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Want to really help least reached peoples? Here’s your chance. AD2000 and Beyond is planning a consultation on developing “key contacts” for the approximately 140 people group clusters identified on the Joshua Project 2000 list of Unreached Peoples of the 10/40 Window. (The majority of the 1739 peoples in the Joshua Project 2000 list can be grouped into these 140 clusters.) The consultation will be held April 17-19, 1997 in Pasadena, CA.

What’s a key contact? Someone who helps concerned individuals, churches and agencies more fully and easily take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls in ministering among a cluster of least reached peoples from the JP2000 list. Organizers are praying that by the time the meetings close down, respective individuals and teams will understand all the definitions and will be identified as key contacts for dozens of the Gateway People Clusters and a plan will be in place to identify other key contacts as they become available. One of the key issues is how to define contact points between the field focused partnerships and the resource based advocacy work. …”

Who is involved in calling this meeting together? “Twenty-eight people representing adopt-a-people programs and agencies met October 24, 1996, and among other things, agreed to convene this consultation on the Gateway People Clusters of the Joshua Project 2000 list. The planning task force for the consultation includes:
Phill Butler / Mats Tunehag (Interdev)
John Robb (MARC)
Patrick Johnstone (WEC)
Ralph Winter (WCIU)
Eric Watt (CBN WorldReach)
Luis Bush (AD2000 and Beyond)
Doug Lucas (Team Expansion / Brigada)
Mike Stroope (Cooperative Services Intl.)
and others.
Gregory Fritz (Caleb Project) has been appointed chairman of the planning task force and to oversee the consultation. To offer input or get more information contact:
Gregory Fritz
Caleb Project
10 West Dry Creek Circle
Littleton, CO 80120-4413

So what can you do to help? Luis Bush wrote this past week, “The Gateway People Cluster Consultation brings practical life and renewed hope and energy to the vision of a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000. Please consider the following:

1. Pray right now for this strategic gathering
2. Encourage others to pray
3. Register and come for this important event (write to Greg Fritz, Chairman of the Task Force )
4. Recommend key network leaders, facilitators, advocates and key contacts for the 140 key gateway peoples listed below to John Hanna”


Bob Kennedy is Director of Missions at Washington Bible College and Capital Bible Seminary. He’s gathering material for a course next semester on the History of Western and non-Western Missions. His goal is “to inform my students as to the progress of Non-Western as well as Western missions.” So – as you can imagine – he’s looking for sources. Any clues? If so, write directly to Bob . . . and Bob . . . here’s the deal. In two weeks or so, can you send us a book list or list of sources that we can make available to all? Thanks brother! Write Bob at directly.


You knew it was inevitable…
And now the day has come…
Global Mapping has launched a site,
And you’re invited to stop by some.

We’re sure they’ll have some maps to show,
Some links and software too,
So stop by
Or GMI will be so blue.

Or maybe your hobby is soccer,
And you’re looking for sites “just for kicks”,
Well check out
Which tells about short-term soccer mission trips!
[(Hey! Give me a break! — “kicks”, “trips” . . . it’s almost rhymes!!!
Besides . . . I’m a sucker for soccer. :-))]

And while you’re out there on the web,
You might as well stop by
For missions resources, links, and pie.

[Okay. We admit it. We stretched the truth with the “pie” part. But Create International from East Perth, Australia has come up with tons of other goodies waiting for you at their new site.]


Please don’t forget that you can do computerized job-matching right from your PC! All you have to do is send an email message to with the following text in the message block:
subscribe brigada-job-shop

Well over 250 people are waiting there to either find the right opportunity or the right person or the job of your dreams! So… for example, if you’re like Dan Jealouse and you’re looking for a TEACHER/TUTOR to teach their two children during a two year short term, you just send a message to that explains your need and all of a sudden, tons of teachers write back and say, “Take me! Take me!” Well… at least we hope that’s what will happen. :-) Only you can actually make it reality at brigada-job-shop… Have at it! And Dan, good luck finding your teachers.


A reader in Greenville says “The probability that a slice of toast will fall jelly-side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.” :-) Somehow I think he’s on to something.


Here’s a question for all those who have been involved in partnerships with congregations in economically challenged lands: “Is there anyone out there that has brought economically-challenged national pastors to America for a visit/training retreat? If so, I’d be interested in their successes, things they’d do differently, the long and short-term effects they saw, and what they included in the itinerary. We are in the “considering” stage of bringing our partnering pastors to the States and would like to avoid reinventing the wheel if at all possible! Also, what kinds of culture shock and re-entry stress were observed? How did they prepare the pastors for that inevitable part of overseas travel?” Please write to Lori Rogers at 74557.2307@CompuServe.COM and Lori, could you write up a summary report in the next couple of weeks to fill us all in on what you found out? Thanks and Godspeed!


Remember the missionary family in Burundi who desperately needed medicine? The stateside contacts had no clue as to how to get it to them quickly. The call went out in last week’s Brigada Today and within 36 hours, 12 contacts volunteered to help! Three cheers for the Brigada family!!! … and from the family in Burundi, “Thanks!!!”


Roger E Doriot points out that in many cases, those headers are filled with addresses in “distribution lists” of mail to more than one person. Roger suggests using the “blind copy” (“BC:”) address line (check your own mailer for exact terminology) so that others don’t have to print out endless lines of email addresses at the top of their mail! Good idea for those paying by the byte, too! Thanks Roger!


The tallies are in! Envision ’96 resulted in individuals who agreed to do the following:

* 885 people said they would pray regularly for a specific people group. At the conference, they received an info-sheet on how to do that, along with an executive summary people profile about their respective group.
* 83 offered their services for a 2 week prayer journey overseas.
* 102 said they would give two weeks to a missions project.
* 49 dedicated the summer of ’97 to a missions internship.
* 19 said they would invest 3-5 months as a researcher on a research expedition in a frontier people group.
* 111 said they wanted to commit their lives to full-time missions!
* 137 wanted to help their churches initiate a frontier church-planting project among a least reached people group
* 69 said they’d try to recruit other local churches to start a frontier people church planting project.
* 52 said they wanted to try to help a local church accomplish such a project.

Other interesting facts and trivia from Envision ’96:

* Number of computer networks used during the convention: 4 (at the Message Center, Adoption Center, Registration Center, Press Room)
* Amount paid to the Dayton, Ohio, computer programmer who created, Trellis, the custom-written software for tracking the adoptions of least reached people groups in “real time”: $0.00 (The 100+ hours of programming were a gift to world evangelism.)
* Amount of suggested donation (to Envision ’96) for those wanting a copy of the software (Trellis) for use in other events and venues: $40 — to try to reduce the remaining deficit of $15,000. Write to be added to a list of those wishing more information once the published version is ready.
* Number of People Group posters featured in Rupp Arena seating behind the stage area: 1739
* Height of People Group posters when stacked at the loading dock: 7 feet (over 2 meters)
* Number of Volunteers who worked at Envision ’96: 800+
* Number of balloons dropped from the ceiling of Rupp Arena at the conclusion of the Torch Run (during the opening ceremonies) and the number of and light sticks waved in the dark during “Just Take Your Candle” at the close of the session: over 4000 of each
* Miles covered in the pre-convention Torch Run: 34 miles covered by some 20 runners
* Number of handheld radios used to link various volunteer subcommittee chairpersons: 11
* Number of students attending from top three Bible colleges: Over 250 from Kentucky Chr. College, 180 from Lincoln Chr. College, and scads more from other colleges and campus ministries

But these statistics can’t tell the story of the personal human side of things. A campus ministry student from the University of Kentucky said, “It served as a wonderful blessing to me and strengthened my confidence in knowing God’s purposes for my life. Praise to Jesus alone!” A missionary who flew in from Colorado commented, “I have never been at a missions conference that emphasized reaching the least reached peoples of the world as much as Envision. I thought that the speakers were excellent and that their topics were very appropriate to open eyes and motivate each individual to think about adopting an unreached people, and to work to finish the task Christ has given us. The music was also excellent. It was obvious that an enormous amount of work went into planning and implementing this conference. There was a lot of creative thinking and attention to detail…” A missionary from Iowa (who has, himself, served as president of a previous National Missionary Convention years ago) shared, “It was utterly marvelous. It was a glory to God. It was an inspiration. It was an encouragement to all, I am sure. Its ramifications will surely continue throughout eternity.”

Are we satisfied with these results!!! In a word, Yessssssssssssssssss! We’re thrilled. Is God finished? Nope. He’s spawning a wave of interest in missions, revitalization and prayer around the globe! What “next step” are we encouraging Envision ’96 attendees and others to take? We want to invite local church leaders from near and far to choose a weekend to attend a Pit-Stop during the coming months. These conferences are designed especially for the local church which wants to pioneer (in partnership with a missionary or Nations agency) a new multiplying church movement among frontier peoples — a least reached people group or city. Upcoming dates and locations include the calling:

* Pit-Stop-Indy – Jan. 24-25 – at Chapel Rock Chr. Ch., Indianapolis, IN
* Pit-Stop-Dayton (Ohio) – Feb. 28-Mar. 1, in conjunction with the regional ACMC conference, Dayton, OH
* Pit-Stop-Denver — Apr. 25-26 – at Littleton Chr. Ch., Denver, CO Envision ’97 – Oct. 9-11, Tulsa, OK

For more information about any of the above events, call the Envision ’97 office at 800-072-1137 or write to Walter Birney at Box 11, Copeland, KS 67837, Fax: 316-668-5220, E-Mail:


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