8) Get Orality Training and Practice in Minneapolis

“TELL: Minneapolis” is a 5-day orality training led by the experienced team of Scriptures in Use and TRAIN that will take you through the skills and practices of contextualized biblical storying. Over 100,000 Somalis live in the area, along with a number of other oral, Muslim people groups. By the conclusion, they will help you more confidently share the good news with your Muslim neighbor. You will have learned and put into practice those skills to effectively engage oral learners, bridge to Gospel stories and equip others to reproduce the process. Register at




or for more info contact them at

adminattraininternationaldotorg  (adminattraininternationaldotorg)  

(Please note that to register for this training, you will need to do so from a computer and not a phone or tablet device; otherwise you will not make it past the gateway page.)


7) Become a Better Storyteller in 5 Weeks

Learn with your team and imagine the impact of a better-communicated message – whether your story is oral, written, or filmed. Visit:




to find course details and register. Introduction to Story in Ministry, is offered by Mission Media U and runs September 18-October 16.

Qualifying students are eligible for a one third tuition discount in a Masters or PhD program at Biola University’s Cook School of Intercultural Studies.


11) Best Way to Improve Your Storytelling Skills is With a Mentor

Understand the importance – and urgency – of story for ministry effectiveness. Learn how to tell a great story to reach and teach people for Christ. Mission Media U is offering its five-week online mentored experience for you and your team. Visit:




to find course details, instructor and mentor bio, and comments from previous students. The course runs Sept.18-Oct.16.


1) Improve Your Storytelling and Improve Ministry Effectiveness?

Understand the importance – and urgency – of story for ministry effectiveness. Learn how story applies to reaching and teaching people for Christ. Mission Media U is offering its five-week online mentored experience for you and your team. Visit




to find course details, instructor and mentor bios, and comments from previous students. The course runs February 20-March 20.



2) Can You Teach Us About Community-Based Bible Translation? (CCBT)

We started hearing about CCBT a few years ago, but it bubbled up again this past week in a very big way.  A foundation made it clear that they would prefer working with onsite team members who were capable and experienced in CCBT. Can you help us find a few case studies — and just help us understand it better please? It seems like a game-changer, but it also seems to be somewhat debated by those who prefer a more traditional Bible translation approach.


For starters, we could browse to…




But it feels like there should be much, much more.


3) Tell Jesus’ Story As He Did: Through His Own Stories

People flocked to hear Jesus’ teaching because his stories connected to their hearts. If you want to follow his example, join the StoryRunners Orlando School of Storying (oSOS), March 13-16, 2016 or August 15-19, 2016. Learn how to develop and to use oral bible stories in any kind of ministry setting: for evangelism or discipleship, with individuals or groups, within your own people group or cross-culturally. Hear how to use oral bible storying in church planting among unreached people groups. Check out the oSOS at


For more information, email
OrlandoSOSatcrudotorg or call Melissa 405-306-5348 (USA).

2) Free Orality Books!

orality breakouts 2010_0Sure it’s more fun to learn chronological Bible storytelling in a one-week in-person course in Florida. But suppose you’re in a spot in which time or dollars prevent that for the moment. The next best thing might be to download free how-to books on orality via a great link you heard about right here at Brigada.org. To get your free downloads (without having to sign up for anything or be spammed at all!), point your browser to…


The key book there, Making Disciples of Oral Learners, by Avery Willis, will definitely get you started. Thanks to the IMB, Avery Willis, and the International Orality Network (which he helped lead for so much of the latter years of his great life)!

8) Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation (EMDC)

EMDC is a multi-agency consultation that meets alternately in Asia and Europe. Minority language workers in the Eurasia region meet with media specialists (Radio, TV, Internet, Mobile, Social Media), IT Technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, digital publishers and specialists in Orality and Ethno-Arts. EMDC 2015 will be in Europe in springtime, 2015 and expects around 350 people (100+ organizations). It will have over 40 workshops. Prior to EMDC there are 4 optional days of training in 16 Tracks: Video 1, Video 2, Audio 1, Audio 2, Website development, Orality/Storytelling, Ethnoarts, Mobile Production, Mobile Apps, Game development, Culturally Intelligent Media, Media-based Discovery Groups, Becoming an On-Line Trainer, Animation, Research for Effective Media Communication, Archiving and Digital Publishing. Contact: infoatemdcondotorg for access to the password-protected website.

2) Tell Jesus’ Story To The World’s Unreached Peoples

storyingMost of the world’s unreached people groups (UPGs) are oral learners, people who prefer to learn and to communicate through hearing and telling stories. Join the StoryRunners School of Storying, an interactive workshop September 28 – October 3, 2014 in Orlando, FL (USA), to learn how to use oral bible stories to be more effective in outreach across the world or across the street. Hear how you can help to start church planting movements among UPGs.

Get more information and submit an application at


or call Melissa 405-306-5348 (USA)

7) Oral Bible Storying: Tell Jesus’ Story the Way He Did

Jesus knew the power of a story to communicate a message. Learn how to communicate HIS story using orally told bible stories in any kind of ministry setting: for evangelism, church planting, & discipleship; with individuals or groups; with unreached people groups or right at home. Join the StoryRunners School of Storying, March 23-28, 2014. Check out


or call Melissa +1-405-306-5348 (USA).

8) Learn New Ways to Tell the Story

Learn the importance of using story to reach oral cultures with the Good News. Get practical help and ministry ideas. Meet others who share your interests. Either way be sure to register by June 1st for a $25 discount. If you succeed in bringing a friend, they’ll give you an additional $25 discount. The dates are September 16-19 (Monday 5pm to
Thursday 8am) at the DoubleTree Conference Center, Chesterfield, MO (that’s really close to St. Louis). Learn more at…


11) MAF-LT Presents Oral Strategies Workshop

Over two-thirds of the world cannot, or will not, learn from reading. But stories open the road to their hearts. MAF-Learning Technologies offers Oral Strategies Workshops in many places around the world. However, each year they offer one in the US. This year it will take place in Boise, Idaho, June 4-8 2013. Students will learn to teach the same way Jesus taught. They will be able to tell fun, accurate Bible stories, lead interactive Bible studies, and equip short-term mission teams. The methods taught work particularly well with people groups who are preferred oral communicators, but even the highly literate find new insights. For more information or to register go to:


5) UDisciple iPhone app

Tim, a colleague here at Team Expansion, showed me this past week the little iPhone app that T4T has put together called uDisciple. (It’s at least available for IOS; check your own phone operating system to see if it’s available in your own smartphone’s OS.) It’s pretty cool. About two-thirds of it is dedicated to orality, providing a couple of major sample story sets that one could memorize and retell. But there’s also a section designed for Training 4 Trainers implementers. It essentially provides quick notes to remind trainers about lesson plans for 11 major sessions on everything from baptism to the Great Commission. I love it… and hope we see more of this sort of thing in the future. Learn more about all the other resources offered by T4T here…


(Thanks Tim!)

13) Oral Dramas to teach HIV prevention

Grandma’s Village oral dramas are now available through Kerus Global Education. The 32 dramas on CD are designed for radio use or group listening. Used in community centers, schools, orphan care centers and churches, listeners enjoy the serial dramas. Designed for Africans, these programs were produced by TransWorld Radio and Kerus Global Education in both African English and Swahili. The serial story has biblical, spiritual and physical applications including HIV/AIDS prevention. Visit the website to learn more and order


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