Year: 2017

3) Joshua Project Revamps Progress Scale

After a decade or so with consistent Progress Levels, Joshua Project has tinkered with the model this past month. See the more granular definition explained at

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5) Documentary Video Series: SICK IN AFRICA

Tim had been a cross-cultural worker for over 15 years and realized midway through his last term that he still didn’t understand the basics of why his African friends did what they did and believed what they believed when...

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6) New Book on Diaspora Missions

Check out the latest from Urban Loft Publishers: “Mosaic: A Ministry Handbook for a Globalizing World” by Jared Looney and Seth Bouchelle. These guys share their insights and stories from years of ministry experience...

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9) Why the name, “Brigada?”

In 1942, Stalin, then leader of what used to be the USSR, banished some 200,000 Crimean Tatars from their home on the Black Sea. They were not permitted to return to their homeland, for the most part, until the early nineties,...

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10) Want to submit an item for Brigada?

It’s easy. Just use the form at… Submit an Item We usually publish on a first-in, first-out basis. (We’ll be honest: We’re so grateful for those who give to help pay the bills, we bump them up to the top...

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