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1) How Does one Leverage Missional News items? —

Suppose an effective missional site is featured in a major print publication. Is there a way to relay or syndicate favorable press in the Christian world? …something like an “AP” newswire? For example, Pray4Tunisia has recently grown from a few dozen prayer partners to over 15,000 daily, engaged participants. They were recently featured in articles such as …








So … how could the service’s organizers leverage these favorable mentions among other Christian magazines, ministries, TV channels, etc.? Is there a Christian “AP”?

2) New iPhone App Filters Water (Kidding; but *almost* as good) —

When I first started traveling globally, we used those iodine tablets. Yuck. The good news was, we were no longer eating live bugs. The bad news was, the dead bugs tasted really bad. So then we moved on to those hard-to-pump water filters. Over the years, thanks to lots of hikers with apparently-wimpy arms, the pumps got easier. Finally, we progressed into the current age of in-bottle filters that we just… suck on. But this is 2012. Surely there’s a higher-tech solution? Some kind of iPhone app that filters water?


Almost, Enter the SteriPEN Sidewinder. See it at…




It’s a hand-powered, battery free Ultra-Violet (UV) water purifier. Simply attach the Sidewinder to the provided bottle, turn upside down and swirl the water a few times, and then crank the handle! There’s a red flashing LED light until you crank fast enough, and there’s a green light when you’re done, about 90 seconds later (for 32 ounces). It’s storable, it doesn’t break, and it connects to your iPhone! [ok, I confess: I’m joking about the last part. But everything else is true.] It weighs just 16 ounces and is only 9 inches long. And guess what, Mom: No batteries to buy or replace. And in case you were wondering, yes — the bottle is BPA-free. $79.95 — coming to a hiking store near you. Can you believe it?


Now — when will the iPhone version be released? Powered by long phone conversations???

3) Best iPhone Outliner —

What’s your best or favorite outline program no the iPhone so far? I’m loving Carbonfin Outline. In the first place, their iPhone app just works. Quick, elegant, yet plenty talented. It’s got most all the right stuff — endless indenting, numbering, attaching a note to each outline entry, and more. What’s more, hit a button and your iPhone outline is now synced to a free web-based outliner (free if you’ve purchased the iPhone app, that is) — that actually works! You can import and export to several formats, including the new and popular OPML — which will let you transfer the program into lots of other outline languages. We’re also *loving* the online Checkvist.com outliner which is all but free and lets you go a step farther by attaching tags, dates, goal-owners and more — but, alas, there’s no iPhone app, per se, although Checkvist’s outliners look great when viewed using a mobile device. It was *fantastic* for doing our annual goal-setting, especially because it’s real-time unlimited multi-user. And with two-way OPML importing and exporting, you can at least take the Checkvist outline with you using Carbonfin Outliner. Check them out as a duo. It won’t set you back much — and the payout is huge.

4) Hear Sessions from Passion 2012 —

Are you a fan of David Crowder Band? …Matt Redman? …Louie Giglio??? You’re in luck. Purchase Digital All Access for $25 before 1/08/12 at




and you will receive your unique Digital All Access Code through email on 1/10/12. Codes for purchases made on or after 1/10/12 will be received 1/12/12 — so you’ll have to wait 48 whole additional *hours*! :-) Either way, it’s cool. Hear everything you would have heard if you would have spent much more to travel to Passion 2012! (Thanks for the tip, Kathy!)

5) Great (iPhone) Connector-app for Evernote: FastEver —

We reviewed, earlier, Evernote. Sorry if we gushed, but it’s a great app. Now, if you can believe it, you can make it even better by using “FastEver,” an app also available in the appstore. FastEver is perfect for the times that you’re trying to make an Evernote entry on the fly. If you’re trying to save crucial seconds, making an Evernote entry in an instant, FastEver will take the information for you, then update Evernote later, when you have more time. So, to send an item to Evernote, now you really don’t even need connectivity at all.

6) Do you Care for Children of Missionaries? (MK’s) —

If so, you’ll love MK Safety Net (MKSN).




It was launched in 2005 to be “a resource to and advocate for current and former MKs and TCKs who have been hurt or damaged by their experiences within the missionary environment.” In addition, the organizers wanted it “to call Evangelical mission agencies and their supporting churches to establish justice and healing, especially in those cases where the church has wounded its own children.” The site includes a section with poems, essays, letters, and memoirs from various readers. (Thanks to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for this reminder. Read more about them at



7) What’s Your Favorite (iPhone) Free Music App —

If you have a connection to the internet, Pandora is awesome. And now, via the iPhone app, even if you *don’t* have Wi-Fi, you can still enjoy great music from Pandora, just using the iPhone app alone. It’s quite remarkable, actually. Who knew a cell phone band could carry so much fidelity!? So what’s *your* favorite music app and why?

8) Where do you Get Your International News? —

Would you take a moment to cite your favorite news source here in the comments please? Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell recently reminded us of the site,




It offers updates, analyses, multimedia materials, and a blog full of first-hand stories/opinions. (Thanks Kelly and Michèle.) You might like CNN’s International site, Reuters normal news site, Fox, BBC, NBC, ABC or some other “C.” Please give us your favorite by logging on to the web version of this item and clicking “Comments.” Thanks in advance!

9) Don’t forget the Nat’l Short-Term Missions Conf. in Tucson —

Make your short-term mission efforts more effective with practical insights, innovation, and inspiration gained at The National Short-Term Missions Conference (NSTMC) in sunny Tucson Jan. 26-28, 2012 at Casas Church. This gathering is sponsored by the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission organization. Featured speakers include Dr. Ron Blue and Glenn Schwartz among several others. Learn more about the conference at




and about the Standards of Excellence at



11) We Get support from… —

Kettering, Ohio! Thanks for the $25 gift! God bless you!!!

Rochester, MN! We appreciate you! (Thanks for the $100 gift!) Our Brigada friend from Rochester, wrote, “This is my small way of saying “thanks” for your diligence with Brigada.  I appreciate it very much. … My year-end gift is in honor of that handful of Christians in Kosovo who continue to share the gospel despite growing opposition.  So far, it’s not illegal to share Christ there. Thanks again for all you do.” We’re humbled and inspired. “Lord, please bless all the courageous witnesses in Kosova!”


Bothell, WA – Whooo-hoooo! God bless you Bothell! ($100) Our friend from Bothell gave in the name of “La Mision,” a medical/dental ministry in Guatemala. She included a note, saying, “I appreciate all the work you do, and the wonderful info received through Brigada.”


Encinitas, CA — Thank you Encinitas! May God bless you too! ($200)

And from Hattiesburg, MS — Thank you for your gift of $100!!!!

And from Mali — We appreciate the gift of $25 from “Man of Peace Development” in Mali! We’re thankful to God for you!



Wycliffe!!! — Thanks to the two workers in Wycliffe who sent $100, along with a note, ” Thanks for Brigada. Happy to have a small part in keeping it going.” Bless your Bible-translating hearts!


Plus, we also received $50 from a new partner in Tucker, GA and

$100 from Mission Network, Anacortes, WA. God bless you every one!!!

12) Nearing the End of our 2011 Giving Opportunity —

So with the giving above (that’s $675 all together), plus the $15,126.92 already in hand during 2011, our total for 2011 now stands at $15,801.92. This means we have only $1318.08 to go to reach our 2011 budget need. Whoa — that’s close. I’m on a 10-day trip right now. I’m looking forward to getting back to Louisville to see if any other checks have arrived.

13) The BackPage: How Do we Really Mobilize Nationals For Their Own? —

Seems like, by now, we’d have this down pat. But in a recent conversation with a good friend, his response came back like this: “I fear we are still mobilizing Americans to go to countries where colonialism and recent foreign policy has pretty much burned the bridges for Americans to serve there. People in the heart of the Muslim world are in their hearts resistant to Good News when delivered by Americans.  How do we better utilize the money from the West but send workers from cultures closer to those where the remaining UUPGs live?” No my response was, “It varies. In some parts of the Muslim world, we might be despised. But in other parts, they constantly say, “You are American? You are my friend. You might not be the friend of my government, but — hey — I’m not a friend to my government either!”


So what’s your take? Are you in the first camp? (the “bridges are burned,”) or the second (“You’re American? You’re my friend.”). Which do you believe most accurately portrays the people where you live? To respond, just click in the “Comment” box below. And thanks, in advance, for sharing your opinion.



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