Month: February 1997

19970223 Brigada Today

Now with 4962 participants – Incredible!!!! What are you all doing out there!!! Can we hit 5000 by March 21st (our 2-year-old birthday)???? Duh!!! You all grew by 110 in one week!News and Notes about Brigada, Your Gateway...

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19970216 Brigada Today

Now with 4851 Participants – with the last week having represented the biggest surge in participant-growth in our history!!! What are you doing out there to spread the word??? … giving away free laptops or...

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19970209 Brigada Today

Now with 4729 Participants – double the normal weekly growth rate from last week! Thanks to those who passed the word about Brigada! Please keep it up! Just 5 weeks left ’til we turn “2” [years old]! Can...

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19970202 Brigada Today

Now with 4636 Participants – and over 20,000 hits monthly on the web!News and Notes about Brigada, Your Gateway to Missions Networking![Pass this issue to a friend! To subscribe, see instructions at end.]Visit Brigada on...

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