Month: January 2013

14) The BackPage: Wholistic Church-Planting

Lately, I’ve been fearing that, in our reawakening to transformational development, we’ll place a lower priority on church-planting. My own personal feeling is that we should be like Jesus, who cared for physical...

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15) Closing Stuff

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Brigada Today — 2013-01-06

  0) [From the editor:] “I know, I know — We’re Late 1) Reentry Books for Children And Parents: Free Download 2) What are Cool Tools for Travelers? 3) The Right Bible 4) What do you use for your Journal,...

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2) What are Cool Tools for Travelers?

Over the years, certain Brigada “travel-related” items seemed to generate a lot of feedback. Sometimes, the feedback even bordered on excitement. So, over time, we have watched feedback on those items and collected...

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3) Cool Tools: The Right Bible

True “Cool Tools” are not all about dazzle and glitz. A true Cool Tool could be as simple as finding the best Bible for you, personally, to carry. And so, on that cue, we proceed to our first Cool Tool item. When I...

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5) Cool Tools: Best Camera for Travel

I was hauled into the back of a swat truck once in Uruguay because, unbeknownst to me, policemen were making a drug bust in the market I was photographing. I think they concluded I was working for some magazine or something...

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6) Cool Tools: Travel Vest

I admit: I was always just a tad embarrassed to wear a photographer’s vest, even though it was extremely handy, just because it made me look like a gadget freak. With the development of the new slender profile...

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7) Cool Tools: 8′ Brown Extension Cord

File the widened ‘polarization tip’ off the one prong of the plug so it’ll plug into the 220 V. British (round prong) tip adaptor. Use the brown extension cord not only to bring the electric closer to you (in...

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8) Cool Tools: Back up Your Work

Sooner or later, you’ll unintentionally overwrite your work, or worse yet, your equipment will fail or be stolen. Online back-up software now makes this nearly brainless. There are several providers. If you work in...

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9) Cool Tools: World Phones

Get a phone with a SIM card (GSM chip). [Note that “GSM” does not translate into GPS. We’re not talking about Global Positioning System here. GSM stands for “Global System for Mobile” Communications...

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10) Cool Tools: Secure In Your Email

If you’re using Gmail or the equivalent (seems like almost everyone has switched), you’re probably good to go. Many vendors (like Gmail) are fairly secure now, if you’re logging on to their server (and you...

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