1) Join the Global Movement of Praying for Muslims During Ramadan

I can only think of one reason why you wouldn’t want to take part in this special prayer emphasis: Wait. I can’t think of ANY.


Take a look…


Please consider signing up to pray. Because … check this out. This is the caliber of daily videos you’ll see during Ramadan this year. All brand new. All powerful. And all prompting you to pray like never before — to love Muslims … during Ramadan.

11) Please pause and Give Thanks for Progress among the Qashqa’i !

kashkaiA donor from this past week asked if we could pause and pray for progress among sharing the Good News with nomads of Iran and specifically the Qashqa’i. There have been amazing reports of God moving among them this year. But if you would, please also pray for continued growth and outreach — and while you’re at it, please give thanks for a donor who cares about an unreached people group enough to give to Brigada on their behalf. Talk about encouragement! May they be fully reached some day soon!

14) The BackPage: “Praying for Those Who Persecute.” What about ISIS?

praying pewDoes this challenge the edges of your faith?

But stop and think: What did Jesus tell us to do in Matthew 5:44? ” But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” The next verse tells us why: So that we can be “sons of our Father.”

I have to admit: This stretches me. There’s so much of me that wants to seek vengeance. And the truth is, if I had a chance to intervene so I could prevent a senseless beheading, I’m convinced I would. But this prayer site makes me think: Have we really prayed that God would change the hearts of these killers? If we haven’t, why not? Hats off to Mike and all those who are calling us back to such prayers. Thank you.

What’s your view? Is it tough for you to pray for love to reign in the hearts of ISIS killers? Just click “Comment” below to go to the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.

3) “Pray for the World:” the Book

pray for the worldThanks to our friends at Missions Catalyst for promoting the book, Pray for the World,” by Molly Wall. To prepare the book, Operation World Researchers asked Christian leaders in every land, “How should the body of Christ throughout the world be praying for your country?” The outcome is indeed exciting. See it (better yet, buy it) at Amazon…

3) Sleek New Prayer Tool



Prayer.Vision is an innovative new website designed to help workers easily raise and maintain prayer support for their region. The site allows workers to pin prayer requests and stories to a beautiful world map. You can post anonymously, or link your pins to your bio and support account. Take a minute to post your own prayer items, or see what stories others have pinned in your area:

2) Our Prayer is Syria’s Hope

syrian circleIn what is being called the biggest and most complex humanitarian emergency of our era, half of the Syrian population has had to flee their homes. The largest percent are women & children and the next in size if the elderly and disabled. The magnitude of the tragedy and the opportunity for a new Syrian future, demands a response from Christ’s Church. What would God do, that bombs and negotiations have not been able to do, if we highly concentrate and focus prayer for the 31 days of December? Be part of an increasing circle of prayer.

9) Why Pray for a Terrorist?

atfpFind the answer to that question and a whole lot more at this “Adopt a Terrorist” site, recommended to us by anonymous Brigada participant, “A.” (Thanks!)

Jesus did say, after all, to pray for those who persecute us. You can choose a terrorist for whom to pray, get updates on his activities, and more.

3) Wycliffe Associates Asks for Prayer for Digital Translations

A Wycliffe Associates wrote rep wrote this past week asking Brigada participants to pray for initiatives that will use digital technology to bring the Scriptures to those living in areas where restricted religious freedom limits access to the Bible. The initiative, called Operation Timothy, inspired by the Bible verse 1 Timothy 6:12, uses technology such as websites and mobile devices to deliver the Scriptures in a way that poses less risk for those who seek access to it. The use of mobile phones and the Internet draws less scrutiny and gives greater access than a printed Bible. There are more than 65 countries in the world where Christians are persecuted, according to Open Doors USA.

10) 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Once again this year, in preparation for Ramadan (which begins July 9th), WorldChristian News is distributing their well-known prayer guides, “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.” This emphasis began in 1993 and has continued annually ever since. Get copies of this year’s full-color, 50+ page 30-Days prayer booklet at…

There are steep discounts available for bulk orders. Pray.

13) Join me in Praying for Global Safety

Tonight, please join me in praying for safety for Christian workers all around the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a humanitarian aid worker in North Africa, a church-planter in Central Asia, or a first-aid worker in Boston, life is fragile. People these days feel vulnerable. It’s only through prayer that we would ever dare to attempt daily life for the purpose of spreading the Good News. So join me today, please, in praying for a) peace, b) reassurance, c) sensitivity, and yet d) boldness to share His message. Thanks.

1) Join a Real-time Planet-wide Gathering: The Global PrayerCast

DSCN1099-webresNow you can join a planet-wide get-together real-time. On April 17th, 8:30pm EDT (7:30pm CDT, 12:30am UCT on Apr. 18th), the Unleashed for the Unreached initiative (the same group that is staging the “Wall of Unreached Peoples” as a traveling exhibit around the country) is coordinating a “live” prayer event in conjunction with other world Christians, no matter where they live on the planet. (Will there be dozens?… or scores? or hundreds? Or will there be thousands?) Legacy Christian Church (Overland Park, KS, USA) has graciously agreed to stream the event “live” to the entire planet, with live footage from 58 simul-sync’d remote prayer sites throughout the world. One of the sites will be located on the border of Lebanon. A network of over 1000 Syrians will be participating ‘live,’ praying not only for Syria, but for each of the other sites and for unreached peoples worldwide. Also confirmed, a worker in the mountains of Morocco. Another in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. There are mega-churches and churches of 20 people, all sizes, all shapes, all cultures. To learn more, visit…

or find the page on Facebook at…

There’s now a one-minute promo video to show at your church or group.

You’re invited! Take part in this event so you’ll know how to replicate it for your agency, church, denomination, or movement. (We’re not concerned about others duplicating the event. We’re PRAYING they will!) If all goes well, the PrayerCast concept will open a global convention at the Kansas City Convention Center in November (the International Conference on Missions). This is like a proof of concept and a “dress rehearsal,” all at the same time. The technology is there. We just need to utilize it to make it happen. “Lord, please make us one so that the world may be won!”

1) Join us in Praying for …

Pray for...

Pray for…

*** A Brigada donor who requests our prayer for Children’s Ministries in Spain.
*** Another Brigada donor who requested prayer for a friends’ network in N India.


Thanks Bruce!
*** Another donor was thankful for the Evangelical Training Directory,


endorsed by the World Evangelical Alliance as a central database of evangelical training worldwide. All evangelical training providers can register free of charge. It aims to be the “one stop shop” for evangelical training. It has interfaces in 24 languages.
*** Another donor who asked that we “pray for God to send …dozens of new workers to catalyze movements among 24 unengaged Mekong Region UPGs in partnership with Mission to Unreached Peoples:


*** Another donor who wrote, “Thank you so much for The Brigada Today. What a blessing it is to read.  So much wonderful information.” God be praised!
*** Another Brigada donor who gave $100 in the name of Good News Productions International, Joplin, MO.
*** A final donor gave ___ in the name of technical training for ministries providing water as a platform for presenting the Gospel.

offers both well-drilling and hand pump repair classes.


(formerly Edge Outreach not far from our location here in Louisville) offers training on water purification technologies.  Both services offer classes on “community hygiene.”

All of these donors have helped Brigada regularly promote, inspire, and inform others about needs, trends, motivation and resources related to unreached peoples worldwide. We’re grateful!!!!!!!! .. and we celebrate their respective favorite causes.

This wraps up our 2012 budget year. (Gifts arriving in the future will now apply toward the $17,120 we’re seeking to meet 2013 budget needs. This amount has stood exactly the same, without inflation, for as long as anyone can remember. :-) ) Again, thank you for making Brigada possible!

7) Pray4Tunisia Helps Spin Off, “Pray for Indonesia”

Some time ago we included information about how a team focusing on Tunisia had set up a powerful web site with daily email prayer requests for those interested in praying for Tunisia (  Well over 100,000 people are now receiving prayer requests from this service and praying for Tunisia daily. The good folks at Pray4Tunisia were kind enough to share their “template.” Indpartners Agency, with counsel and guidance from “Pray4Tunisia,” set up “PrayingforIndonesia.” They wrote recently to say, “We want to thank Brigada for including this information in their regular bulletin. We also want to thank “Pray4Tunisia” for their generosity and guidance in helping us develop our site.” They now invite you to visit

To receive a daily prayer request, just sign up to pray in the box on the upper right hand corner of the home page.

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