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Yup. You didn’t imagine things! Here’s your chance to get a plug on a live global broadcast via the Internet! Jarel Pittman (JP) and his wife own a radio station in Northern Minnesota that also broadcasts in real time on the web via REAL AUDIO. They reportedly have MANY thousands of listeners in the state of Minnesota and MANY MORE thousands around the world via their REAL AUDIO connection. Apparently, they get responses to their programming from all over the globe (mostly U.S. but there are a lot of folks from overseas that listen as well). Just after my recent visit to MAF in Redlands, JP offered to broadcast FREE of CHARGE (for ANY NON-PROFIT CHRISTIAN MINISTRY) any announcement in English that is for your Ministry or on behalf of some effort your ministry is undertaking. Just write the copy and, if you’re a non-profit ministry, send it in and they will guarantee that it will air for up to 3 weeks, 3-5 times per day depending on announcement traffic they have. JP wrote, “You do not have to advertise for the radio station, or put up a link or banner, or tell your [email] conference members about it or anything cheesy like that … All you have to do is e-mail your announcement to our PSA director and she will get it done.” In fact, he’s even willing to take your “pre-produced” materials. They aren’t asking anything in return other than that you must supply the copy and the run dates. That’s it. No strings. JP wrote, “I feel that if I can help you drum up support, or tell the world about your project or event, then I have been a good steward of the resource the Lord has given me.” They do have several rules, however. Max. 30 seconds. Has to be non-profit. Can’t bash another ministry or person. Supply the copy 2 weeks prior than your requested run date. Must have the name and tel. number (on the copy) of the contact person. And, of course, they reserve the right to refuse to air anything they deem unfit. Also, they can determine the run schedule based on airtime availability, not your requested air time (other than the range of dates…). So… if you want to reach people all over the world, 24 hours/day, here’s your chance. The station is a “progressive” Christian Station that runs MOSTLY music 24 hours a day. They also have news, weather and sports…. It’s all locally produced by VOLUNTEERS (just like most of you). The goal of our MINISTRY was to create a Christian station for NON-Christians and apparently they’ve succeeded. Surveys show that about 30% of our audience is NON-Christian. Check out the station via Real Audio at I listened! It’s great! Send your announcement copy to If you have questions, e-mail JP at And while you’re at it, thank him for his work on Lyris. He’s been one of the primary engineers in making it happen.


Announcing the 5th annual People Group Advocate (PGA) School in Pune, India. Organizers in Pune wrote Brigada this past week, “Those of us on the field see the PGA as perhaps the most important role a North American can play on the field. PGA’s work full time to develop 100 strategies to reach one people group. They live in their home country or in the country of the group they reach. In the upcoming 5 week school in Feb. 1999 students visit their people group. Then, using local Indian University libraries and the Internet students study the needs of their people. They explore an exhaustive list of Christian and govt. agencies who could meet the needs of their people group. Through prayer the student nails down the 20 top strategies in the areas of prayer mobilization, media, direct and indirect Evg to focus on in the next two years. After the school Advocates mobilize the body of Christ to care, pray and work on behalf of their chosen people group.” Dates: Feb. 8 – Mar.12th. Cost $600. Location: Pune, India. For Applications, write or Director, People Group Advocate School, GPO Box 127, Pune, 411 001 India.


Grace Wiebe is at it again. She’s collecting evaluation forms from far and wide in an attempt to develop a better understanding of how to follow up with new missionaries, once they’ve departed for the field. Send her your favorite evaluation form and she’ll pull together a composite or simply compile a stack of options. We’ll then post them here for everybody to “get” and use!


That’s what Rick Byham would like to know. More specifically, he’s especially looking for simulations, training instruments, and games that can be used for interactive training. Send him the best you’ve got and he’ll send us the results for everyone to pick off here later.


Lyris logo According to Bob Sutterfield, a tech at MAF, your copy of Brigada Today probably took less than two seconds to crank your way. Don’t you wish the Postal Service could be so fast? :-)


letter and ligntening bolt Margie Bose needs a connection. She’s looking for a way to transfer her email to postal mail (for those in nations like the USA who don’t yet have access to email) (Is there anyone left like that? :-) ) Seriously, I remember we asked this question a couple of years ago and the Compuserve postal connection (at about $1.50 a pop) was the only option we discovered. Are there other connections these days, maybe through the Internet somehow? If you know of something, send her a line on it and she’ll post the compilation here for everyone to see.


WebWatchHave you tried out the new site for Spanish speaking Christians found at It has notices, Bible studies, articles, devotionals, an electronic Bible, International events, music, video and radio, prayer room, reports, chat, electronic cards and much more. The idea is to gather together all the Spanish speaking Christians on one site so information can be shared to help speed up missions and the Great Commission in the Spanish speaking world. I visited and — Wow! blinking1eyes — it’s a sharp site. Tons of resources in Spanish… and lots of ways to plug in with other Spanish-speaking Christians. Try it!


Don’t forget to give Kingdom Graphics a try. You get 20 cards & envelope for $ 12.50. The cover boasts an artistic interpretation of the shepherds being approached by an angle in glorious light to announce the birth of the Savior. The colors are creatively exciting and used in a style that is unique and attention-getting. Check out the kingdom graphics Web Site to see this card and find complete easy ordering information.


praying hands Want more prayer info. on Central Asia? Now you can have it. Praying Along the Silk Road is a 52-page prayer guide, available immediately for 3 pounds in the UK and $5.00 in North America. Write YWAM at CAFMC, PO Box 177, Haywards Heath, RH17 5YT UK, or email



WebWatch The Task Force for Member Care, under the auspices of the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship, is now maintaining a web-site related to missionary care. They hope that this site will become a clearinghouse for information and resources related to member care. The site will be updated frequently with new information. Suggestions from the missionary community regarding content are welcome. You’ll find the site at:


Recently, “Jeff Morgan” asked for referrals of ministries that might help “home service” missionaries or those involved in support-raising to purchase homes at a discount. Jeff rec’d only one major response and it was from Tentmakers Missionary Fellowship (TMF). TMF is an organization comprised of Christian business and professional men and women who are committed to supporting the spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial needs of Christian missionaries. The fellowship was started by missionaries, for missionaries. The goal of the fellowship is to participate with the body of Christ to raise financial resources for missions and to mobilize others in Christian community to develop a similar vision. TMF members partner with missionaries to help provide their financial support. Members provide quality professional services and are directly involved in supporting missionaries. All the profits from their enterprise go to support missionary efforts, thus allowing missionaries to devote more time to direct ministry and less time in fund-raising. One strategic way that TMF partners with missionaries is through Project Referral. In a normal real estate transaction the seller of a home pays a real estate fee, or commission, for the successful sale of his or her home. This commission is typically shared by the buyer’s real estate agent and the seller’s real estate agent. However, if TMF introduces a buyer or a seller to a real estate agent, the fellowship receives a referral fee for that introduction. TMF designates the ENTIRE referral fee for the support of Christian missions in several ways: First, the individual who goes through TMF selects a Christian missionary to receive a portion of the referral fee. The person’s home church also receives a portion of the commission. Second, a portion of the referral fee is designated to Youth for Christ ministries. Finally, TMF supports its own missionaries and ministries, both at home and abroad. If you are buying or selling a home or know someone who is, or if you are a realtor who would like to be a part of the TMF network, contact TMF at (707) 452-8368 or toll-free in the USA or via Net2Phone at (888) 836-8625. ALL profits received from referral fees are used to fund missionary efforts around the world. Be sure to check out this service well. We haven’t personally used it yet.


After an unprecedented first conference last year with 181 conferees, we’d like to introduce you to Equipper Conference 1998! This conference is dedicated to Japanese people and those ministering to them. It is jointly sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, International Students Incorporated, Japanese Christian Fellowship Network, and The Navigators. With many thousands of Japanese studying or working in North America, a good number of Japanese come to Christ each year. Often when they return to Japan they stop attending church. In order to help stop this tragic tendency God has led us to develop this conference. It is devoted to equipping Japanese Christians and those ministering to them with the necessary tools and spiritual resources to stand strong and make Christ known in Japan. It is being held this year in Seattle, WA from Dec. 27th through the 1st of January. Organizers would love to see you there! Cost is $210 per person. Arthur Hollands and Koichi Hirano will be the keynote speakers and most sessions are held in Japanese but translation will be available. If you are interested or know someone who may benefit from this just contact USHQ@JCFN.Org for more information. Or you may call 303-730-4226 and ask for Setsu or Yumi!


Got a favorite translation for kids in Germany? Victor would like to know! He wrote, “Can someone recommend the best easy-to-read German Bible and/or New Testament for a kid in elementary school? I’d like to avoid the old Luther translation, also any denominational slant, but would welcome illustrations.” Victor, be sure to let us know your response, here at Brigada.


netzero logo We’ve still heard nothing but good news about . Let us know if you try it and what you think of it?


Looking for a valuable tool to help you in missions? Coming down under in January ’99? Either way, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a great way to be equipped to reach out to immigrants and overseas missions. The Missions Network Center teaches a course designed to give you the necessary skills required to begin teaching English straight away. This four week course will be held on the YWAM Auckland Campus from the 4th through the 29th of January, 1999. The cost is $1250.00 NZ. For more information and application forms contact: Missions Network Centre, Ph. (64) (9) 256-1942, PO Box 13-580, Fax (64) (9) 256-1323, email

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