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5) Missio Nexus Has a New Report on Mission CEOs: Is it Helpful?

In a word, indubitably. How many CEOs took part? 119. Would we have liked for that to have been 500? Sure. But did these 119 CEOs give some fantastic answers? Most definitely. Their top personal priorities, their top influencers (the page on “Most Recommended Books” alone is worth the price of admission), the “annual review,” work and life, energizers, exhausters, staff effectiveness, activity assessment, external forces at work, internal forces and much, much more – they all help us put the job in perspective. These sets of answers help us see the “systems” that can influence… that ARE influencing… the jobs we do as leaders of agencies. VanHuis and his team have done an incredibly valuable service for us. You can read the entire report online for free if you’re already a member of Missio Nexus. (If you’re not — gasp.) See it here:




9) Missions in a Modern Way

modern day logoModern Day is a missions sending agency that exists to make life as a missionary more streamlined, current and simple. The org has sought to develop a professional online application process, user friendly online giving software and a sleek website presence. Over 200 missionaries have partnered thus far. They offer detailed monthly giving reports, advanced social media exposure and a friendly staff. They are members of ECFA For more information email
marvinatmoderndaydotorg or visit


14) The BackPage: Elements of a Great Agency Web Site

This morning, a Volunteer with our agency sent me a URL for a missions website that she felt was exceptional. It got me to thinking: What makes a great agency website? What are some of the components that set a great website apart, for you? And likewise, what are the elements or components that turn you off? I’ll share some of my own thoughts; you agree, disagree, expand, ok?

What makes them great? The best summary I’ve found actually comes from (Small Business Marketing, Feb. 28, 2012). Find it here.


The article concludes that you need good visual design, great content, simple yet effective navigation, a clear call to action, credibility, and viewability from a mobile phone. (By the way, have you looked at your site on a mobile phone? :-) )

The website-killers were stated as stale content, too much content, no photos, looking illegitimate, and being bland.

Find the slide presentation for these items at…


On the screencast, there are lots of great examples and colorful case studies. It’s great.

So what’s your take? What makes a great site for you??? Please find the online version of this item, using the link below, and click “Comment” and speak up for your opinion. Thanks in advance.

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