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telephone By Friday, I hope to be in North Africa, trying out a new rental cell phone service available from the USA at (888)967-5323. (Apologies to our international audience… since I don’t yet know about any international version of such a service.) Apparently you pay something like $7/day to rent a cell phone that’ll reportedly work in any one of 80 countries or more. I say “reportedly” for now… but if you get a Brigada Today this coming weekend, you’ll know “assuredly”! You see, I’m headed to a country in North Africa where even AOL has no points of presence! (I didn’t even know there were any of those left!) So we’re renting a WorldCell phone with the PCMCIA hookup and trying to beam back the ole’ email. If you don’t hear from us for two weeks, somebody throw a lifepreserver! :-) (Also, if I may ask, try to go easy on email these next few days… :-) My travel wallet will appreciate it. :-) Those international cell phone minutes. Ouch.) ‘Course, by the end of February, this will all be pointless, since Spring PCS has worked out a deal with both the local GSM networks in Europe and the rest of the world as well as with Iridium (the satellite phone people) to offer a $3500 phone that’ll give you 10 cents/min. in the USA, $1.99 on an international GSM network, and $4.99/min from anywhere in the world via the Iridium sat. phone. The hardware is still a tough sell… but the per minute rates will continue to fall over time. Yahoooo! :-) Stay tuned for more info. on these developments. By April, the Iridium should send data… and the Iridium phone doesn’t have to be aimed at the satellite like other satphones. It looks like a cell phone that pigged out at the ice cream parlor… but otherwise, it’s just a handheld set.


A “Conference On The Persecuted Church” is scheduled for March 26 and 27, 1999, at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC (USA). Registration fee is just $10 per day and the keynote speaker is Baroness Caroline Cox, Deputy Speaker, House of Lords, London and President, Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Country-specific reports will cover situations in Iran, Sudan, Pakistan/Indonesia, Egypt and the Middle East. For further information contact Sam Elisha
tel: 803-252-4146
fax: 803-931-0320


The workshop leaders at the 3rd TIE World Congress being held in Cape Town this March 20-26 are (TENTMAKER TRAINING) Bennier Wolfaardt, Interdev, UK, & Derek Christensen, Baptist College, New Zealand; (SENDING PLATFORMS) Bob Morris, Interserve, Canada; (TENTMAKING BUSINESSES) Steve Simmonds, South Africa; (INFORMATION EXCHANGE) Dr. Danny Martin, ITAG, Malaysia. Over 1000 people have been asked to add their input to the program being developed in Cape Town. The expectations are high for practical, useful applications in the above areas to be formulated.


telephone Thanks to Danny for reminding us to feature Net2Phone again. As we’ve mentioned before, this service allows you to make phone calls… sort of… from your computer, via the Internet. As you can already guess, browse for more information. The prices range from a few pennies a minute (to anywhere in the world) all the way up to 50 cents or so per minute. Danny has offered to help people get started… and in exchange, somehow he (or any other mission you want to designate) gets a kind of “commission” of $10 or so. See Danny for more information.


Now you can get free samples of the easy-English evangelistic paper, Soon, which could be of use in ministries using simple English. Publishers will send free copies in any reasonable quantity to Brigada readers anywhere. To see a sample copy, download our latest from (in PDF format, which needs the free Adobe Acrobat reader, to display and print it). For more information or to order, write your full snail-mail address to


OPC logo Wow! blinking1eyes Talk about striking a nerve! We received a bunch of mail from users who agreed that it was time for a protocol such as the “Brigada OPC” approach… “verifiable origin, purpose, and closure.” Several commented that maybe we were a little harsh on prayer requests. One reader said that, at a minimum, maybe we could ask that users specify a closure date on their emails, then send out a similar notice explaining any answered prayers or victories.

Either way, as each day passes, more of these hoaxes seem to blossom. Basically, anytime anyone sends you something with lots of exclamation marks, don’t listen to it!!! :-) Seriously, to verify the latest email warning you have (not to eat a certain kind of cookie unless you want Bill Gates to transfer to your college and have his way paid by Walt Disney, Jr.), see these web sites:

virus Pay special attention this month to an Internet “worm” known as happy99. For more info., see Basically, it comes in like a Trojan horse (as an attached file), then replicates its way onto your Winsock so you begin unknowingly transmitting the file to others. Choose from the links below to download virus avoidance programs (along with updates that will keep the latest stuff, including Happy99, away from your hard drive):
For McAfee VirusScan 3 (hrlydats):
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For Dr Solomon’s AVTK (extra driver):
For Dr Solomon’s VirusScan 4 (extra dat):



Joshua Project 2000 logoDan Scribner (the tech at AD2000 & Beyond) has released the latest update to the Joshua Project 2000 data. The news is good. Though there are still some 1612 peoples on active JP list, those with no church of 100 reported have dropped to 1153. Those with no reported on-site Church Planting team are now only 626. And those who remain unclaimed or untargeted number around 244. Watch for more news at the end of the month, following Luis Bush’s talk at Heartland MissionFest.


Tony recommends you browse for WinGlobe, a snazzy Windows utility that displays countries, cities, time of day, population, distance and more. It’s free to try… $15 to keep, … no nag screens so you’re on your honor.


Columbia Institute of Muslim Studies, under the direction of Dr. Warren Larson, is set for July 12-August 6, 1999, at Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina. Gain the understanding and help you need for fruitful ministry among Muslims during these consecutive two-week intensive sessions. Course options for Session I, July 12-23: Introduction to Islam, Women in Islam and Folk Islam. Session II options, July 26 – August 6: Church Planting Among Muslims, Islam in North America and Islamic Theology. You may take these courses for credit, or audit them at a fraction of the cost. Instructors include international mission leaders and scholars: Dr. Ray Tallman, Dr. Elsie Maxwell, Dr. David Cashin, Rev. Dick Bailey, Dr. Steve Johnson and Dr. Robert Douglas. Brochures available upon request through or, in the USA or via Net2Phone, call 800.777.2227 ext. 3326. Scholarship application deadline: May 1, 1999.


(Beginning with this item, Mark Kelly’s Advance! newsletter will be presented in much shorter nuggets within the text of Brigada Today. Mark recently changed formats and he is now no longer assembling the monthly version.) Fewer than 500 believers are known among the world’s 20 million Sindhis. About 17 million Sindhis live in Pakistan, where they are almost entirely Muslim. Three million Hindu Sindhis live Maharashtra, Gujarat, or the Hindi-speaking states of India. A minority of Sindhis have emigrated to South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Europe, and the United States — where they can be reached by believers sensitive to the internationals God has placed in their midst. Ask God to touch the hearts of believers for the Sindhis who live in darkness. Ask God to strengthen the tiny Sindhi church and multiply their numbers. Pray that other believers would acknowledge that God is calling them to take the good news of his love to the Sindhis of Pakistan and India. (Advance is assembled by Mark Kelly, )


In response to the need for assistance in forming and developing networks, the International Office of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement has updated and expanded the Adoption Guidance Program (AGP). In addition to an updated adoption section, the AGP now includes Networking, Partnerships and Advocacy. The Adoption Guidance Program offers both motivational articles and ‘how-to’ steps. All sections include examples of those who have been successful, as well as lists of resources for further information. Browse it at The AGP will also be part of the new CD-ROM being produced for Praying Through the Window IV. The CD-ROM will be available after March 1 and can be ordered from: Price per CD-ROM is $9 plus postage for 1-3 copies, with discounts available for larger quantities. (Thanks for the tip, Barb!)


world globe Christians are boldly proclaiming the gospel in mostly Muslim Turkey, and from their boldness they are gaining more freedom and becoming more accepted. On Christmas Eve Christians distributed 1,200 New Testaments and hundreds of audiotapes telling about the life of Christ in Istanbul’s main shopping district. Most people warmly received the handouts and police officers did not interfere, something impossible a few years ago. Christians in Ankara hosted a Christmas drama in a hotel that attracted more than 1,000 people. They distributed gift packets including New Testaments and literature. More than 250 people indicated on a survey that they wanted to hear more about Jesus, and several prayed to become Christians when workers visited them. Istanbul now has an evangelical newspaper, and a Christian radio station. International prayer efforts are partially credited for the new openness.
(Source: AD2000 report summarizing article, Feb 3, 1999.)
Global Glimpse is compiled each week by John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO.


praying hands YWAM is the publisher of the next Praying Through The Window book (PTW IV; occurring October this year), and official distributor of the CBN-produced video, and a CD put together by AD2000. Materials will start shipping next month. Please see image and discount pricing at Write or, in the USA or via Net2Phone, call toll- free at 1(888) WCN-NEWS (or 1 (719) 380-0507). Thanks to Paul’s great relationship with the Brigada family, no up-front payment is needed! He trusts our readership, and are happy to send an invoice along with the materials! How ’bout that!


WebWatch Missions Frontiers and the US Center have put together a new website at which has every issue from May 1994 to Dec. 1998. Permission to reprint is freely given! Bravo to the US Center!


soccer ball I always look forward to the first Tuesday in February. That’s when our outdoor soccer team starts regular practice again. About a year ago, when we restarted practice, I had really let my fitness slide over the winter break. When we restarted, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I just wasn’t ready.

So this winter, I vowed to somehow find a workaround. When Christmas came, and our team began its winter break, I searched for an indoor team and sure enough, found two different teams that took me as a sub. I played at least one game per week and sometimes two. And the pace was fast! At least a couple of nights, I played back to back full-length games and loved every minute of it!

Last Tuesday, when I walked out on the (outdoor) field, Sergey greeted me with a “Happy Groundhog Day!” (He had either studied the USA tradition or maybe seen the movie — either way, he was ready.) Unfortunately, since it was the first practice, only 4 of us showed up, along with the coach. So, for better or worse, he paired us up (I got to play as a partner to Sergey) and we played 2v2 all night! Wow blinking1eyes — talk about a great workout.

About 2/3 of the way through the practice, one of the two guys on the other team named Allen paused for a moment and asked, “Hey — what have you been doing all winter, Doug? Did you play indoor?” I smiled. He could somehow sense that I hadn’t just been sitting on the couch all winter. I nodded yes and he replied, “I thought so. You’re still running!”

I’ve read that internationally-acclaimed USA women’s soccer coach, Anson Dorrance (one of the winning-est coaches of all time), used to tell his players, “If you don’t take personal responsibility for your fitness this winter, don’t come back to practice in the spring.” He apparently meant it. All winter long, his girls’ soccer team would work out just like he was sitting there watching them the whole time! And when they came to the first practice, nobody had to ask. You could tell that they had been working on fitness all winter long!

So I began thinking… Why can we easily see the point of physical fitness, yet just as easily miss the point of individual spiritual preparedness. For example, every spring our organization pulls together a group of recruits for Pre-Field Orientation, prior to their traveling all over the world as summer missions interns. Over the past 15 years we’ve seen some pretty unprepared people. One year, the interns wouldn’t even finish their days out. I’d find them back in the hotel playing cards, long before suppertime. Another summer saw a couple of young ladies who seemed to want to wear inappropriate clothing no matter what we said or did.

So I guess this year, I’m appealing to all the new missionaries… to please show up “fit.” Be ready to work hard, listen, follow the lead of your host missionary, and dig into the Word. Be a man or a woman of prayer. Make up your mind right now that you’re going to be as flexible as you can be. Train your heart and mind to say, in unison, there’s nothing that Satan can throw at me this summer that can shake me from my commitment to be the very best new missionary I can be!

If every team member came with that kind of fitness and attitude, 2v2 would be all the more fun. :-)

Can’t wait for practice tomorrow night. Love it.


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