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Would you forgive me? I’ve been overseas for the past two weeks (I’m on the flight home as I compose this) and now I’m in a bit of a jam. I need to come up with “A Top 10 List of Most Adoptable Least Reached Peoples” to be presented to the Heartland MissionFest participants, uhm, this coming Thursday starting at 8:30am – as in 3 days from now. Even 10 years ago, I’d be sunk. Thank goodness I’ve got some great friends on the Brigada network and I’m hoping that some of them will bail me out. Many only log into email once or twice a week, but others log in daily. All I’m asking is for forgiveness and for you to send me your top 10 choices (or any similar number) for unreached groups, along with a list of 5 or 10 resources for finding out more information, and, if possible, a bit of text you can cut and paste into the email about the group. I’ll have only 3 minutes per group, so it doesn’t have to be long. Some kind of key essential points and maybe a testimony or interesting facet from within the group? You might consider your group(s) a top priority because of population, degree of unreachedness, strategic position in a nation or society, or whatever you want to specify – but please do specify why you think this group is a top choice.

Now… I’ve always been one to go on record saying that one person’s problems shouldn’t be presumed to be my own, but… honest… I would need this information by 9pm Central Time on Wednesday night, Feb. 24th. If you’re reading this after that time, I’m dreadfully sorry and, if ever asked to speak on this subject again, I pledge my faithfulness to start well before any overseas travel preceding the conference! (What’s really bad is the conference hosting team reads Brigada Today! :-) So I’m going public with my sin here, gang.) The good news is… uhm… it’ll all be fresh information??? :-)

Again, I apologize.. but if you could sneak even 5 minutes to help me, I’d greatly appreciate it. Again, no need to respond after Wednesday evening, Central Time in the USA. I’ll post the material — hopefully next week — in a special “get” file for all the Brigada list to read. Obviously, please don’t send any information or addresses (email or otherwise) that is sensitive. But please do send appropriate email addresses or web sites so that interested parties can follow up if they want to adopt one of these 20 groups, or support you in reaching them.

Thanks again, and . . . please forgive the lateness! Terrible. Yikes. gulp



The AD2000 & Beyond Movement’s Missions Mobilization Network receives an official re-launch this March 10th ’99, at Operation Mobilization’s international base in London, England. Network Director George Verwer explains that the mobilizing track lost impetus about 18 months ago when its leader, Pari Rickard of YWAM, moved on. The vision is to send out 200,000 new workers. The re-launch luncheon on March 10 is aimed at mission agency directors and church mission leaders in the U.K., with the hope of triggering similar events in other countries. For further details about this event or regular information about the Mission Mobilization Network, contact


Whoever heard of such a thing? When we began Brigada in January ’95, AD2000 was gearing up for GCOWE 95 in Seoul. Our key hope was to help build a network of caring global Christians who would research the unreached, make that research available, then share non-sensitive information so we could reduce duplication. The AD2000 & Beyond Movement has become the core part of that dream . . . and Brigada does everything it can to promote its central vision as well as pull together networks around AD2000’s base of research and information. Drop by the Brigada workshops at the Heartland MissionFest this weekend in Tulsa, OK, and you’ll hear how much we promote AD2000’s resources! There’s no competition among lighthouses! Besides, they have a staff and color brochures; and we don’t. :-) (For more information about the Heartland MissionFest, write, or in the USA or via Net2Phone, call 1-800-366-6641, or visit


computer Last week we noted the ad for free PCs (“GET A FREE PC FOR THE ADS“). Tim wrote this week, “…In the first three days, Free-PC had taken 300,000 applications. They say it may take 90 days for them to sift the demographics and decide who the 10,000 winners are. Interestingly enough, these are the same people who funded NetZero, where the ads come down as you surf. But with Free-PC, 2 gig of ads are pre-stored on the hard drive. The normal Windows GUI appears inside a box, and the entire outside of the box is taken up with variously changing ads. Nothing more comes down the line. Which makes it an interesting incremental step in the march toward totally free (a la Al Gore), ubiquitous (a la Bill Gates) computing. Worth noting.” Thanks again, Tim. Remember this equipment will be useful only for those in the USA. Sorry … we know of no such service for our thousands of int’l participants.


computer Dave DaveSmith@WYCLIFFE.ORG is prepared to offer you a computer for $100 (plus shipping and any upgrades). He’s mainly interested in organizations based out of the USA, but would consider USA-based ministries if they meet certain criteria. Write him for more details. Thanks to Joe & Audrey, who saw this tip via the Givers’ Ministry.


WebWatch Need fresh news from India? Tim recommends Thanks Tim!



lighting the way Actually only one individual wrote in that he regularly uses a cellphone connection to the Internet. Eric, writing from the Arctic North of Sweden, checks in from his morning bus into town every day. Does this mean it wouldn’t be a desirable technology? Not at all. Probably just means that few people have ventured into the arena, either because it’s still too expensive or too technical. Watch for more as affordable handheld satellite phones become available and data-capable.


If so, Victor would like to know. And in general, he’s asking if debit cards are a good way for mission workers to draw from funds in their home country or obtain cash advances in local currencies at the best exchange rates. Write Victor directly please, and he’s agreed to report back to us, at which time we’ll prepare one of those “get” files that you can retrieve.


If you’re interested in where our world is going, tune into BBC in April and May for a special series entitled, “Runaway World.” The lectures will be given by Professor Anthony Giddens, Director of the London School of Economics. Phil, of Wycliffe Bible Translators, figures they’ll be thought-provoking for Brigada Today participants. To find out broadcast times in your area, check out the BBC web page or just tune in on Sat. April 10th for the first talk on Globalization. Other themes to follow on a roughly weekly basis will include Risk, Tradition, Family, and Democracy. Thanks Phil!


A Zambian believer wrote us this past week to promote a course he’s put together for missionaries in the 10/40 Window. It’s called, interestingly enough, “Supernatural Equipment For Missions.” It has 21 lessons and costs $100. For more details write to Justin Gondwe, PO BOX, 23553 KITWE, ZAMBIA or write Keep in mind that I haven’t seen the course. Maybe someone who tries it can later let us know what it’s like? If you have any doubts, hang around ’til then. No way I afford to buy all these things to try them out! :-)


lighting the way Rick reports that the first month “Call 4 Missions” was mentioned by Brigada they received a lot of interest from folks signing up for “Net2Phone” to make calls from the United States to foreign countries. Rick wants to remind everyone that in many cases the Prepaid calling cards, are a better option when calling from the US. Also, you might want to try “NETCALL,” which, according to Rick, will now give “Net2Phone” serious competition. Prepaid IP Telephony service is available, with a rate to call the USA from anywhere in the world of USD $0.05/minute. Always visit the “Best Rate Search Engine” before you call long distance and get the best rates for your country.


The NorthWest Children’s Expo is all set for Saturday April 10, 1999 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, at the Mt. Scott Church of God in Portland, Oregon. Designed for youth workers of all kinds, organizers hope it will give children and those working with them a vision for missions in the 21st Century. This expo is sponsored by ACMC and local area churches and is one of several regional Children’s Conferences scheduled for 1999. Cost is $30. To register contact Leslie Erickson at 503.643.6511 or email Also visit the ACMC web page for further information at


not OPC It already worked… over a year ago!!! Larry wrote from Madrid, “Since you received a bit of hassle regarding ‘coming down hard on prayer requests,’ I thought you might like to see what I found on a simple search regarding the Pakistani girl who was scheduled for execution. Too many people just forward these things before really checking them out first. All of the e-mails that I received regarding this girl were from unidentifiable sources…although the person who was forwarding the ‘prayer request’ was known to me. They had not practiced your verifiable ‘OPC’ test.!” Larry’s my hero! :-) To get the full story on how Saleema was released in August ’97 and is no longer in danger of execution, browse and, remember, look for the OPC… a verifiable origin, purpose, and closure on every email “chain letter” you receive. Most of the time, I fear the next step should be “delete”! Thanks Larry! OPC logo


If you’ve got a line on info. re: pockets of unreached peoples living in the United States, specifically “Bengalis, Berbers, Somalis, Dari, and other Afghans,” Charles would like to know. He and a partner mission are interested in working with these peoples in the US. Write Charles at In 10 days or so, he’ll send us a report so that any and all can “get” it here on the hub!


Subscribe your church to the new, just-in-time-for-the-big-millennium WORLD CHRISTIAN magazine! And get the hot March issue now: Todd Johnson on 100 years of world Christianity. Y2K and missions. Landa Cope nails the Boomer generation. Bill Stearns calls for a new world-Christian manifesto for the new century. Great global activist stuff! Every church subscribed can receive a congregation-load of freebie June issues, the “Opportunities and Activism” issue. It’s a virtual yearbook on plugging into the Great Commission–designed to be used year-round for your fellowship’s mission emphasis. Subscribe yourself, subscribe your church now: 888-524-5070 or 708-524-5070 or email for info to


Ever hear of any interactive software designed to help a new Christian improve his or her walk? If so, somebody deep in the heart of Tanzania would like to know. Write and Inge will make available a report to us in a couple of weeks, if there are any responses. We’re talking some kind of “Now that you’re a Christian” CD or web site or whatever. What do you think?


Grace is putting together an article on prayerwalking and music & the arts, as well as how prayerwalking has impacted ungodly music and arts. Got any leads, or have you prayerwalked in a city known for its arts or music? If so, drop her a line! We’ll ask her to assemble a summary report for us here at Brigada that we can make available as a “get” file from the hub.


Got any favorite sites for ordering Christian tracts for use in any language or special part of the world? Ken would like to know. He’s compiled 11 pages of sources so far and would like to top it off with your favorite sources. He’ll make the whole report available for us here on Brigada. Just drop him a line!

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