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As of August 11, there were ….
  • 72 participants in Brigada-peoples,
  • 185 reading brigada-pubs-globalprayerdigest,
  • 110 reading brigada-pubs-missionfrontiers,
  • a whopping 157 in brigada-peoples-kazakh (gets the “Most Improved” award!),
  • 142 reading the HBO in brigada-orgs-teamex
  • 730 participants at the top level of Brigada!!!!



Bonnie, of Greenbrier Chr. Fellowship church, clued us in this week on a new prayer calendar for kids that her church is making available. “The format is similar to the adult calendar [for Praying Through the Window II], with some notable exceptions,” Bonnie noted. “The kids will be praying for one city per day instead of three or four. The type is larger, includes a pronunciation guide for the city right next to the name, and includes one prayer request for each city. We’ve included more pictures, including some of kids, which were all done by Mary Filidis who created the art for the adult calendar. The introductory section includes a very brief description of the non-Christian religions included on the calendar and references to other helpful materials, most of which you included in your VBS info — video by the Parishes, Light the Window video, etc.” To get Greenbrier’s kids’ calendar for the 100 Gateway Cities, contact the church sec’y, Rebecca , at Greenbrier Christian Fellowship, 1101 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320. Phone: (804) 547-7777; Fax: (804) 547-5096. Greenbrier is allowing the samples to be copied freely. And get this… copies — both the sample on lime green and the one on white suitable for photocopying — are provided by Greenbrier at no charge!!! Bravo Greenbrier! Thanks for setting the pace! (If you have questions that Bonnie might be able to answer, email her at but all actual orders should be placed with Rebecca.)


To get info. on the recent meeting in Atlanta of over two dozen urban ministry leaders, see the book they’ve published at their new web site, …

The book, Theology of the City: From Dream to Reality, is totally free. (Thanks to Steve Ujvarosy at Telchar Systems in Chicago for this tip. You can write Steve for more info. at or go see the book for yourself!)



Brigada-Peoples continues to grow, both in subscribers (now up to 72!) and in messaging (There were 3479 individual messages exchanged on the forum this week — an average of 7 per day, read by every subscriber). Not only is it growing in subscriber base, but also in purpose. Jonathan Marsden has agreed to pull together a starter database using PH technology that will add significant capabilities to the CrossConnect conferencing system. Users will be able to send a message such as “search people yemeni” or “search city montevideo” and thereby get email addresses and other pertinent information on those who have agreed to target or “adopt” the Yemeni and Montevideo. In addition, one will be able to specify whether he/she wants the adoption registry for that people or the prayer profile, or both. For the first time in history (at least as far as we know), you’ll have a one-stop source for adoption information and global outreach “pointers” for learning potential opportunities and networkers. To join the discussion in process, send an e-mail message to with this line as the body of the message:
subscribe brigada-peoples


Thanks to Justin Long, who voiced the opinion, “Remember, Doug, that although CIS is the largest worldwide (which works out well for missionary types) AOL is still the largest in the United States. And has a MUCH better WWW reader, too!” Truth is, we received several responses after the special Compuserve update, lifting the qualities of one service or another. I’m afraid I didn’t make our purpose clear. There are about 609 Compuserve users in all the 40 Brigada conferences combined. Our purpose was to let those users know that, within a matter of a few weeks, Brigada was going to be a whole lot better deal for them! It will, on Sept. 10, be free, just like it’s been to AOL users all along! (As long as you don’t dilly dally around on line, that is. Five hours is five hours!


Thanks to John Hanna who submitted the following “Global Glimpse” this week…. “All of NORTH Korea’s school children may soon be studying the Bible. Assist Ministries of Garden Grove, California, reports that a “Bible as Literature” program is being considered which would put New Testaments in Korean and English in the hands of every school-aged child. Dr. Dale Kietzman also acknowledged that Kim Il Sung was inquiring seriously about Christianity before his death.
(Source: Letter from Rick Wood, 8/4/95, US Center for World Missions.) . . .
John Hanna, Caleb Project, Littleton, CO


Thanks to the help of friends on Brigada, we found one! Loren Muehlius at GMI can send you a 8 1/2 X 11 in either color overhead, color paper, or b&w. Cost is $7 plus $2 shipping. He can also provide 20″x27″ poster size for $35 (hey — it’s full color!) or $45 laminated (plus $5 shipping). Color-coding shows world religions. Nice. Contact Loren Muehlius at 1-719-531-3595 or write him at or fax him at 1-719-548-7459 or mail him at GMI, 7899 Lexington Dr., Suite 200-A, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, USA.


If you’ve been wondering who adopted who… (or is that who adopted whom or whom adopted whom??? I missed that grammar lesson! ), you’re in luck. Soon, Brigada -Peoples will provide, in conjunction with a host of other organizations, agencies and churches, a worldwide web search engine to look up which group remains untargeted — and we assume, therefore, high priority. You’ll also be able to look up contact information for people groups that have already been adopted, making it possible for churches and agencies to broaden and enlarge their project network and share resources and tools. We’re finally going to be in this thing together! Look for instructions and addresses in the very near future. (The page is already being tested on the www!) For those with email-only access (many in the majority world), Jonathan’s cooking up a parallel approach using email commands. You know what those are, don’t you. (Send email to with only the words…. ) It’s a comin’!!! Once this project is launched, we’ll need an all out assault to try to get all the currently targeted people groups “registered”. Pretty soon, as the dust settles, we’ll know which groups we’ve overlooked in mobilization!


that Keith Butler has accepted leadership of the Adopt-a-People Clearinghouse! Congratulations Keith! (This was announced on Brigada-Peoples. To subscribe, … aaahhhh… you already know how.)


And they say people in Texas do things big! Have you heard about Missions Fest, Vancouver!???? It’s set for Jan. 26-28 , 1996 at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Center. Get this: 300000 people! !! (Okay… so I accidentally added one extra zero to get your attention. But only one!!! And that’s still a lot! This is probably the largest conference of its type in all North America!) Richard Dodding is coordinator (member of Brigada-peoples-kazakh). “The theme is “Who Is My Neighbour? Refugees & the Christian Response”, reported Richard. “Speakers include Tony Campolo, Carl Lawrence, Roland Syens, etc. There will be about 240 exhibits, 90 seminars, 6 plenary sessions, youth rallies of 2,000 youth and children’s programs.” To write Richard: Missions Fest, 7200 Cariboo Road, Burnaby, BC V3N 4A7 Canada. Tel. 604-524-9944, Fax. 604-524-4690. Email:


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