Month: April 2011

1) A New Community Development DVD Curriculum —

Here’s a new Community Development DVD study solution, available in multiple languages.  This is a revolutionary new curriculum designed to help lift communities out of poverty. Imagine taking the cumulative knowledge of...

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3) What if your Computer Left a Fingerprint? —

Well, according to   Maybe it does. Check out the Panopticlick web page above; seems almost inevitable that someone, somewhere, will be tracking your identity via your computer. Better...

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7) Site Invites you to Link with Others —

Connect with God’s people to reach the world for Jesus. Register with the International Jesus Team. It’s not an organization you join, but a place where you find people and build relationships.  ...

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8) Apostolos: A Conference for Pre-candidates —

Apostolos is a conference for apostolic young adults to come together and learn from those who have gone before. They’ll hear from several career missionaries about their journey, the wisdom they have gained, and their...

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10) We Give Thanks —

Thanks to an anonymous family for giving $360 last week to Brigada. Amazing. And another reader who gave $10. God be praised. Win Ministries gave $25, which we greatly appreciated. See their item above in slot #1. Thanks,...

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