchii 99,” the fourth biennial Native Urban Church Planting Symposium, May 10-13, 1999, happening in Calgary, Alberta. (Kwe’atchii is an Algonquin word widely understood to mean ‘thoroughly prepared.’) The event is sponsored by Inter-Mission Co-operative Outreach, a 30-year-old association of 10 mission agencies in Canada and US. Come and choose between 4 tracks of workshops, “How to Get Started Right,” “Counseling for Urban Church Needs,” “Life and Ministry Management,” and “Cross-Cultural Partnering.” Some workshops will be co-facilitated by Native leaders and missionaries. Our guest missiologist from Wheaton College and Grad School, Dr. Duane Elmer, will be leading the Cross-Cultural Partnering workshops. Registration (9 meals and lodging) is a bargain for $175 Canadian or $125 US. For a brochure, e-mail Dan Woodard Space is limited to the first 75 people registering.



    WebWatch You’re used to picking up their resources… but now you can watch them on the web. Check it out at by just following the clicks to their promotional video. (You might have to go get a free RealVideo player first.) It’s free!



    Ted’s trying to put together a list of resources for learning more about Buddhists. Ted can be reached at He’s especially looking for a seminar format, but would take books, courses, websites, etc. We’ll ask him to send us a copy of the final compilation to make it available to everyone here through a “get” file. Thanks Ted!



    Catch it in Atlanta, July 28-31, with featured Keynote Speakers, Gordon MacDonald and Frank Barker. For more information, write


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