5) Mountain Feet Weekend discernment retreat

Mountain Feet Weekend helps you hear and respond to God’s invitation on your life so you may humbly and confidently join God’s kingdom purpose in a way which honors who you’re created to be. The next weekend is April 5–7 on in OKC. The price includes lodging, meals, materials, and the opportunity to get to know others like you who dare to live a life of eternal consequence. Register by March 31 at..

2) Learn What Recruits are Searching For on your Website? —

searching to serveGlobal Mapping has recently produced a book entitled, “Searching to Serve: Recruiting Kingdom Workers Online.” The book offers real-world intelligence about how agency websites are perceived and what potential missionaries are looking for when they visit. Order it print-on-demand or in Kindle format at…

6) Got Ideas And Best Practices About Recruiting Missionaries?

Anglican Frontier Missions is in the process of collecting resources for how to recruit laborers for unengaged and unreached people groups. If you have any materials, websites, resources, etc you could share, please email to infoatafm-usdotorg. We will post our findings to Brigada. Thanks so much. Julian

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