Month: May 2011

1) New Operation WorldView DVD Series —

What is the story above all stories? What does it mean, “The Kingdom strikes back?” What is the Romance of the universe? What is your destiny in God’s story? The newly-revised Operation WorldView DVD Series...

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3) Bible Storying Training —

Experience 5 days of Bible storying in beautiful Orlando, Florida with Campus Crusade for Christ and then you’ll be able to train others. This trainers training October 10 – 14, 2011 is for individuals, churches, and...

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6) “The Unreached: Did You Know?” Video —

Challenge your Chinese-speaking brothers and sisters with the task remaining. “The Unreached: Did You Know?” video is now up on YouTube in simplified Chinese and traditional Mandarin. See the Simplified Chinese...

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7) Humanitarian Worker Wellness Inventory —

This checklist provides you with the means to gage your spiritual, social, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual and other wellness areas of your life. This is a really-cool resource that can help people be happier,...

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8) International School of Missions: Japan —

People from all nations can attend a 7-week International School of Missions which will be taught in English (with Japanese interpretation) in Japan, July 11 to Aug. 26. Guest Speakers from many nations will teach people of all...

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10) Free Image Viewing Software —

fTired of the dated image-viewing software you’ve been using? Try Fast Stone image viewer. It will even accommodate the highly-respected RAW format, used widely by ‘pro’ photographers and high-end prosumer...

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