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Brigada LogoRemember this past July, when we published a kind of history of Brigada??? Remember back at the very beginning of Brigada? We wrote…
  • January, 1995 – Doug opens an MAFxc account and begins a rapid ramp-up on email conferencing. There are probably some “lost editions” of Brigada Today that will never be recovered from this period. :-(
  • February 18, 1995 – The earliest copy of Brigada Today that we have on hand . . . but already there are 38 participants. In addition, there are dozens of conference participants in 10-20 other email conferences already taking hold.”

It was always a sad memory… knowing that the history was somehow mysteriously incomplete. All of a sudden, Brigada shows up with 30-some participants… but what happened before that? We had no record. Until today. Somehow I feel like Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. (‘Course, it might have something to do with the fact that our whole family is crowded around the fireplace, watching “George” and “Clarence” in It’s a Wonderful Life tonight! :-) ) Anyway, last night I received word from Bob Sutterfield (an Information specialists at MAF) that he had posted some old files to the Brigada archive… some old files he had discovered on an old hub. Come to find out, among them are the very first bits of communication in the Brigada family!!! Even the very first issue! History has changed! We have a beginning!

This will sum up those 6 weeks of activity prior to the Feb 18th issue that we’ve always had to consider the first! Now, all of a sudden, it’s the 4th issue! Yahoo! Yahoo It’s a wonderful life! (Clarence just got his wings! :-) ) “The richest man is a man with many friends!” :-) And we all have scads of ’em here in the Brigada family!



Okay… let’s pull out all the stops. Tim’s a would-be recruiter of tentmakers for a missions agency that wants to kick off a greater emphasis on recruiting and training tentmakers in 10/40 Window countries. But . . . how does he get started? Is there a course on tentmaking? Are there courses via the Internet that would help a tentmaker get started? I know it’s not exactly rocket science, but there’s got to be some training somewhere that can at least help him get started! If you’ve got any tips for him, send them to Tim and he’ll compile a summary for us here on Brigada.


lighting the wayApologies for any inconvenience caused by the bad URL for the China Prayer Calendars (PRAYER CALENDARS FOR CHINA from last week). Dave wrote this week, “Sorry, Doug…I left a “c” out…it should be . [But] the website is just a place to view the calendars. To order them they need to call Integrated Resources at 800-729-4351 (if in the USA or via Net-2-phone) or write Dave at and ask for item 7707e.


praying hands Now there’s a special Discount Package for Brigada readers only! Package #1: Full-color poster, 2 booklets (choose from adult or kids’ editions), both booklets have full color covers, for the discounted price of $4.50 (regular price: $10). Package #2: Poster, both booklets plus either the “World of Islam” video for children or adults, for the discounted price of $12 (regular price: $22). Package #3: Poster, both booklets, both videos, for the discounted price of $21 (regular price: $34). US postage is included; for shipments outside the USA, add $4 (specify video format if other than NTSC). No up-front payment needed, we can invoice you!! Don’t delay!! Contact: WorldChristian News, PO Box 26479, Colorado Springs, CO 80936. Tel: (719) 380-0507, Fax: (719) 380-0936, Email:


netzero logo This past week, we received several notes from users of NetZero, the free Internet service. Over the past couple of weeks, users have told us of various ways to cover up the ads, using special utilities and even Windows help screens. But other users have now informed us that NetZero actually has a clause in the user agreement stating that the ads have to remain uncovered. Our apologies to NetZero… and to anyone led astray by our having published the options. Not a cool thing to do. If you use their free service, really, you shouldn’t break the agreement. For more information about their free Internet connectivity in the USA, browse or write


Write to this address: That’s it! No need to put anything in the text. It’s that simple. Note the missing “t” at the end of digest, due to limitations on the length of Lyris addressing. Global Prayer Digest Online is free. If you previously were subscribed but no longer receive it, just subscribe again. Lyris software (that runs the Brigada lists) won’t let you subscribe twice.


So what’s the best callback service? Larry, a worker for the Lord in Togo, West Africa, wants to know. Drop him a line if you have an opinion. He’ll report his findings back to us here in a couple of weeks.


WebWatch The URL is . The place is Southwestern. Click on the research and resources button and get your bookmarker ready! The links are set to do demographic research on people groups and cultural orientation on different overseas locations. There are links to Islamic studies programs and to Missions research and prayer support links. This is one you’ll want to mark, gang! Great job, Bob!


graduation cap Considering seminary or Christian graduate school? Then stop by Christian Graduate to prepare for your academic future. Christian Graduate is the most comprehensive graduate school planning site on the Internet. Search the Campus Snapshots and Index of Graduate Studies to find the best school and program for you. Subscribe to the Christian Graduate e-mail newsletter and request a FREE copy of their annual planning guide, Tomorrow’s Christian Graduate. If you don’t have web access, you can try writing to make your case. :-)


Got an event you’d like listed in an upcoming edition of World Christian Magazine? The listings are FREE and organizers say they’ll reach 30,000+ world Christians! Send your event information to Phil Huber Please provide the following information:
  1. Event
  2. Date
  3. Location
  4. Theme
  5. Description (include speakers, purpose) maximum 25 words
  6. Cost
  7. Expected attendance
  8. Host or sponsoring organization
  9. Phone
  10. Fax
  11. E-mail
  12. Web site
  13. Contact name and title
  14. Issue(s) in which you would like your event listed (March, June, Sept. or Dec.).



soccer ballFile it at Sports Forum, located at, allows you to post your organization’s ministry plans, ideas, and needs around a major sports event. Other forum participants can comment and provide input on your posting. Check it out! Looks great!


We hear that Globalink has gotten better with version 6.4. Check it out at . Great deal for $149.95… if you need a draft translator, that is. No web access? Call them at 781-203-5000 in Burlington, MA. They currently offer English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish… but more are on the way – Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Arabic!


Can’t afford ISDN yet? Try 3Com’s “OfficeConnect 56K Lan Modem ($280 street). You can get semi-speedy Internet access for up to ten users on your LAN, using a single dial-up ISP account and a standard “Plain Old Telephone Service” line (POTS). Included in the package is the four-port 10Base-T hub, making it a great starter-kit for multi-PC home and small office users. For more information, see a nearby computer warehouse or outlet or contact 3Com at or, in the USA, call 800-638-3266.


Where’s the best spot for 1-2 page briefs that provide the very latest on Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Shinto, Judaism, Roman Catholicism/ Eastern Orthodox & Protestantism? John would like to know! He begins teaching a missions course on Jan. 31 at Immanuel Bible Church/World Missions. Would you drop him a line if you know of a spot? He’ll report his best findings back to us here at Brigada to share with the whole clan!


The first V.E.V., Virtual English Village (a TESL program for Latin American Missionaries), will open its “gate” on February 8th, 1999 in Cordoba, Argentina. This pilot program will run until Feb 26th, 3 weeks, 2 weekends. Depending on the number and language levels of the participants there will be 4.5 hours of language instruction daily at beginning, elementary and intermediate levels, and 1.5 hours of scheduled lab and homework time. The out of class time will revolve around various planned activities led by native speakers of English. World Languages is committed to running the program with a minimum of 10 students and is requesting registration in the program no later than January 8th. For more information contact World Languages


CCMT, in Cordoba, Argentina, is offering the following courses for those of you interested in an Argentine stint. They will be having their first CAMPAMENTO de ENTRENAMIENTO CRISTIANO January 16 – 31 in nearby Villa Carlos Paz. Also the “curso avanzado del CENTRO de CAPACITACION MISIONERA TRANSCULTURAL” begins on March 8th. WORLD LANGUAGES, also of Cordoba, has been asked by the CCMT to open a branch of their institute at CCMT’s Calle Lima house to help that property raise some funds for their ministry. WORLD LANGUAGES needs one good ESL teacher and they will put that plan into action. Presently WORLD LANGUAGES has decided to do what they can and rely on the Lord’s providing the appropriate people for the V.E.V. (Virtual English Village) and Lima House branch office. If you know of other specific people who might want to be “in the loop” on these, please forward this message on to them. For more information, write


If you head on over to Bob & Teri’s site, which doesn’t have any advertising, doesn’t use ‘cookies’, and there are no pleas for money in any way. To send someone an electronic greeting card, just point your browser to and click the “electronic greeting card” link. From there, you pick a picture, a greeting, address and personalize the card, and send it! It’s pretty simple, and we hope it will bless you and those you send greetings to. I looked around while I was there and it’s a nice site! Thanks Bob & Teri!


lighting the way In honor of all those who have written with corrections on the multi-lingual Merry Christmas” greeting… Thank you! Here’s the last pass… ’til next year! :-) Please note that this version supercedes all previous versions… for now! :-) Following is a corrected list of “HOW TO SAY “MERRY CHRISTMAS” IN OVER 33 LANGUAGES!”:
Afrikaans ‘n Geseende Kersfees en ‘n voorspoedige Nuwejaar
Afrikander Een Plesierige Kerfees
Albanian Gezuar Krishtlindje
Armenian Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gaghand
Azeri Tezze Iliniz Yahsi Olsun
Basque Zorionstsu Eguberri. Zoriontsu Urte Berri On
Bengali Bodo Din Shubh Lamona
Bohemian Vesele Vanoce
Breton Nedeleg laouen na bloavezh mat
Bulgarian Tchestita Koleda; Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo
Celtic Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
(Mandarin) Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan
(Catonese) Gun Tso Sun Tan’Gung Haw Sun
(Hong Kong) Kung Ho Hsin Hsi. Ching Chi Shen Tan
Cornish Nadelik looan na looan blethen noweth
Cree Mitho Makosi Kesikansi
Croatian Sretan Bozic
Czech Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok
Danish Gladelig Jul
Dutch Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
English Merry Christmas
Esperanto Gajan Kristnaskon
Estonian Roomsaid Joulu Puhi
Farsi Cristmas-e-shoma mobarak bashad
Finnish Hyvaa joulua
French Joyeux Noel
Frisian Noflike Krystdagen en in protte Lok en Seine yn it Nije Jier!
German Froehliche Weihnachten
Greek Kala Christouyenna!
Hawaiian Mele Kalikimaka
Hebrew Mo’adim Lesimkha. Chena tova
Hindi Bada Din Mubarak Ho
Hungarian Kellemes Karacsonyi unnepeket
Icelandic Gledileg Jol
Indonesian Selamat Hari Natal
Iraqi Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah
Irish Nollaig Shona Dhuit
Italian Buone Feste Natalizie
Japanese Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto
Kala Khristougena kai Eftikhes to Neon Etos
Korean Sung Tan Chuk Ha
Latvian Priecigus Ziemas Svetkus un Laimigu Jauno Gadu
Lettish Priecigus Ziemassvetkus
Lithuanian Linksmu Kaledu
Manx Nollick ghennal as blein vie noa
Maori Meri Kirihimete
Marathi Shub Naya Varsh
Navajo Merry Keshmish
Northern Sotho Matlhatse le matlhogonolo mo ngwageng o moswa.
Norwegian God Jul Og Godt Nytt Aar
Pennsylvania German En frehlicher Grischtdaag un en hallich Nei Yaahr!
Papiamento Bon Pasku i Felis Anja Nobo
Pig Latin Errymay ristmaskay nday appyhay ewnay earyay
Polish Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia
Portuguese Feliz Natal
Rapa-Nui Mata-Ki-Te-Rangi. Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua
Romanian Craciun Fericit
Russian Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva i s Novim Godom
Serbian Hristos se rodi
Slovakian Sretan Bozic or Vesele vianoce
Samoan La Maunia Le Kilisimasi Ma Le Tausaga Fou
Scottish Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur
Serbian Hristos se rodi!
Singhalese Subha nath thalak Vewa. Subha Aluth Awrudhak Vewa
Slovak Vesele Vianoce. A stastlivy Novy Rok
Slovene Vesele Bozicne. Screcno Novo Leto
Spanish Feliz Navidad!
Swedish God Jul and (Och) Ett Gott Nytt Ar
Tagalog Maligayamg Pasko. Masaganang Bagong Taon
Tamil Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal
Thai Sawadee Pee Mai
Turkish Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Ukrainian Srozhdestvom Kristovym
Urdu Naya Saal Mubarak Ho
Vietnamese Chung Mung Giang Sinh
Waray Maupay nga Pasko ngan Mainuswagon nga Bag-o nga Tu-ig
Welsh Nadolig Llawen
Zulu Nginifisela inhlanhla ne mpumelelo e nyakeni.



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