Month: June 2012

1) Teach in Arabia —

The WellSpring Project is looking for eight missional and qualified elementary and early childhood teachers, primarily singles and teaching couples, to teach in the Arabian Gulf in an American school owned by a Palestinian...

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2) Experiencing Prayer Days and Short Retreats —

The October 2012 Experiencing Prayer Days and Short Retreats will be held at the White Oak Conference Center near Winnsboro, SC (close to Charlotte, NC). The Short Session will be October 3-8, and the Full Session will be...

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3) Insurance for Travelers’ Gear —

Good Neighbor Insurance now provides personal property coverage for cameras, laptops, iPads, iPhones, musical instruments, e.g. all kinds of personal property items.  An easy online enrollment process is available at  ...

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4) SEND U Training Resources —

Ministry, leadership and life training can be hard to come by on the mission field. So SEND U, the training department of SEND International, has many training resources available online. These resources are designed...

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5) Online Introduction to Missions Course -–

Kingdom Expansion 101 is a convenient and inexpensive six-week online course about world evangelization. This fresh and comprehensive class provides an overview of global outreach and how churches and individuals are involved in...

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6) Don’t Forget About Scoggins’ Phases —

I have to go dust them off every once and awhile. Because they’re such great stuff for certain personalities. Just browse to..   What you’re basically...

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7) 30 Days of Prayer for Muslim World —

Better act quickly if you’re hoping to plan and initiate a 30-days-of-prayer-for-the-Muslim-world initiative. Ramadan starts July 20… and so does this year’s 30-days of prayer campaign. See the international...

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9) Find Christian Videos at —

It’s easy to forget about these guys. They’re the ones without the blimp. But they organize a great batch of Christian videos. I wish they could get the attention of more users. Check ’em out at…  ...

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10) We’re Grateful! —

Thanks to Bruce for contributing his item to Brigada and sending $25 to Brigada! If you’d like to join Bruce and others in pledging or giving to Brigada, just click the “Donate” link at the top of the page at...

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11) The BackPage: Remembering Ishinomaki —

These past few days, our prayer journey team has been praying and volunteering for residents of Ishinomaki, a city in the NE region highly impacted by the tsunami on March 11, 2011. Several issues have occurred to me as...

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3) Free Bible Images Online —

Find them at…   These are totally free photographs and drawings to illustrate Bible stories, totally without restriction. They involve authentic-looking characters from the...

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4) English Course as Evangelistic Tool — is producing a high quality English Course in DVD for beginners, with others courses planned, for churches and missionaries to use for reaching others for Christ. The first ten lessons will be available on...

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