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2019/07/07 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Online Evangelism and Church-Planting Training
2) Finally Found “Mobile Passport”: Can Beat “Global Entry”
3) Missionary Training with Professionals Global
4) 20 Days of Renewal with Christ (New Book) will Challenge and Inspire
5) GPA Language Acquisition Training in Minneapolis
6) Immerse: Team Expansion’s New Business as Mission Internship
7) Online Training for TESOL Ministry
8) What Do you Get When You Assume Every Web Page is Bad: Barracuda
9) Understanding the Strength of “Family” in Islam
10) DMM Book “There’s A Sheep in my Bathtub” now in Spanish!
11) Remember When Righteous Rides Used to Have 1 Location? (Now 12)
12) Budget-Friendly Retreat Locations?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: What the BBC Found about Arabs Might Surprise You
15) Closing Stuff



1) Online Evangelism and Church-Planting Training

Harvestime International Institute is web-based TEE training that is very easy for churches to implement in-house. Subjects only cost $7 each, the content is free, students only pay to do the online exams. HII is a 21 subject, two-year course resulting in an Associate Degree in Biblical Ministries. It’s designed for churches and individuals in the Majority World and has an emphasis on practical evangelism and church-planting. In addition to all that, it’s even mobile-friendly. Learn more at…




or email

johnedatcybermissionsdotorg  (johnedatcybermissionsdotorg)  


2) Finally Found "Mobile Passport": Can Beat "Global Entry"

On a recent trip back from out of the country, I happened upon a Customs and Border Protection officer in a bad mood. She wanted to see an I.D. card for Global Entry. She was bound and determined not to allow me in the rapid queue unless I could produce an I.D. (not my passport) or the “Mobile Passport app.” It was the first time I had ever encountered such a thing. But try as I might, upon my return, I couldn’t locate any kind of partner app with my Global Entry status. Then, yesterday, I happened to see a note about a Mobile Passport app in an email from Justin Long (Thanks Justin!). Justin cited this guy’s article…




and I realized — this could be the app for which they were asking. We’ll never know for sure. Either way, for $15 per year, you can store your info in the app and be ready yourself to find out next time you enter the USA. It appears to be both cheaper and easier than Global Entry. The question is — will it work. Do you have experience with the Mobile Passport app? If so, would you please jot a note in a comment following the web version of this item?


3) Missionary Training with Professionals Global

Professionals Global is an agile training organization that comes alongside other missions agencies for one-week training courses. Those courses are offered in Tentmaking, GPA Language Acquisition, and DMM. Professionals Global is led by David & Cheryl Cross who bring over 15 years of missions experience from service with Pioneers in the Arabian Gulf. You can find out more information about training opportunities at




4) 20 Days of Renewal with Christ (New Book) will Challenge and Inspire

Author Carla Ross has teamed up with Editors Carl Taylor and Tina McCormick to produce a new book designed to help you encounter afresh a love and appreciation for the help and friendship Christ can provide via scripture. Completely Bible-based, this brand new release would especially make a great study for a ladies group or adult Bible fellowship. There’s plenty of space for notes and responses. The end result will almost certainly help you through tough challenges or dry spiritual deserts. Each chapter walks you through solutions to struggles such as burn-out, anxiety, depression, spiritual warfare and bondage. Carla’s strong nursing/medical background includes coordinating an Intensive Care Unit at an award-winning hospital. Learn more and order at…



5) GPA Language Acquisition Training in Minneapolis

Professionals Global is partnering with Arrive Ministries to offer language acquisition training August 19-22 using the Growing Participator Approach. GPA is a very communicative approach to language learning that models first language acquisition that children use to successfully learn language. The approach uses cutting edge strategies to make language acquisition fun and exciting. To find out more and to register, visit:




6) Immerse: Team Expansion’s New Business as Mission Internship

Team Expansion, a non-denominational missionary sending agency with its USA sending base located in Louisville, KY, has launched an informal BAM internship called Immerse.




The idea is to take prospective global workers who seek to be intentional about the Kingdom and place them in custom internships with marketplace ministry field people. It’s not for everyone — but those who value meshing business as mission (BAM) with disciple-making movement (DMM) strategies will love it. And those who want to invest in the next generation will look forward to empowering its fruit. The timing and duration are customized based on the participant and multiple unique field hosts. If you’re interested, please pray — then fill out a profile at…




7) Online Training for TESOL Ministry

Overseas and stateside we encounter people from many cultures who hunger to learn English. Doors are wide open for Christians to help satisfy this desire and share the love of Christ by teaching the language. However, effective ministry requires excellent training. EFCA ReachGlobal’s “Building Bridges with English” is a professionally facilitated, online course developed for this purpose. The next course will be offered July 29th – Sept. 1st at Grow2Serve. For more information, write:

ESLatefcadotorg  (ESLatefcadotorg)   or see:




8) What Do you Get When You Assume Every Web Page is Bad: Barracuda

Are we right when we assume that barracudas in the high seas are not super-friendly? Little did we know that the so-named web service (Barracuda) would be so uncooperative. Our organization relies on Barracuda to block emails from those with unwholesome motives. (If we become more detailed in describing their services, you probably won’t ever see this email.) Their approach to screening is becoming more and more obvious to us: “Block everything until we know it’s safe.” This means that virtually every new page on the web will likely be considered “unsafe” until Barracuda has given its blessing otherwise. For example, last week we promoted the website of a brand new book. Unfortunately, it was so new that the guys at Barracuda didn’t trust it. Therefore, tons of Brigada readers never saw last week’s edition at all. This approach (“guilty until proven innocent”) seems burned into their business model. So for the time being, if you want law-abiding citizens (who have signed on with Barracuda) to see your webpage, your best bet is to try to force an analysis of your new page the moment you open it. Otherwise, you’ll be considered a bad guy for the time being. Learn how to prompt Barracuda to look at your page (and receive a clean bill of health) by visiting Barracuda’s sites like…




9) Understanding the Strength of "Family" in Islam

Some say the strength of family is a downer for those who want to follow Jesus as Lord. Why? Because members of one’s family can actually be the most severe in persecuting those who want to accept Christ. They reportedly persecute because they feel the renegade believer is going to bring shame on their family name. Still others advocate that if we were to be able to figure out how to reach whole families, the strength of their decision for Christ might help them be lock-solid in following Him. What’s your take. For background, pray through this video on family from Prayercast:




Please click comment to share your take. Thanks in advance for giving input.


12) Budget-Friendly Retreat Locations?

Ashley recently wrote, “Sometimes Google isn’t that helpful when trying to find a location overseas to hold a worker retreat. What budget-friendly and/or missionary-friendly locations do other Brigada readers use? Particularly in Europe, North Africa, and Southeast Asia? And how many people can they accommodate? Thanks for your help!” Let’s throw a couple of ideas out there for Ashley by clicking “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks!


13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $40 gift from a big booster of Harvestime International Institute. Learn more about their online curriculum for Evangelism and Church-Planting at harvestimeinstitute.org .



Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!


14) The Last Bit: What the BBC Found about Arabs Might Surprise You

At the end of last year through spring of 2019, the BBC interviewed more than 25,000 people in across 10 countries and the Palestinian territories. They asked some very interesting questions like, “Are you planning on leaving your homeland?” “What decisions would you entrust with a woman?” “Would you sanction an honor killing?” “Do you have a more positive view of Trump, Putin, or Erdogan?” Answers to these and other questions might surprise you. One of the most revealing and relevant set of questions dealt with the question, “Do you consider yourself religious or nonreligious?” Interestingly, in several countries, significantly more people considered themselves nonreligious today than in 2013. In Tunisia, for example, the number of nonreligious had tripled — in just 5 years. This is a remarkable change for a country that has historically been virtually a police state. What’s your take on these and other changes? For example, in the case of Tunisia, do you consider it a positive thing for acceptance of the Good News — or a negative thing — if triple the number of people say they’re non-religious? Check it out at…


Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any input you might give. (Thanks, Jeff, for your note about this survey!)


15) Closing Stuff

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