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1) GMI and the World Mourn the Death of Mike O’Rear —

On January 14, GMI president and CEO Michael G. O’Rear suffered a sudden heart attack. After several days in intensive care, surrounded by family and friends, Mike died of complications. He was 57. He had led GMI since 1991 and was a faithful contributor to Brigada, both in sending in news items and in sending financial help. In fact, he had just sent his most recent gift about 14 days before his death. Together with others, he co-wrote mislinks.org, helped publish “The World of Islam” and Operation China, developed the web and ebook form of Operation World for Patrick Johnstone and company (as well as the CD and DVD versions too), and much more. The global mission enterprise has lost a champion. But Heaven gained a great citizen — and one day we’ll see Mike again… and he’ll have maps drawn of the entire place… and he’ll distribute them on the latest medium when we arrive, whatever that medium is — he’ll be ready. For is wife, Laura, their four adult children, one grandson, and a daughter-in-law expecting triplets later this year, we offer our most heartfelt sympathy and prayers. For Heaven we celebrate.

2) Improve And Upgrade Your Ministry With Volunteers —

The High Impact Executive Course (E1) is an intensive 3-day training event for leaders who work with volunteers. Led by Al Newell and Associates, the same people who have trained the staff, leaders and volunteers of Voice of the Martyrs, Samaritans Purse (Operation Christmas Child), and Compassion International, to name a few, plus many others. It’s a Biblical model for working with volunteers, revealing the best practices for recruiting, selecting, training, leading and developing volunteers and volunteer leaders. Many who take this training and implement the principles have seen immediate and continued improvement and effectiveness in their volunteer ministries.

This training is among the best in the country. Normally it costs $795 per person to register, if you simply attend a normal random E1. But, on a first-come, first-served basis, a limited number of Brigada readers can attend for $575.00 per person. It’s being staged in Louisville, KY at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on the east side of the city (Exit 17, I-64). It’ll start on the evening of April 15th, 2012

and finishes on Wednesday April 18th around 5:00 p.m.

You have the evenings free. If you’re interested — Inform Eric by February 5th by emailing

ederryatteamexpansiondotorg or calling 502-813-2046 (tell him that you heard about it on Brigada). He will send you a link, and you will need to then Register On-line using that link. You’ll then pay Team Expansion, thereby becoming part of our “block” of tickets. We’ll pay High Impact with one check. If you don’t register by the deadline but want to attend later, no problem. Register directly at the $795.00 price up until the day of the event as long as there are open seats  (max capacity is approximately 50). In this case, just go to …




3) A Brand New Community Development Curriculum —

Nation-2-Nation Film Studios is excited to announce the launch of their newest Community Development Series: Effective Livestock Care (ELC). It’s designed to help people better their living conditions by training rural families and sustenance farmers on the basic care and treatment of livestock. In 13 bi-lingual sessions, Dr. Peter Quesenberry of Christian Veterinarian Mission covers essential topics out of his book “Where There is no Animal Doctor”. ELC uses in-studio lectures supplemented with abundant live, in-field examples, as well as numerous pictures and diagrams.  ELC is being translated into dozens of languages, but is initially available now in English/Spanish and English/blank space (for live translation into any language). It is temporarily being offered at an introductory price of $75.00 For more information, for viewing samples, and for ordering, follow this link:



4) What’s your Favorite Credit Card to Save Frequent Flyer Miles? —

My buddy, Tim, recently acquired the United Mileage Plus Visa Signature Card (they have three levels and this is the middle). The card allowed him to gain…


1st year free then $90 a year thereafter.

1 mile for every dollar spent.

Double miles on United Purchases.

40K free miles immediately.

Miles never expire and are unlimited.

Also, 2 free United Club passes per year.

When used to purchase the trip, allows one free bag to be checked.

Also allows priority boarding.

Card plus his status allows free upgrades to economy plus seats.


Have you been happy with a credit card like that? I have used an American Express Card since 1991 and by now, they have me in a Platinum version. It’s great because the points will transfer virtually anywhere. But I like Tim’s card because there will be virtually no yearly membership fee. So … what’s in *your* wallet????? (and why?) :-) Please click on “Comment” below — or, if you’re reading the email version of this post, please log onto the web using the link below and leave a note about your best pick. Thanks in advance!!!

5) The Next Mile: A Coach’s Guide —

Change lives before, during and after a short-term mission. The Next Mile: A Coach’s Guide is designed to encourage and equip pastors and lay leaders to follow-through with returning short-term missionaries in a meaningful way. The goal is to see short-termers experience lasting change by helping them determine God’s call on their lives and how they can become more like Christ.  Developed in partnership with Western Seminary’s Transformational Coach Training Program, this guide will equip you with enough information to become an informal coach for a returning short-termer. A short-termer is someone who has participated on a short-term mission team, served at a Christian camp or any type of short-term ministry assignment for as little as a few days to three years.  The basic objectives are 1) For you to know a basic definition of coaching and the unique role coaching plays in a person’s spiritual growth; 2) For you to understand the basic framework of a coaching conversation; 3) For this Coach Guide to serve as a resource in your coaching; 4) To provide the short-termer with intentional help and forward movement as they consider the impact of their trip on the rest of their lives.  The Next Mile is a collaborative effort of mission agencies and organizations joining together to address the “black hole” of short-term missions with resources for effective follow-through. It’s available as an E-Book at:




Find it via a hard copy at:




(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)

6) “Mobilizing Your Congregation to Engage World Mission” —

That’s the title of a special one-evening seminar being staged by the Emmanuel Institutes, Apr. 19th, 7-9pm. Utilizing the relatively new mission curriculum, Kairos (a heart-oriented partner to the highly- acclaimed course entitled Perspectives on the World Christian Movement), the seminar will explore the mission aspect of the Great Commission. Participants will discover what the Bible says about world mission, an overview of the history of missions, cross-cultural communications for mission work, and strategies to employ to finish the remaining task. For more information, email


The 3 presenters, Joshua, Dave, and Tim, are all Kairos-certified Facilitators, on staff full-time with Team Expansion. All have overseas missions experience.

7) Go to the Nations…as an English Teacher —

English teachers are in high demand worldwide and have many opportunities to impact the spiritual atmosphere of the communities they serve. Here’s an exciting and intensive four-week TESOL course that equips its graduates with effective English teaching techniques.  The course is conducted by Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. The dates for the next school are February 20 through March 16, 2012. Email questions to

ywampaatcomcastdotnet or find details, application forms, and alternate dates on their website at



8) Linguistics For Bible Translation Or Language Learning —

Are you interested in Bible translation or other missionary work? Your best tool in training will be to learn how to understand and learn the language. SIL at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, has the courses you need. June 2 – Aug 4 could be a wonderful summer for you alongside others with similar interests. Apply by May 1 to avoid a late fee, or by March 15 if you want to apply for financial aid. The summer package costs $2680-$3125. For more details:




9) The Next Mile E-Zine -–

Are you going on a mission trip or recently back from one? Sign up for Next Mile’s free twelve-part E-Zine. Designed especially for those recently returning from a short-term mission experience, The Next Mile E-Zine will help you process your short-term mission experience and keep the flame alive! You will learn how to share your story, process your experience and live life on mission.  This twelve part E-Zine provides nearly 50 resources covering these major areas of follow-through for short-termers:


1.    Welcome Home

2.    Sharing About Your Mission Trip

3.    Re-entry

4.    Growing Closer to God

5.    A Missional Worldview

6.    Navigating the Crossroads

7.    Stay the Course Locally

8.    Stay the Course Globally

9.    Staying the Course with Your Field and Missionaries

10.   Exploring Career Missions

11.   Mission Training and Resources

12.   Closing Thoughts


Sign up and encourage others team members to sign up here:  http://www.thenextmile.org/ezine-signup/

10) New book, “The Ups and Downs of Being a Missionary” —

Marjorie Collins and Eleanor Rowe have co-authored “The Ups and Downs of Being a Missionary,” a little 93-page book. It deals with things a novice to missions worries about and needs to know a bit about, from what it’s like to raise support, to giving to beggars. It’s not for veterans but for those just kind of thinking about missions (recruitment tool?), those thinking pretty seriously, and probably also those in process of first getting into missions. It may even be a help and an encouragement to a new missionary’s parents or family members. It does not teach details of missionary life, nor theology, nor profound mission strategy. With lots of examples, it teaches ATTITUDES, and allays irrational fears. It raises questions every new missionary needs to think about, and gets a newcomer to missions excited about what he’s considering getting involved in.


To order, send a $10 check payable to “Eleanor L. Rowe” to …


1089 Kumquat Ct.

Orange City, FL   32763


Questions? Write…


11) COSIM Conference to Be Held May 7-9 in Phoenix —

This year’s COSIM Conference will be built around the theme, “Cross-Cultural Partnership in the Context of Deep Change.” Key presenters include Jane O. of Development Associates Int’l, Scott A. of Disciple Nations Alliance, J. K. of International Turkey Network, and more, including members of the COSIM Resource Team. COSIM stands for Coalition On Support of Indigenous Ministries and is an association of churches and agencies cooperating together to advance the best practices of cross-cultural partnership. The meeting will be hosted by Mission Community Church in Gilbert (suburb of Phoenix). Additional information can be found at




Be sure to click on the video of Joel H. of Christian Reformed World Mission who will share at the conference how COSIM helped CRWM make a major shift toward cross-cultural partnership in strategy and practice. You may also write to


12) We Give Thanks… —

…For a $200 from our good friends at World Outreach Mission in Georgia. Bless their hearts. May God grant them much energy and strength as they proceed through 2012 in His work!

… For Nation-2-Nation, which just put together a brand new community development series (See Item #3 above.), for sending a gift of $25 to Brigada.

… For an anonymous donor from Little Rock, AR, for sending a much-appreciated gift of $40.

… For those who pray for unreached peoples and cities — and those reaching them.

13) The BackPage: Thoughts on Cruise Ships Run Aground —

By now we’ve probably all heard about the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship which recently struck rocks off Italy’s coast. The crash seems to have been caused by human error, with the blame having been the Captain himself. He evidently chose to hug the shoreline to greet a former captain (?), then, to add insult to injury, apparently mishandled the resulting crisis by ignoring the gravity of his actions, failing to take responsibility. At the end of it all, he reportedly tried to escape with his own life, even though his crew and his passengers were in grave peril. At least 16 died. More are missing.


The truth is, we’ve seen this kind of behavior before. For example, church leaders throughout the globe have largely ignored the plight of unreached people groups and cities, then systematically tried to explain away their behavior by citing other priorities. By doing so, they (we) have utterly failed thus far to complete the Great Commission, having left large blocks of humanity without adequate witness. If you don’t believe it, just browse…




Certainly, the captain of the Costa Concordia will have to face justice — and, unless there’s been some kind of misunderstanding, he’ll likely go to prison… maybe for a very long time. Pray with me that the global church can get the word out to the unreached before judgment day happens on a planetary scale. Otherwise, it won’t be just a ship’s captain trying to dream up excuses.


Want to make a difference? Visit




today, or call your favorite mission organization, assuming unreached peoples and cities are a priority in their outreach.

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