Month: November 2018

2018/11/25 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion Brigada online has more graphics and links at In this issue… 1) Missionary Member Care, An Introduction: Free Download 2) Want to Help...

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3) Ora Por El Mundo (Operation World) en espanol!!!

Can you believe it? Pueden creerlo? Basado en la 7a Edicion de Pray for the World por Jason Mandryk y Molly Wall (basado en el libro por Patrick Johnstone). Recibimos una copia para revisar y pareceria MUY buena para cualquiera...

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5) Help your Ministry Team Master MS Office

Our colleagues at Christian Ministry Academy have just added 200 informative coaching videos on Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Windows 10 — to their existing course on how to organize and work smarter with Office 365. This...

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7) Mobilize Yourself First (Free 3-minute Video)

This is a great little 3-minute video piece that helps you understand the importance of mobilizing yourself first: then based on community development principles, this video emphasizes the importance of doing first then...

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