Month: October 2016

4) Training African Missionary Techies

It is exciting to see so many countries now sending missionaries of their own. But many of the current missionary-sending countries are part of the Global Digital Divide, and are lacking the technology to properly support those...

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8) Want to Learn How to do Missionary/Member Care?

Join the Missionary Care Catalysts, Nov. 18-19, in Lexington, KY, at the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). Hear specialists such as Neal Pirolo and many others in panels, workshops and more. For questions, write Lori,...

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10) New Book on Autism

Here’s a new book on autism — “The Curious Incident of a Boy’s Transformation: Helping a child on the autistic spectrum by Debbie Lovell.” As you might know, autism is not a rare condition. At one...

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11) Last Edition of Brigada Lacked the “www”

Several links didn’t work correctly in the last edition of Brigada because, for some reason, we allowed several items to appear without the www. If you were one of the inconvenienced readers, please forgive — and...

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