Month: August 2014

14) The BackPage: The Magic Behind LifeChurch.TV

I recently attended a convention at which Craig Groeschel was speaking. He’s the founder of (see items 4 and 5 above). As mentioned above, they began in Oklahoma City with 40 people meeting in a two-car...

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15) Closing Stuff

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2014/08/17 — Brigada Today

Edited by Doug Lucas; Published by Tina McCormick, Team Expansion Brigada online has more graphics and links at In this issue… 1) What will China Do with the Rise of Religion? 2) Abundaculture Can Help...

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1) What will China Do with the Rise of Religion?

Have you ever wondered how much it annoys Communist leaders when Christianity grows right under their noses, despite their best efforts to control it? I have. CNN’s piece on the rise of religion in China was both...

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4) Your Favorite Bible Study Guide or Course?

One of our missionaries asked this past week for our best recommendation as to our best Bible study recommendations. Would you help us make a short list? Would you include, for example, Kelly Minter’s study on...

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7) Beautiful Photography, Heavy Burden

Jimmy Nelson captures tribe ethnography like no other. Use his photos to inspire prayer, or simply to learn photography. Either way, you’ll be left with awe and a sobering sense of appreciation for how diverse we are as...

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8) Another Brigada “Blank” for Certain Readers

Interestingly, the last Brigada was also rather ‘blank’ for several readers. Of course, if you ever receive an edition of Brigada that looks white as snow, you can always simply see it as a prompt to go to the online...

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11) EdenRidge Missionary Retreat Center

To make a reservation to stay at EdenRidge, just visit Their beautiful 1,200sf cabins feature full kitchens, washers and dryers, a screened-in porch, and comfortably sleep four. Two smaller cottages are...

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12) Learn to Be a Missionary-Journalist [New Book]

Great stories are happening everywhere in the mission field and around the world. Sometimes these stories hit their mark, but more often than not these stories of God at work often stay hidden, are told ineffectively, or miss...

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