8) Key Profiles of Decision-Makers in India

IndiaIf you are from India or working in India, don’t miss the latest research coming out of GMI. The researchers at GMI have partnered with Indian ministry leaders to research how ministry decisions are made in India. The research reveals three key profiles of decision makers in India along with nine factors prevalent in decision making. Visit

to download a free executive summary, purchase the full report or purchase the accompanying monograph designed to help Western leaders better partner with Indian leaders.

5) Journey through India

JTI is a two-week exposure trip that will aid those considering cross-cultural service in India as well as those seeking to better understand ministry in Hindu contexts. Contact

href="https://brigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/indiatripatrethinkingforumdotcom_.jpg">title="indiatripatrethinkingforumdotcom" src="https://brigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/indiatripatrethinkingforumdotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="253" height="20" />

to learn more about this semi-annual event.


Metro Delhi International School has an urgent need for a experienced teachers and other staff for the 2008-9 school year. Positions available are listed on the web site and applications are being accepted. The school currently serves 60 international children, Kindergarten to grade 11, with potential to grow. MDIS primarily serves International students working with organizations in the Delhi area, as well as business and diplomatic families. Basic salary and housing are provided. For more information, see

or contact info(at)

mdis(dot)net. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address onto one line.]

20070812 Brigada Today

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  1. DIALOGUE ABOUT THE TENSION DUTY TO MISSIONS VS DUTY TO FAMILY — Handpiece is a small, viral, ministry of short term dental mission trips where we train nationals in primary dental care. Mike, the dentist behind this ministry, has three grown children who are not dentists. Mike’s children have other gifts, talents, and training, that would be valuable in missions. Should Mike continue to do dental discipleship with other like-minded, like-trained dentists, or should he give thought to coordinating his efforts with the mission interests of his children? If you have heard of fruitful mission work that cross generational lines within the same family, I’d be very interested to hear about it. Sadly I have heard more stories of missionary parents “abandoning” their children for their mission. What is the balance here? To add your comment, click to:

    Just click on “Add Comment” to brainstorm with “Mike” in the item above.

  2. TRANSFORMATION COMMUNITY BY COMMUNITY — Are you interested in establishing a Community-Based Health Care Program which integrates the physical and the spiritual? LifeWind International’s (formerly Medical Ambassadors International) Training of Trainers I (TOT I) introduces people to Community Health Evangelism (CHE).The CHE strategy teaches concepts, gives vision and practical “How To’s” for implementing and managing CHE in your ministry. Check out upcoming training dates and additional information at

    or email Kristin(at)lifewind(dot)org

  3. A JOURNEY THROUGH SLUMS — This new booklet describes in 24 pages the inspiring life and work of a missionary leader in Chennai, India. Stephen Thankappa has served the people in slums successfully and fruitfully for 20 years. Edited by Dr Ms Masilamoni, and written and published by Mr Sam Arackal and Dr Daniel Sathiaraj. The cost (a donation) for 3 copies is just $10 (postage free). Sathiaraj can be reached at dsathiaraj(at)gmail(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] (Disclaimer: Dr. Sathiaraj offered in an unsolicited email to send a follow-up gift to Brigada, according to how many booklets were distributed.)

  4. CHURCH PLANTING MULTIPLICATION CONFERENCE IN JAPAN — The Church Planting Institute of Japan (CPI) will be sponsoring “CPI Onward the Japan 2007 National Conference to be held November 6-9 in Hakone near Tokyo. The theme of this bilingual (Eng & Jpn) national conference is “Fellow Workers for the Kingdom of God: Advancing church planting movements through Kingdom partnerships.” This conference is for pastors, church planters, evangelists, tentmakers working to establish church planting multiplication among the unreached people of Japan and among Japanese worldwide. Also at each conference there are several leaders from other countries wanting to learn about CPI and how it can work in their countries. The emphasis of each of these conferences is gospel renewal and church multiplication. The conference contains complete training on church planting with 16 modules taught by over 12 training teams in Japanese and in English. This is the largest interdenominational (over 120 agencies) church planting conference in Japan. Information and registration for this conference is at


    or email with your specific questions to JCPI2007(at)gmail(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  5. UNREACHED PEOPLE SPOTLIGHT: THE HERERO — While traveling through Hereroland recently, this anonymous Brigada participant remembered, “We met several people at a store in a small town called Okondjatu. After carrying on a light conversation, we began to share with them about the Lord and His plan for all of our lives. Several of the people left, but others stayed and listened. One woman seemed to be particularly interested in what we were saying. After talking with her for a while, she was asked if she would like to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She said she would like that very much but that she had been drinking that day and felt that she could not make such an important decision while drunk. We continued to talk with her and though she was heartbroken she felt she could not do such a big thing in her condition and we agreed. She wanted the group to come back the next day. How we wished we could have, but we had to leave. We talked to a local believer and asked her to follow up with the lady the next day. Please be in prayer for this lady in Okondjatu. Pray that the local believer followed up with her. Pray that the decision is still important to her in a sober condition. Pray for the Herero people, many of who have succumbed to the influence of alcohol. Pray for workers among these Forgotten People. To adopt the Herero people for prayer or for more information, e-mail forgottenpeoples(at)telkomsa(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  6. WOULD YOUR CHURCH GIVE A ONE-TIME GIFT TO BRIGADA — You’ll never know ’til you ask. Check out the “Donate” page to see how little we are shooting for during 2007… and how far we have to go. Just click “Donate“.

    You can pull the money from your PayPal account or from any major credit card. Or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

20070422 Brigada Today

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    In the “Comments” that follow, review your favorite missions book. Be sure to provide source information at the end (like the link to buy the book at Amazon or the ordering information from some other appropriate vendor). Thanks tons to Jay, the author of the new book, “Baghdad Believer.” He was so appreciative of the recent orders he rec’d after featuring the book in Brigada that he came up with this book review idea — and it’s a great one. Just review your favorite missions training or missions inspiration book… He’ll be the unbiased judge of which five reviews are the best. Those five reviewers will receive a free copy of Baghdad Believer. We’ll run the contest only until the May 18th edition of Brigada Today so be sure and watch in that issue for the five winning reviews. We’ll then ask those five to write us here at Brigada Today, passing along their mailing addresses. We’ll relay those to Jay — and you’ll receive your free copy in the mail shortly thereafter. So sharpen those pencils and get reviewing. Thanks for participating! (Authors, feel free to review your own books! :-) ) Learn more about Jay at:

  2. GLOBALLY FOCUSED PRAYER — Prayer changes things! It opens doors, frees captives, empowers the meek to stand firm, and enables the Word to find good soil. Would you consider adopting a region of the world and working it into your overall church and mission strategy for the rest of this year? If so, select a region and reply to prayer(at)teamexpansion(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] Then pray for. . . – breakthroughs for the sake of the Gospel – laborers for the harvest fields – resources and funding to send new missionaries – encouragement and effectiveness for harvest workers – perseverance for missionaries in the field – God’s favor – open doors in the unreached strongholds

  3. EXTREME MAKEOVER: MISSION WEB SITE EDITION — This summer, Global Mapping International plans to ask thousands of future missionaries to visit and review mission agency web sites. Their feedback will help agencies design more effective sites — but only if agencies register to participate by May 31. One agency that took part in a similar study in 2004 said it completely redesigned its site based on the feedback obtained. GMI creates a custom report for each agency, so there is a fee to register. Know an agency whose web site could use a makeover? Have them visit

    or contact Jim at jim(at)gmi(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. BLOG FOR PRAYER COORDINATORS AND MOBILIZERS — Network with prayer coordinators and mobilizers at

    Register as a user in order to post prayer concerns, share resources, and pray for billions around the world. Join others who believe that prayer is the crucial strategy in reaching the unreached with the Gospel.

  5. READ MISSION FRONTIERS ONLINE — (Did you know “Mission Frontiers” was one of the first periodicals ever distributed through the Brigada family.) Now, for all of you who just can wait, the latest issue of Mission Frontiers is now available at

    See articles like “A Cure for Handicapped Churches” and the editorial by Ralph Winter. You can also bulk order it for 80% off (just $4 apiece). At that price you might be able to afford to send copies of this book to your missions committee, friends and colleagues.

  6. SPEAK JAVASCRIPT? OP. WORLD HAS A JOB FOR YOU! — Do you speak JavaScript? If so, the folks at Operation World need you. Even if you simply *know* someone who is somewhat of a JavaScript guru who understands the Opera web browser sufficiently to fix the date-dependent JavaScript code in one of the Operation World files (“today.htm”)… The Operation World staff would love to post the fix on the OW web site. If so, please contact:

    ed_beach(at)sil(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] Then, if you don’t mind, just leave a comment after the entry on this question at Brigada Brigade. Find it by logging on at

    Just click “comments” after the item and say, “I got it.” :-)

  7. “GREAT COMMISSION KIDS” PUBLICATION — All issues of “GC Kids” are now downloadable at

    by clicking on “Resources.” GC Kids is a quarterly publication for children ages about 9 to 13. It aims to nurture a passion for missions and encourage children to be active in the Great Commission throughout their lives. “GC Kids” may also be used by children’s workers to educate children about missions. It is sent to subscribers by postal mail. To subscribe to “GC Kids,” email leahy(dot)ken(at)comcast(dot)net and put “subscribe GCK” in the subject line. The back page tells how to obtain inexpensive multiple copies.

  8. WHAT IS “THE MINISTRY DRIVEN CHURCH”? — Dr. Robert Hosken has written this book with the subtitle “a Biblical theology of ministry”, demonstrating from scriptural usage of over twenty Greek words all in the semantic field of “ministry” that the true purpose of the Church is ministry in the Biblical sense (not “men’s golf ministry” or “ladies’ quilting ministry”). After the first press run just about sold out, Dr. Hosken decided to make the book available FREE in electronic (*.pdf) format. You can read the book online or download it at

    and if you read and appreciate it, send him a thank-you note to agape-biblia(at)gmail(dot)com. [The format of the preceding email address(es) helps prevent spam for our contributors. To write them, please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  9. A PEOPLE MOVEMENT BEGINS AMONG THE YADAV IN NORTHERN INDIA — In the largely unreached north of India, one of the largest, most unreached (and very strategic) people groups is The Yadav. Numbering over 54 million, speaking more than 50 languages, and comprising nearly 1% of the earth’s population, they may well be a strategic key to bringing the Gospel to the heart of the most unreached part of the world. A few short years ago their name was not known by most of the missions world. But at this moment, the start of a people movement is beginning, and prayer is needed by churches around the world to help make it happen. To facilitate this needed prayer, THE YADAV 500 (a global initiative to recruit churches around the world to commit to pray for the Yadav) was begun. To join THE YADAV 500 or for more information go to

    or send an email to: Info(at)ReachTheYadav(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  10. SAY “SEEK ‘EM!” TO THIS DOG — One Brigada reader did this past week. She sent $100 to encourage us here. She’s a worker with OMF International. As a result, she’s caused us to forever be grateful, thankful, and prayerful for the folks at OMF! What’s more, she’s spurred us on to good works! It’s like saying “Seek ’em!” to a dog. Thanks!!! Want to give a gift to cover for some young missions recruit who can’t afford to give? Just click on “Sponsor/Donate” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

  11. THE BACKPAGE: ANOTHER LESSON FROM ’24’ — In season 2, “1am”, Jack Bauer barges into an immediate care clinic with an injured commando named Wallace. Wallace has information; Jack believes that he has to keep him alive to get it. He demands that they treat the commando, even though his injuries go way beyond the norm. The intake lady refuses. In fact, she explains that she’ll have to call the police. Pulling his gun, Jack responds, “Lady, I *am* the police.” Needless to say, she has a change of heart. :-)

    You can say whatever you want about Jack Bauer, but one has to respect his willingness to take responsibility. Taking responsibility is an attribute in short supply these days. Personally, I think we need more of it. In our own office of about 40 or 50 mobilizers, administrators and missionary care-givers, I’m often amazed at the initiative our staff members take. But part of it is due to the environment we’ve created here — where they know it’s safe to try new things. For sure, if someone’s going down a trail that, in my opinion, will take us slightly (or significantly) off course, I’ll step in and help with a correction. But often, I’ll also just let them move forward. Because sometimes, they’re doing a better job than I could have done under the same circumstances. I say quite often, “I like your way of doing that job better than my way of not doing it.” And besides… as people try new things and get better at them, after a while, they learn to do them in a special way. Throughout 2007, in particular, we’ve committed to being a “learning organization.” Supporting learners sometimes means supporting failure. But to me, supporting someone who has tried and failed is a lot better than inactivity. Because in the end, inactivity is only one step away from being frozen in one’s inner fears. And being frozen in one’s inner fears is only one step away from habitual apathy.

    So my advice is to create a climate in which your peers and team members feel ‘safe’ to innovate, knowing you’ll course-correct if need be, but also knowing you’ll support them if they try and fail. Because in the end, sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in the situation in which I find myself today — surrounded by a bunch of teammates that have learned to get it right. Because they had and *have* freedom to try.

    And next time you have to get medical care for an injured commando, just explain to the lady that you’re innovating. Maybe she’ll admit the guy after all. :-)

    [Want to comment on this “Backpage”? Just browse to:

    Click on “Comments” below the item and give your feedback or opinion.]

20070318 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. STRATEGIC PRAYER — Want to be more focused and strategic in your prayers for unreached and least reached people groups? Check out the following websites:

    (Thanks to Betty, Team Expansion’s Prayer Coordinator, for these tips!)

  2. SPECIAL BRIGADA REPORT: WHAT MAKES A MISSIONARY EFFECTIVE? — Remember Rebekah? She’s 22 years old. In preparation for her work in India, she asked for your top-ten list of tips, thoughts, ideas, and principles that would help her become super-effective on the mission field. Here’s the report she compiled. Thanks Bekah!

  3. HELP LINDA NAME HER COLLEGE — Linda is a missions prof at her college, which has a traditional name, ending in the words, “… Bible College.” She’s wishing for input, articles, and info regarding the upside and the downside of her college having the word “Bible” in its name. What is the advantage over having Christian rather than Bible? What is the advantage of not having either Christian or Bible? What is the advantage of having university over college? Would you be able to help her? If you could help her, write lcj(at)roanokebible(dot)edu

  4. NEED A NANNY? – – Free up more of your time for your ministry! has a number of applications from Christian women seeking to help with missionary children. The women can help with tutoring, child care, shopping, household chores, etc., and ask for no more than free room and board while they serve. The amount of time they can serve varies. If you have a need, contact BettySullins(at)Juno(dot)com See the web site for more information.

    (Thanks for the reminder, Rod!)

  5. PRINCIPAL AND STAFF NEEDED AT INT’L CHRISTIAN SCHOOL IN INDIA — Metro Delhi International School has an urgent need for an experienced Principal, who can lead the school, especially in the development of a High School program for students. Other staff positions are also available and applications are being accepted. The school currently serves 60 international children, Kindergarten to grade 10, with potential to double in size in the coming year or so. MDIS primarily serves International students working with organizations in the Delhi area, as well as business and diplomatic families. Salary and housing are provided. For more information, see

    or contact info(at)mdis(dot)net. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  6. NORWAY TRAINS TENTMAKERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD — Since TENT of Norway started running tentmaking courses in 2003, people have attended them from 8 countries and from as far away as Hong Kong. These intensive 4.5 day courses include a two-week curriculum in English, designed by former tentmakers. To keep course fees down, you will be housed in local homes. The people of Bergen are known for their hospitality and you will enjoy getting to know your host family. Check out the course outline and date at

    or email their office steinar(dot)opheim(at)tent(dot)no [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

    TENT will donate $5 to Brigada for each person who registers and indicates they heard about the course from Brigada.

  7. FOR MISSION IN THE ARAB WORLD — For those with an interest in mission in the Arab World, have a look at

    The website of this magazine is renewed, and contains very useful articles on Islam, Arab Churches and mission.

  8. MAKE YOUR OWN TRUECRYPT DISK/DRIVE — Our Feb. 24th item, “4) GET BY ‘ON THE CHEAP’ WITH TRUECRYPT,” shared some options for pay, but Jonathan shared some free options, “Make your own encrypted disk by downloading TrueCrypt to your hard disk or a USB drive for free.

    More portable (USB) free security application are available at

    As far as email PGP (and Hushmail) are free and simple.” (Thanks Jonathan!)

  9. FREE TRIAL, CHRISTIAN BOOK REVIEWS — The Christian Library Journal, now entering its 13th year of publication, welcomes inquirers to sign up for a 90-day free trial online subscription. CLJ includes reviews of library material (books, DVDs, etc.) written from a Christian point of view by librarians, teachers, and free-lance writers. Titles reviewed cover many different subject areas, fiction as well as nonfiction, and children’s and teens’ as well as adult material. Go online to sign up for your free trial.

    Sorry, since this is an online journal, there is no other way to access it.)

  10. THANKS TO THOSE UNDERGIRDING BRIGADA — We’re grateful to those who make our work possible here. This past week, we’re thankful for Dial- Abroad, who gave $111 as a way of saying thanks for recent referrals to their great long-distance service, along with help for telecommunicating travelers. Check them out at:

  11. THE BACKPAGE: “COOL TOOLS” (CONT’D) — We’ve been highlighting worthwhile “tools” for cross-cultural workers. Our list so far has included…

    #1: Beat jet lag (Sleep East, Party West, Gear up to sleep, Herd your kids) #2: Get your own mosquito tent (for malaria-infested areas) #3: Insist on AC adaptors that don’t require converters/transformers #4: Rent or buy a “worldphone”, satphone, and/or sat modem

    In addition to those, add these:

    #5: Pack by checklist, pack light — Make a checklist. Take it with you on trip so you can add things as you “miss” them. Prioritize them according to a scale where 1 is “imperative” and 5 is “luxury”. When you pack, try to always stay within one checked bag, one carry-on. Go light!

    #6: Use roller bags — This new generation of rolling carry-ons and rolling suitcases is the berries. What a back-saver. Find the lightest, most durable stuff you can find. I like the ThinkPad Vertical Roller Case (model #40Y7384) but that’s probably just because I’m a Thinkpad guy. Still, they’ve thought of everything on this briefcase: gel padding, vertical “upright” design, telescoping single handle, has a retractable document holder built into the top (perfect for tickets, passport, directions), removable water bottle holder, removable cell phone holder, ultra-nice ID tag holder, business card storage, fits in all overhead luggage bins (including the thin Canadair “jump jet” bins), … I mean… they even give you a retractable *blue* LED flashlight inside! Yes it’s $132. I know. Too much. But mine has lasted for 20 years I think. Ok… maybe not quite that long. :-) Keep the rolling suitcase to a manageable size (not one of those rolling *trunks*!) and you can easily glide them both behind you, one in each hand.

    #7: Bring a filtered water bottle — I’ve been carrying the Bota “Outback” for some time now…

    But pick your favorite. I like this one because it has the built-in lexan guard over the top, so you don’t have to suck on a dirty “straw”. Because you can “squeeze” water out, you can also use the Outback to filter a glass of water to drink the “real way.” It filters 99.9% of the Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts — without the iodine that’s not so good for you. It’s also easier to squeeze so you get a slightly faster flow rate than most bottles. Either way, bring along *something*. I’m here in Spain as I write this. Sure the water is clean in most of Spain. But today I’ve spent most of our day in a 700-year-old community. There’s no way I can be sure that all these pipes are new. Having the filter, I can pretty much be assured of pure water, any time I want it. Besides, it’s great to have a water bottle anyway, and if you’ve got to carry one, why not carry a filtered one! :-)

    More travel tips next time! Doug

20060917 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. FREE MISSION CHALLENGE VIDEO — PhotoMission offers a free 5-minute downloadable video ‘Every Knee Shall Bow’. With worldwide pictures, appropriate Bible verses and music, but no voice-over, it offers an ideal keynote introduction to the urgency of the mission mandate, which can be used in any mission-advocacy or church meeting. The video is available in a range of resolutions, and PhotoMission is happy for it to be redistributed on, for example, mission promotion CDs and DVDs.

    Those who would prefer a different musical background could run a different audio track but still give credit to the original producer for the video content. (Thanks, Tony, for the tip on this resource!)


    Several materials are now available in Chinese to help support Chinese Christian workers. They are free and on-line. Collectively, they are called “Running to Win — Resources for Chinese Workers.” The materials include 16 key articles, five case studies (with audio files), and two books (Thriving in Another Culture, and Through Desert Sands — an account of Chinese workers in Africa). Each article has a short introduction to orient the readers about its relevance to Chinese contexts. Audio files for all the chapters have been finished and will be uploaded soon. Currently all the materials, except the Chinese audios, are in both Chinese and English. (Thanks to the anonymous worker who labored long to develop these.)

  3. FREE DOWNLOADABLE MULTI-LINGUAL TRACTS — In 1954 a pastor preached a sermon entitled, “Steps Leading to Salvation” and distributed his notes. Little did he know that this would give birth to the _Step Up To Life_(tm) evangelistic booklet. Since that time the tract has been translated into 17 different languages and is used worldwide by many different denominations, organizations and everyday “Joe Christians.” More information, teaching materials, free downloads (several thematic English versions and multiple languages), and interactive versions are all available at

    Alternatively, e-mail sutlmail(at)aol(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. A CONFERENCE FOR THE PRAYING, MISSIONARY CHURCH — Please join us at the “Seek Him to Save Them” conference at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, October 26-28, 2006. Pastors John Piper, Jim Cymbala, and Daniel Henderson are the featured speakers. Through seeking the Lord in united prayer and leading your congregation into the harvest fields, your church can experience a renewed vision for Him and for taking His glory to the ends of the earth! This conference is being held in conjunction with Grace Church’s annual Missions Festival. For more information or to register, visit

    or send an e-mail to Lori Lane info(at)strategicrenewal(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  5. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY IN INDIA FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS — Here’s an opportunity to travel to Central and North India to capture stories of God’s work in India among the unreached. This two month trip will include visiting our various Bible Colleges, Mercy Homes, and field missionaries – getting professional job experience in various fields. If you are interested in experiencing native missions first hand while using your skills for the kingdom, please contact the Media Director: Stephen Ernst sernst(at)rimi(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or call +1-847-856-9321 or browse to

    to learn more about Reaching Indians Ministries Int’l.

  6. WATCH WHAT YOU DO WITH THOSE VIDEO CLIPS — This past week we heard from a brother who had just spent a week with local citizens in a sensitive country. They were training local believers for personal evangelism in hostile environments. Apparently, a That led to a decision that no team member, including the director, would any longer grant video taped interviews to anyone at all — even when you are one of the team partners as is my case. More than being disappointed in not getting video for a story that select others need to hear, I was really disturbed that some camera happy brother had carelessly put our team members here even more at risk than they already are. It would be even more disturbing if I were to discover that this individual were using those video clips for his own personal gain in support raising. You know the routine — personal publicity about how well connected one is with frontliners, etc. The Church in today’s world needs to care for the security of those who are out there doing the hard stuff, not parade them for all the world to know about. So please, watch what you do with those video clips. (Thanks to the anonymous brother who shared this testimony.)

  7. FOLLOW-THROUGH RESOURCE FOR SHORT-TERM TEAMS — “The Next Mile” is a collaborative effort of over 30 mission agencies and organizations who believe that a successful short-term mission experience is one that brings about a long-term commitment to God’s purpose in the lives of those participating. Their collective purpose: to address the “black hole” of short-term missions by providing resources for effective follow-through.

    Phase one of The Next Mile includes curriculum for short-term teams that places special emphasis on the follow-up for team members. For example, the Mile Post devotional contains 52 self-paced devotionals designed to encourage returning team members to stretch their experience into a life changing milestone. For more information, USA callers can contact The Next Mile toll free while others can call via Net2Phone at 800-533-5822. Visit on the web at

    or email info(at)thenextmile(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  8. COSIM FOCUSES ON PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIGENOUS MINISTRIES — The next annual COSIM conference is scheduled for June 11-13, 2007 at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton, IL. The theme is “Breaking Tradition to Accomplish Vision: From frustration to joy in cross-cultural partnerships.” The featured plenary speakers and facilitators are Sherwood Lingenfelter. Paul Gupta, and John Watters. This will be a highly interactive conference to facilitate practical training, creative dialog, case study analysis, and strategic thinking – to equip and encourage Christian leaders engaged in cross-cultural ministry partnerships. For more information, visit the COSIM web site:


    There are 4 different plans available, so you can scale your plan to your specific pattern of use. Costs per minute for United Kingdom range from 12 cents/min. down to *two* cents/min. Other countries are similar. You’ll call a local number then use a PIN — or a toll-free number (for a bit more) when you travel. You can designate your home phone as “pinless.” (Thanks David!)

  10. BONDING IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL — Thanks to those who gave feedback on bonding (as popularized by the Brewsters’ little blue book, “Bonding and the Missionary Task.” It’s plain to see that bonding is still alive and well, and that, though it can introduce hardship, it can also greatly bless. It also seemed that, confirming my hunch, it’s being applied in a very spotty way. There was a clear consensus, though, that it’s worth the effort — when implemented with reason.

  11. MINISTRY TRANSPORTATION SOLUTIONS — MATS Ministry has been providing for the transportation needs of Christian Ministries since 1977. They’ve provided cars, trucks, vans, buses, bicycles, motorcycles, for domestic, field, retired, furlough, personal use. Get new or used, most any brand, model, make, most any place! There sole objective is to save you money when your need is for ministry. Find them on the web at

    or email car(at)mats(dot)org or call toll free 888-776-7211 in the USA or 765-965-7777.

  12. SERVE IN BENIN — Short-term mission opportunities are available for those wishing to minister to the interior and unreached people of Benin Republic. Serve 3-6 months distributing evangelistic materials, tracts, reading glasses, Bibles and discussion with the villagers. There is no salary for the services but feeding, accommodation and materials for evangelism will be given. Those interested should email

    pcminternational(at)hotmail(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or browse to

    (Remember to check out each ministry for yourself before you seek to serve there.)

  13. ARE YOU A BRIGADA LURKER? — We welcome lurkers… those who participate in this ministry by reviewing Brigada Todays, then occasionally using a resource or two here and there, or even passing something on to a teammate or friend. After all, that’s why we go to all this trouble. But we also are very *grateful* for those who undergird this work with an occasional gift. Whether you’re a missions rep. in a local church or a missionary overseas or a college prof — either way, we’re glad you’re hear. If you would spur along our work, we’d be ever-so-grateful. The moment we make our 2006 budget, we’ll not mention money again for the remainder of the year. For more information, visit:

    and click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. In any case, thanks for considering Brigada in your estate giving, your monthly church missions fund, and/or your own personal giving for this calendar year.

  14. THE BACKPAGE: GRACE IS OUR TEACHER — Lately, I’ve been pondering the concept that grace is our *teacher*. It beckons us to walk a pure life because, when given freely, we then serve Him out of *gratitude* rather than because of rules. Galatians 3:24 says the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ . . . but once we come to understand the life of faith, then *grace* becomes our schoolmaster to teach us to be like Jesus himself. Discovering this little point is both freeing and sobering all at the same time. While we celebrate the fact that, in the end, we know we can count on Heaven for eternity (only through the blood of Christ), we are *broken* when we realize that we have abused the freedoms that God gave us, taking them much too far for our own good. So in the end, living life is like constantly walking in that trust… but at the same time, constantly being sorry for the times we’ve abused it. Romans 12:1-2 reads, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” No wonder Paul would break into praise in the middle of his writings. He was so touched by God’s love. Let’s face it — without that love, we’re toast. Thank God for Grace.

20060430 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. RETHINKING HINDU MINISTRY GATHERING IN ATLANTA — From June 16 – 18, 2006 the Rethinking Forum will sponsor its 4th annual conference on the Hindu-Christian interface from the perspective of the Rethinking Movement in Indian church history. The consultation will present various stimulating perspectives on service for Christ among Hindus. Although scholarly resource people will be present the focus will be on practical service. This Atlanta area gathering will commence at 1 pm on Friday and conclude at 5 pm on Sunday. For more information contact info(at)rethinkingforum(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  2. WHEN WILL WE UNDERSTAND GOOGLE? (“RANKINGS” UPDATED) — In our ongoing quest to understand how Google ranks mission pages, check it out again… Go to

    and type in (without quotation marks) “emerald hills”. It *looks* like our Emerald Hills Prayer, Retreat, and Learning Center has now climbed up to #6 in the rankings, out of some 4 million pages, supposedly. How does that happen? If you don’t mind, after you search, would you consider clicking on the Emerald Hills link in the search results and taking a look at the front page of the new campus where Brigada will be based? (Click on “FAQs” in the top-line menu to see an FAQ entry about Brigada being based there.) Could it be that Google somehow can track those click-throughs after all? Someone asked why we even care about rankings on Google. I guess it’s a minor thing really… Just that… if anyone wants to find Brigada’s future base (maybe by this Christmas), and if they’ve only heard of “Emerald Hills”, it’ll be *lots* easier to find if it pops up as #6 rather than as the one- thousandth page down the list. Thanks for whatever part your click- throughs have played in helping raise our profile??? I’ll never understand it. :-)

  3. A GOD OF COINCIDENCE?: THE NAMA/DAMARA PEOPLE — The place was central and southern Namibia in Africa. Three members of a survey team came upon a group of tough looking men in Karasburg. They were prisoners from the nearby jail. As they began to explain the gospel to the men, they were stopped by the guards who said it was time for the men to go back to their cells. The men were given tracts. The families who were visiting with the men asked the three to tell them the gospel. Sadly, several of them spoke a language which none of the three could speak. The Lord had provided the answer! A Christian man who was visiting a prisoner could speak that language as well as their language. They then presented the gospel. When asked if any of them would like to ask Jesus in their heart, all twelve raised their hands! Adopt the Nama/Damara people for prayer by visiting

    or write lynchdp(at)iafrica(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. FREE CHRISTIAN MUSIC CASSETTES? — Compu-Books (software developer and publisher of ‘Church Missions’ software) has a collection of 100+ Christian music cassette tapes they would like to donate to a missions based organization that could distribute these tapes to their missionaries.

    Many are Hosanna worship tapes, other worship music collections and contemporary Christian artists. Some of the tapes are brand new and unopened, all English, all Christian. If your organization could use these tapes, please contact

    Linda(at)compu-books(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  5. YEAR-LONG PRAYER & HARVEST INITIATIVE TO UNREACHED PEOPLES — The recent Ethne06 gathering in SE Asia of 350+ UPG-focused individuals, churches, and ministries launched an unprecedented year-long prayer and harvest initiative to begin immediately following the Global Day of Prayer, Pentecost Sunday, June 4. Beginning with Least-Reached of the South Pacific in June and moving east to west, Ethne links prayer with outreaches to the least-reached for the 90 days during and immediately following the month of prayer (see map at

    Ethne’s newest Volume 1 dvd with resources and video testimonies is NOW available and permission is given to duplicate and distribute.

  6. LOOKING FOR A MK/TCK RETREAT ON THE EAST COAST? -– Missionary Resources Connection is hosting a retreat for Missionary Kids (MK’s) and Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) this upcoming August 7-15, 2006. The retreat is geared towards those who are making the transition between high school and college, or those within the same stage of life. The cost for the retreat is $350/person and includes lodging & food at a beautiful retreat in Gaston, SC (located 30 minutes from downtown Columbia). Registration and deposit of $50 is due by June 1, 2006. For more information, visit MRC’s weblink:

    and click on “MK Re-entry” or call at (803)254-3313 or email

    info(at)mresourcesconnection(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  7. GENESIS – THE SEED-BED OF THE BIBLE? — Now the book of Genesis is available in easy English at:

    Download Genesis from the list of Bible books. In fact, you will find a wide selection of files to help you enjoy this exciting collection of biographies. Choose from Alun Owen’s translations in Level B EasyEnglish (2800 word vocabulary) with a commentary or Christine Muir’s version in Level A (1200 word vocabulary) with short, helpful notes on the text. There are also items at Level AEE (Accessible EasyEnglish) using very simple words in short sentences. These are excellent for anyone who finds standard English too difficult.

  8. AIMS LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE — Accelerating International Mission Strategies (AIMS) has introduced a new website at

    Learn about strategic, new epicenters focus and the latest news about how God is using the AIMS ministry around the world. Download free informational brochures, bulletin inserts to help your congregation pray for the unreached, and tips on planning your next missions conference, or shop for missions books, videos, and other resources in their online bookstore. Plus, find out how you can get involved through short-term missions trips, upcoming conferences, and even strategic prayer.

  9. INDIAN POWERVISION TV — Powervision TV is a multilingual Satellite TV Channel, launched from New Delhi, India to reach unreached people in India with the gospel. This TV Channel needs high quality, excellent Christian TV Program such as Sermon, Musical Show, Films, Dramas, Cartoons and Skit in English or Hindi. Powervision TV prefers any Program aiming to reach Kids and youngsters with the Gospel in attractive format. The mode of the Channel is DVCAM/DV Tapes (PAL). If you’ve got some programming, write kcjohnpowervision(at)yahoo(dot)com or log onto

  10. BOOK HIGHLIGHTING MINISTRY IN INDIA — Want to read an exciting true story of 31 years of Ministry in India caring for leprosy sufferers, widows, orphans and the disabled? It is an account of real persecution, including one martyrdom, prison experiences, economic standards lower than those of the people served but above all, real Victory for Christ. You may read all about it in “FAITH+ACTION=MIRACLE”, published by and available at the following website

  11. OPPORTUNITIES AT CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF GUATEMALA — CAG, which serves the missionary community of Guatemala, has the following positions available for 2006-7: Elementary Classroom Teacher, Girls PE (K-12), Guidance Counselor, Secondary English Teacher, Secondary Social Studies, Computer Instruction, Computer Systems Coordinator, and Development Director. CAG has an enrollment of over 200 students, and although staff members are responsible for raising their own financial support, a monthly stipend of $150 is provided. For more information, log on to their website at

    or email the school at cagrecruit(at)christacadguate(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with.]

  12. OPTIONS IN GHANA — American International School, Accra Ghana, is an exciting new NICS school. Check out or Applications are now being accepted for students grade pre-K-12. Also accepting applications for teachers. School year 2006-2007 has a limited enrollment for its “soft start” so don’t delay. Contact

    CharleneBerry(at)nics(dot)org or call +233-277-549905 for more information. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  13. WE GET MAIL — Thanks to those that have written in with encouragement about the “24” series in the “BackPage” editorials. One gentleman wrote, “I’ve been reading your newsletter for over 10 years I think. We were in China and needed something in regard to retired persons serving in the field and was given your site. We have been reading ever since…. Tonight I read your latest and the article on “24” really excited me, especially your use of the underlying urgency. … I am also pleased that the writers make a sharp distinction between right and wrong and how that impacts the events in the show. Good job, keep up the good work. God bless.” (Thanks brother!) Another friend wrote, “24 — Another good one! I love it. Just one suggestion. In keeping with the 24 motif it really should begin with “Previously on 24 …” :-) Keep up the good work and plugging the need for getting the message out to those who have never had a chance to hear!” Thanks Bob. We’ll take your advice! :-) Shawn wrote, “Wow, thanks for the 24 analogy. I had to quit watching it for a whole season — I was so caught up in the show I found myself praying for the characters! But now we are watching again, and I, too, am encouraged spiritually by the show. Mainly by Jack’s passion and courage and willingness to do whatever it takes to complete his mission, regardless of personal expense. I’m often convicted by my own passivity after an episode. Thanks!” Shew — praying for the characters… now *that’s* dedication. :-) Love it.

  14. THANKS TO OUR EMPOWERING PARTNERS — Tonight we’re grateful to Blessed Hope for sharing $10.70 from those who have talked on their phone service. Please, … if you need a long distance service anyway, consider using Blessed Hope at:

    Thanks, too, to Insurance Services of America, who sent $16.38 based on sales of insurance policies too! If you need coverage, short- or long- term, please consider using them by clicking to this link:

    You can get term life, medical, even trip cancellation insurance… They have it *all*.

    Thanks, too, for the anonymous friend who sent $25 this past week.

  15. THE BACKPAGE: “24” AND PRIVATE PAIN — Previously on “24” (in our BackPage Editorials), we’ve discussed courage, patient wisdom, speaking the truth, freedom, accountability, and a sense of urgency. Today I’d like for us to focus on “private pain.” In the final episode of season 3 (originally aired May 25, 2004), as federal agent Jack Bauer completes 24 straight hours of some of the most hectic and demanding moments of his career, he climbs into his SUV, throws his keys on the dash, and pretty much collapses with the emotion of the day. The truth is, in the privacy of the moment, he weeps, sobs, and pounds his steering wheel. Everything that has happened… all the tough choices, some of which cost his peers their very lives… it all came crashing down at once. He shares his feelings with no one else. Nevertheless, in his own way, he is doing his own “debriefing.” The walkie-talkie then crackles with a request to return to headquarters and help interrogate another bad guy. After a moment of thought — just a moment — he gathers himself, answers that he’s on his way, and starts his truck. Except for a brief off-season breaks :-), his job is never done.

    After watching the scene and taking in “the private pain”, the thought occurred to me that we all have probably known missionaries experiencing something similar. In fact, some of us have sat in that very seat, experiencing that same private pain in one form or another.

    One thing’s for sure: we don’t all grieve in the same way. I remember a chaplain walking up to me after my father passed away. I was alone with him at the time. It was late at night. Both my brothers and my mom had already gone home. It’s true I felt the weight of the situation on my shoulders. But I didn’t cry. I didn’t even let on that I was troubled. I kept trying to make sure the doctors and nurses were doing everything they could do to help him. It was my first time to be with a living soul as he passed from life to death. The chaplain soon approached me and said, “Son, you can’t keep holding this in. Let it out. Go ahead and cry.” What he failed to understand is that not all of us process pain the same way. My advice to all the debriefers and counselors of the world is to realize that not *everyone* needs to cry or air their pain publicly in order to process it. Some of us handle it like Jack did, grieving privately. Some even handle it like I did at my father’s death, focusing on the practical rather than on the emotion itself. There’s probably no one effective way to handle heavy emotions. The important thing is that we must know ourselves well enough to predict with a bit of certainty which methods are effective and which are ineffective. Maybe nobody else will ever know for sure.

    Can we spot those who are *not* handling private pain effectively? Sometimes. They hide it in alcohol or overwork. They take drugs, or become super-irritable at their spouse or children. They over- or under-eat. Any time we notice these or other radical changes of behavior following painful experiences in a friend’s life, let’s gently approach him or her. Some of us don’t know how to handle private pain. When those times come, let’s hope we can be there for those we love. So look around you. Be aware. Let’s bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

20060409 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. “PARTNERSHIPS THAT TRANSFORM” CONFERENCE: REGISTER NOW — The 2006 COSIM conference is scheduled for June 12-14, 2006 at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. The theme is “Partnerships that Transform: Here and There.” COSIM stands for Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries. Speakers include: Gary Edmonds: “From Missions-TO . . . to Missions-WITH” / “Faisal” — “Partnering with indigenous ministries for transformation: A non-Western perspective” / David Kasali: “Will the African Church be ready?” Gloria Landge: “Equipping Christian women in the majority world for their vital role in community transformation” / Dick Robinson: “Partnerships that transform our understanding of . . . mission, the gospel, and the world.” Also: how-to workshops on local church involvement, accountability, assessing your cross-cultural partnerships, etc. Visit the COSIM web site and download the fact sheet-registration form at: . Or write to

    werner(at)mission1(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  2. MISSIONS TODAY, BY THE NUMBERS — Bill and Amy Stearns have studied the numbers and this is what they’ve come up with: –35,000: Total American missionaries (down from 65,000 in 1988) –99%: Those committing to mission service who never make it. –7: The usual years it takes for a wannabe missionary to actually go. –50%: Those missionaries who return before the end of their first term. –40,000: The missionary candidates stymied from going because they can’t raise financial support.

    There’s a lot wrong with this picture. So, Bill and Amy and others are cranking with MissionNext and The Finishers Project–seeing an average of 2 new mid-career missionaries placed with sending agency partners every week now. Something’s going right! Learn more from Bill & Amy at:

  3. YWAM DTS CREDIT TRANSFERS — Gretchen would like to compile a list of US accredited colleges and/or universities which have accepted some or all University of the Nations (UofN) credits associated with completing a YWAM DTS. If you have had credits successfully transferred, please e-mail Gretchen

    billandgretchen(at)juno(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding e-mail address, please replace (at with @ and (dot) with.] She needs to know the name of the US college or university, when you attended, how many credits were accepted, and the dates and location of the YWAM DTS attended. (She’ll report back to us later.)

  4. NEW MISSION TRIP RESOURCE AVAILABLE –- “TRIP STUFF: Stuff you need to know about Doing Mission Trips in Your Church” is a collection of 230 useful documents developed or used by local churches. It includes samples, forms, guidelines, procedures, policies, tips and hints— everything from Application Forms to Standards of Excellence. TRIP STUFF is available on CD in Microsoft Word for $24. Send a check for $24 (in U.S. funds) to ACMC, Box 221, Brownsburg, IN 46112. Request TRIP STUFF and include your postal address. See more details and the contents at

  5. INDIA SUBCONTINENT TESOL OPPORTUNITIES — Volunteers are needed to teach English at a national teacher training school and to national teachers of English. Other opportunities include teaching within a national public and private school system at multiple levels. It requires English as your first language, a Bachelor degree and teaching English as a second language certificate. Enter ASAP. For more details contact director(at)devcorps(dot)org [As a means if preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  6. LAUSANNE WORLD PULSE — This monthly magazine is now available free online, and you can sign up for email notification of new issues. The April issue includes a major focus on web evangelism.

  7. NEW BIBLE GAME: “WEEKLY BIBLE WORDOKU” — Each week, Cyberspace Ministry issues a new Wordoku, a fascinating Bible puzzle that you can receive by email. Find out more at

    or email cybermin7(at)yahoo(dot)com

  8. JUST WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED: A MISSIONS *CRUISE*! — Discover the World of Possibilities on a Cruise Aug 18 – 24! Wycliffe is hosting a cruise to Discover opportunities all over the World. The time promises to be fun, rewarding, challenging, and spiritually revitalizing. Speakers who have worked all over the globe will share experiences and teach sessions throughout the six days. There will also be a children’s program covering different world cultures, crafts, and customs from different language groups. There will be fun activities for the whole family in addition to those offered by the cruiseline. There will also be opportunities for individuals across all ranges of giftings and trainings from IT, to Translation, to Management to consider. Wycliffe invites you to discover the possibilities with other believers. The cruise registration deadline is May 29.

    Graduate Credits for Teachers may be earned while taking ICO (International Children’s Education Orientation) on board the cruise ship Inspiration. For more information and to register contact mts travel at

    or email orlando(at)mtstravel(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  9. CONNECT WITH THE GLOBAL CHURCH — The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) now produces a new monthly E-Newsletter. The WEA is a global network of 127 national alliances representing 420 million evangelical Christians. One of the goals of WEA is to keep evangelical Christians around the world connected, informed and resourced. If you want to keep up to date from a global perspective, go online

    and view a sample copy of this bulletin and sign up to receive it every month. This month you can receive a free download of A Study Guide – Working Your Way to the Nations: A Guide to Effective Tentmaking. The general WEA website can be found at

  10. THE BACKPAGE: LEADERSHIP LESSONS FROM “24” — OK… I admit it. I’m really enjoying “24” (the TV show). Hope you can view it where you live. I was slow to board the band wagon. What are we — in the 5th season, right? And I just started watching about 5 episodes ago. So… there are all these reflections on previous people that just lose me out… so what I’m having to do is gradually go back and watch the show from the very beginning! (I just finished season 2! :-) )

    Now… I’ll be honest… I turn my head during a lot of the really violent stuff and I can’t *stand* to watch any of the torture or threats against Kim. Yuck. I’m just not a big fan of violence. So why in the *world*, you say, am I watching 24?

    Good question. :-)

    Part of my admiration is based on the character of Jack Bauer. Another part is based on the character of David Palmer (the President — at least up until the end of season 2 that I just finished :-) ). And a third is all the “lessons learned” from the corruption in so many other people on the show.

    So what lessons am I drawing for missions? :-) Here’s one: I’m noticing that Jack is a man of action. (Duh. :-) ) He doesn’t shy away from a challenge. He doesn’t sit around and complain when one approach didn’t work. His mind clicks into gear to plan another… and he just keeps on struggling.

    But in just the same way that Jack is constantly saying, “I’m runnin’ outa time!” :-), I admire the patience and wisdom of President Palmer. (I know… I’m back in the dark ages of Season 2 still.) His willingness to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait on Jack to deliver evidence… is a testimony to a leader that has the endurance beyond the norm.

    Contrast all that integrity with the all the others… the double-no- good-for-nothing politicians who always seem to be hankering for oil money in the Caspian Sea or whatever… and all of a sudden, it pretty much sums up the tension between good and evil.

    Now for those of us working in missions, there are *lots* of applications. Let’s be like-minded to the “never-shy-away-from-a- challenge” mentality. Let’s be action-oriented, yet have the patience of Palmer when it’s necessary. Let’s speak the truth, weigh our choices against the best wisdom we can find, and for goodness sakes, let’s go save somebody’s life today — spiritually or otherwise.

    More lessons from 24 next week.

    Shew. My heart’s pounding already.


20060312 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. LATEST CREATE INTERNATIONAL DVD RELEASE — Two years in the making… you can now have your own audio visual tool to invigorate your missions mobilization and training efforts.

    From Genesis to Revelation, God’s global purpose to reach all peoples unfolds in this power packed graphically dynamic presentation. The whole DVD (20 minutes) also includes 4 chapters (@5 minutes each) Biblical, Historical, Unreached People, and Involvement. Select which section you want to show for your teaching or mission promotions. It’s great for intercession times and even Sunday school classes at your local church.

    This new DVD can be used as a teaching tool for Perspectives courses, mission conferences, churches and schools. It serves as an inspirational visual masterpiece to unfold God’s blessing for every believer – to join Him in reaching all peoples and thus fulfill God’s global purpose.

    View a short sample video clip [mp4] of the Global Purpose:

    To order the Global Purpose, please visit Create’s online store: (Thanks to Create Int’l for pitching in $100 toward Brigada’s 2006 budget. Please thank them with checking out this innovative product.)

  2. OSCAR HOSTS 1000 AT VIRTUAL PARTY — On 1st March 2006, OSCAR, the web-based UK Information Service for World Mission, relaunched it’s website with a virtual party on the Internet.

    “We wanted an event that would potentially involve everyone who uses the OSCAR website, wherever they are,” says Mike Frith, OSCAR’s Founding Director. The re-launch also coincided with the organisation’s sixth birthday. Within the first few days of March 1st, the website was achieving over 1000 unique users per day and on the first day over 15,000 page views were reported. Mike continues “With our new website we are seeking to build an online community of people involved or interested in world mission. We want it to provide an interface for all those who wish to engage with the world for Christ’s sake, whether they are working overseas, supporting from home or just surfing for inspiration.”

    Party goers are able to play virtual hide & seek, virtual pass the parcel, and mingle with other virtual party goers during activities and discussions. Everyone is invited to join in the party which continues until the end of March at (Oscar has also pitched in $50 this past week toward Brigada’s 2006 expenses. Please support this new Brigada sponsor . . . and to the folks at Oscar, we say “Thanks!!!”)

  3. GOING ON A MISSION TRIP? NEED INSURANCE? WANT TO HELP BRIGADA? – As was mentioned before, there are a lot of companies that offer international health, evacuation and travel insurance, but now when you purchase insurance from Insurance Services of America on Brigada’s website your purchase will help to support Brigada’s work with the missionary community! Coverage is available for any international need – short-term trips, career missionaries, trip cancellation, short-term teams and term life insurance.

    For coverage details, rates and the online applications of the Brigada sponsored plans, go to . Insurance Services of America has agreed to help support Brigada from sales that are made on this link, so when you purchase on this site you will be helping to support Brigada! We all benefit from your business and we thank you!

  4. GGING ABOUT 21ST CENTURY MISSIONS — has just launched a new blog called Missional Hands designed to interview personnel staff from various mission agencies about one question – What is the most important skill to be a missionary in the 21st Century? Jon Hirst, Director of Communications for HCJB World Radio is writing the blog and is providing interaction for those students looking for more input on these key questions. This is a great resource for people considering missions as it asks the hard questions and tries to provide straightforward answers. Visit:

  5. MISSIONARY TRAINING CAMP — With many requests for additional training, Elijah Company has scheduled an additional orientation from May 18-21, 2006. The four days provide steps, stamina and stature for missions. See for a description of the training and comments made by past participants. For additional information write to elijah(at)elijahcompany(dot)org. Or call with any questions to 757- 226-3507.

  6. CORRECTION ON PASTORS RETREAT NETWORK — Sorry that the Pastors Retreat Network isn’t in the position to invite missionaries after all. However, you could pass the word to your local church ministry staff. (Feb. 17th Brigada Today, Item #8, “NEED A GETAWAY?”) (To all those who might have checked with them, please pardon any inconvenience. They were recommended to us for that purpose.) However, Chad went beyond the call of duty and scoped out a dozen other locations that *do* take missionaries, some free, some for a charge. Click here to see the list of missionary retreat locations. (Thanks Chad!)

  7. 25 FREE SECURE EMAIL ACCOUNTS FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION — That’s right. Strategic Kingdom Building Ministries (SKBM) desires to offer the subscribers of Brigada Today, especially brothers and sisters in the field, free Secure E-Mail Accounts. This offer is limited to 25 accounts per ministry or organization. Because this is a public web site, they request an application of need be filled out by your organization’s leader. And because these accounts are secure, they ask also that the organization leader act as the point of contact to validate each account. The organization leader should provide the required information in accordance with the application format below.

    For further information and to set up the accounts, please contact Troy Fournier at troy_fournier(at)yahoo(dot)com. Just send Troy your organization’s name, mission, purpose of the accounts, website, full contact info, along with the Last name, first name, middle initial, and current e-mail address of all members requiring an account.

  8. WEB OUTREACH FOCUS DAY ON 7 MAY — The Internet Evangelism Day website is at The IE Day website contains many resources to help Christians understand and use the Internet to touch the world. It explains how to build a church website that can reach out into the community, or start an evangelistic blog. There is even a free evangelistic screensaver to download.

    The site also offers materials for a mission team, training institution or church to easily stage a ‘web awareness’ focus program on 7 May (or at any time they choose). These include a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, music, drama skits, posters, discussion papers, handouts and many other ideas. (Thanks Tony!)

  9. NEWS FROM CHINA — Are you interested in current events and news in China? There is a Yahoo Group that is dedicated to bringing you the latest, most relevant and most interesting English-language news items about China, including trends and events that affect the church in China. The purpose of this Yahoo Group is to provide timely information for fellow workers within China as well as Sinophiles around the world. For more details or to subscribe, check out the China News Group at

  10. EMERCY’S CHURCH MISSIONS LEADERSHIP TRAINING -— Emercy is hosting their second annual Missions Leadership Training Workshop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 7-8, 2006. This workshop is designed to help church leaders mobilize their church for missions. Topics include Church mobilization, short-term teams, and ACMC’s Missions Assessment Profile. To register, call Emercy from the US toll free at 877-875-4483 or internationally: 205-409-4197. You can also register online at

  11. AQUAPONICS TRAINING — It is not too late to register for the Barrel Aquaponics Workshop and/or the Aquaponics Conference held at Camp Living Water, Bryson City, NC, March 27 & 28 and March 29 – 31. Instruction will focus on “Aquaponics”, which is the combining of aquaculture and hydroponics for mutual benefit. Course participants learn the techniques of inexpensively constructing and managing these highly productive systems which are adaptable to all types of environments and proving to be an effective outreach ministry. Come and enjoy a rich learning experience, fellowship with Believers of like interest and the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. For more information or to register, visit: Full-time missionaries can register at the student rate of $30 for the Workshop, $60 for the Conference or $75 for both.

  12. CROSS-CULTURAL MINISTRY SEMINAR — Learn how to effectively minister in an international context by participating in short, informal summaries of proven research, strategic planning and biblical principles that have demonstrated real-world results in a variety of contexts. Worldview Research Group of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, invites you to attend its fourth annual Cross-Cultural Ministry Seminar to be held 4-8 September 2006. Missionary Training International, just 15 minutes north of Colorado Springs, in beautiful Palmer Lake, Colorado will once again host the event. Topics include summaries on a worldview approach to ministry, primitive religions, chronological bible teaching and more. Seminar facilitators bring decades of experience, and feature Dr. David Hesselgrave, Dr. Tom Steffen, Bob Strauss, Mark Zook, George Walker and Greg Melendes. Whether heading to the field for the first time, or heading back soon for another term, you will definitely profit from this seminar. For more information regarding curriculum, on-line registration and accommodations, please go to USA callers can call toll-free at 1-866-750-9743. Others can dial +1-719-282-7891, or e-mail WRG at: info(at)wrg3(dot)org. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  13. GO TO THE NATIONS…AS AN ENGLISH TEACHER — Here’s an exciting and intensive 4-week TESOL course equipping you with effective English teaching techniques, sponsored by Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. The dates are May 8 – June 2 and again June 19 – July 14, 2006. Get a certificate upon completion. Find details, application forms, and alternate dates listed on E-mail to ywampa(at)comcast(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  14. LET THE PEOPLE PRAY: THE HERERO PEOPLE — Almost 4 years ago, God called a young man to Namibia to begin researching the unengaged peoples of this country. Would there be any people groups who had not heard the Gospel message? Yes! During his 2-year assignment, God brought across his path those from the Herero, Mbalantu, Nama/Damara and Namibian Coloured people groups. They had little or no evangelical presence among them. You have been faithfully praying that these Forgotten Peoples will have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. There continues to be many barriers for evangelical work in Namibia. Pray that the Lord will send workers into His harvest field! Pray that God will raise up Namibian men and women who have a passion to share Christ. Continually lift up the Herero, an unengaged people, before the Lord. Encourage others to adopt the Herero people for prayer by visiting or email sf_swac(at)altonet(dot)co(dot)za

  15. AMAZING PARTNERS — Thanks to once again for their amazing partnership and great help to keep Brigada coming to your screen each week. If you’ve ever need to change phone services… or start a new service, I really hope you’ll consider them. Just browse to: This past week they sent $74 more. Please keep talkin’! :-) Want to join them in becoming and amazing partner? Just click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. In any case, thanks for considering Brigada in your estate giving, your monthly church missions fund, and/or your own personal giving for this calendar year.

  16. OPPORTUNITIES AT METRO DELHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, INDIA — Metro Delhi Int’l School has tons of opportunities, including Middle School- Secondary School Teacher/Administrator, Secondary English-Language Arts Teacher, and many more. This is a Christian school that uses American Curriculum. They have students from 14 different countries, and they are in our 4th year. Log on at for a free video or more information on the school email them at info(at)mdis(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  17. THE BACKPAGE: SPEAKING INTO THE LIFE OF A PEER OR BOSS — Ever hear the term “whistleblower?” The term is usually used to describe a worker who turns in the boss or a whole company for something unethical or incompatible with principles of honesty, fairness, or other company values. How can you avoid the stigma (or the pink slip) handed to a whistleblower, while still speaking into the life of a boss or company? First, work to become a supportive insider rather than a fence-sitting cynic. Sometimes, whistleblowers are already alienated long before they get publicity for “turning someone in.” Let’s face it: those who have built up a relationship of trust can usually communicate one-on-one. They don’t have to resort to confrontational “stunts” to get their point across. (*Usually* — there are exceptions.)

    Second, remember that sometimes there are circumstances beyond the control of the boss or company… “Walk a mile in their moccasins” before you become a cynic. In other words, suppose you decide to confront your boss on the company’s lack of follow-through on a policy to recruit customer support personnel, only to find that the company has worked its tail off trying to *find* customer service personnel of the quality they are seeking. What we mean is — sometimes it’s easy to critique your boss or your team from your vantage point. Only as a trusted insider will you truly understand the long-term desires of your leadership.

    Third, try to figure out how you can become a part of the solution, rather than a part of the whistle. If your team is short on finances, ask if you can take a portion of your work-week to take a class on support-raising, with a view to helping shore up needed finances. If you feel your church is losing people out the “back door”, volunteer to take a few hours/week to visit new converts in an attempt to supplement the training they’re getting. You get the idea. Think like an insider… Don’t view yourself as a “victim”. You’re not stuck. Think as a belonger. Ask, “What problem is my boss facing and how can I become a part of the solution to his problem, so it will in turn help me do my job better too?”

    What if things go south? What if your best efforts are misunderstood? How do you handle it if your motives are misjudged? Tune in next week for the final “BackPage” in this series.

20040321 Brigada Today

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Help undergird the Brigada-sponsored secretary. Donate so Brigada Today can continue to arrive in a timely and top-notch fashion!

  1. FREE CONTENT FOR YOUR SITE — The Web Evangelism Guide (a copy of which is mirrored on the Brigada site) now offers the option to insert the contents of any of their pages into your own website. All you need is to copy/paste a line of Javascript code into your page code. There are over 100 pages to choose from, on many topics relating to mission, evangelism, communication and writing. Easy instructions for insertion are displayed at the end of every page. If you start at this page about the potential of Web, you can find every other page via the contents menu:

  2. MED/MF TRAINING IN BANGKOK, THAILAND — Time is running out! The Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, in partnership with Food for the Hungry International and World Relief, is offering training in Bangkok, Thailand on May 24 – June 2. This training focuses on innovative, best practice microenterprise development and microfinance strategies and methodologies that can be used in holistic, Christ-centered programs. The keynote speaker is Dr. Jim Gustafson from Tokyo Christian University. For information on this event or their email-based distance learning visit http// or email <cediatcovenantdotedu> </cediatcovenantdotedu>

  3. LEARN SUPPORT-RAISING FROM THE PROS — The Jesus Film Project development leadership team is offering a two-day seminar to share everything from development philosophy, strategy and structure, to direct marketing and new donor acquisition and tons more. It’s slated for April 7 & 8, and costs $150 per person for the workshop, materials, and lunch on Friday. It’s scheduled to take place in San Clemente, CA. For more information and full schedule materials, email amydotelliottatjesusfilmdotorg or call (949) 361-4549. Space is limited, so hurry!

  4. GREAT SITE FOR “THE PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST” –- Has anyone told you lately, “You should go see the Passion?” Check out for helpful supplies related to Mel Gibson’s movie the “THE PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST”. They have compiled the scripture references that relate to the scenes in the movie and they have selected from their 3500+ free bible studies those that relate to the film.
    ***While you are at the site Download their multimillion dollar NEW English translation (NETBible) for free and enjoy the over 60,000 translator notes that allow one to get inside the heads of the translators as they worked with the original languages or purchase it on CD or in fine leather from $29.95
    *** check out the satellite maps that are in the NETBible
    *** see also the free translated studies they have at
    *** they are looking for translators that would like to translate any of there free studies into a language that would benefit you. Contact passionmovieatbibledotorg for more information on any of the above.

  5. RESOURCES FOR NON-TECHIES — Interested in getting help for your computer network — software or hardware? Need tech support for your Christian agency’s Internet connection or firewall? Finally — an answer, and no need to mortgage the team in Taiwan! Just click here for one of Ken’s collection of great reference materials, this one focused on “Tech Help For Non-Techies”. (Thanks again, Ken!)

  6. HELP-WANTED AT CHRISTIAN SCHOOL IN INDIA — A Christian school in the South of India would love to get Christian teachers who are native English speakers and who would come for at least a year to teach the children and to have an impact into their lives. The school is part of the Ywam ministry. Therefore DTS graduates are preferred. You will not be paid but will have to raise your own support, but you will get to know the warm and hospitable South Indian people For more information please write to: Ian Liu akcsatvsnldotnet

  7. INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS OPPORTUNITY IN FIJI (SEP 1-12, 2004) — Is God calling you to Fiji? The Transformational Partnership (Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, CitiReach International, Living Stones Foundation & Sentinel Group), by invitation of the Assembly of Christian Churches in Fiji and in association with government leaders in Fiji, is ready to see God transform entire communities and the nation through the power of Jesus Christ. Together with a vibrant network of organizations, Fiji will be host to: 100+ short-term mission teams from around the world (1,000-1,500 individuals), Luis Palau’s 2- day “Fiji Fest, City wide clean up projects, water projects, business seminars, Bible training courses and much more. Every strata of life will be impacted! God is at work and Fiji is ready! For more information about how to be a part of this large international outreach visit or email randydotburtisatpalaudotorg

  8. NO BATTERY-POWERED PROJECTORS — Some time ago, someone asked for a battery-powered data/video projector. Allen and Betty compiled data on those responses and were thus far unable to find *any* leads. However, they did hear of some work in progress and would appreciate your prayers on the inventors’ behalf.

  9. ABSTINENCE EDUCATION — Check out if you want field-tested educational materials or more information on abstinence and its use in missions & cross-cultural work, or simply write to vnurmiateliprojectsdotorg

  10. YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT — Educate young minds overseas! International Education Services (IES) a non-profit faith venture, is seeking the provision of teachers for Grades 3,4 and 5; Grade 6-8 English as well as K-8 ESL, Computer and Art. The school serves 52 families with about 90 students from 12 different countries. Serving at IES places you at the cutting edge of missions in the largest unreached nation in the 10/40 window. For a brief introduction to the school go to For more information contact Sally at recruitatpcpiesdotcom

  11. MEMBER CARE IN CRISIS SITUATIONS WORKSHOP — This is a reminder that the Registration Deadline for the Member Care in Crisis Situations and Debriefing Workshop is March 31. This workshop is sponsored by Wycliffe Bible Translators and will be held in Dallas, Texas, USA, April 26-May 1, 2004. Costs of the workshop include a $100 registration fee and approximately $145 room/board. Registration deadline is March 31. Participation is limited. For information contact member_care_intlatwycliffedotorg.

  12. FREE RESOURCE NEWSLETTER FOR MISSION MOBILIZERS — Here’s an IFES New Zealander who provides up to date resources, articles and research, books and sites to better equip you to mobilize college students for global mission (and to minister to them while they are on campus) Write the author, Mark markgattscfdotorgdotnz , if you would like to receive a copy. It’s sent to workers in New Zealand, Australia, England and the United States. Thanks Mark!

  13. TALKING BIBLES EXPAND SCOPE OF CARE-GIVERS — The Talking Bible is greatly enhancing Care-giving Ministries in local congregations. The Talking Bible is a marvelous bedside companion for one who is ill or hospitalized. It speaks God’s precious, comforting Word during those long hours when one needs it most. ASI is encouraging every local church to have one or more Talking Bibles for its care-giving ministry. Each Talking Bible has an entire New Testament sealed inside. They are beautiful, inexpensive and easy to use. Talking Bibles are available in English, Spanish and many other languages. Talking Bibles are available from Audio Scriptures International in California. Visit for more information. Or call ASI at 760-745-8105.

20030622 Brigada Today

In this issue…

  19. FIND A TEAM!

  1. SPONSORS MAKE A DIFFERENCE — Thanks again to those who have partnered with us to help Brigada become more current. All sponsorship money will go *directly* toward helping us pay for a new part-time secretary! She started Monday and — *already* she’s made a difference! She’s returning phone calls, emails, messages, and letters, some of which have gone unanswered for longer than I’m willing to publicly admit. :-) Thank you so much for your help! As a result, you’re seeing a catch-up on Brigada Todays… already! Today we’re thankful for an anonymous donation from a prof. at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA. Please take special note of their Masters program in Theology, Development, and Evangelism. See other sponsors by clicking to: then clicking on “Sponsors” in the link at the bottom of the page.

  2. ESL INSTRUCTION — Here’s an ESL (English as a Second Language) course, three months in length, taught via immersion at the YWAM base in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. The next school is scheduled for September 29 through December 19, 2003. For more information, see website:, or email <ywampaatcomcastdotnet>. </ywampaatcomcastdotnet>

  3. MORE SPAM CONTROL — Thanks to Arne for yet another spam controller program: Looks very versatile, and it’s free, like MailWasher. And then there’s the product produced by a Caleb Project staffer friend of mine who is a closet-programmer. John Hanna at Caleb Project has spent his spare time over the last year creating an amazing anti-spam tool. It’s custom designed from the ground up to be the perfect anti-spam tool for small to medium-sized organizations. It’s already being used on more than 100 servers (w2k, *nix, os/x, even os2) on three continents and is blocking more than 30,000 spams (and about 200 viruses) per day. If your organization hasn’t solved the spam problem yet, send your IT guy/gal to — it’s not only a great solution, it’s free.

  4. NEW FEATURES ON WEB EVANGELISM GUIDE — Now you’ve got the ability to seamlessly insert any page from the Guide into another site, on a range of evangelism, communication and writing issues. A few lines of insert code are included at the end of every page: by copy/pasting these into another webpage, the main content of that Guide page will be instantly called up in the user’s page. (The text of all pages is also free to reproduce in any printed medium.) – a set of study questions about each page is available for individual study, group discussion, or as part of any academic study course. Great job, Tony!

  5. SPANISH VIDEO ON MOROCCO — Arise Shine Morocco (ASM) announces a long-delayed Spanish-language version of its resource video is now available. Approximately 30 minutes in total length, it includes several short videos about Morocco and the Berber peoples. For those who will use them for mobilization purposes, complimentary copies may be obtained from ASM by emailing <asmatinterumdotorg>. Extensive information and various resources about Morocco continue to be available in Spanish and many other languages through the ASM website: </asmatinterumdotorg>

  6. CHEAP CALLS TO CHINA — For those needing to call China from the USA, It’s only 6.5 cents/minute using a rechargeable phone card. Get 10% off by entering promotion code “PROINC” when prompted. For calls within the USA, AT&T has a 3.9 cent calling card with no restrictions, no fees, no minimum charges-obtainable at any SAM’s Wholesale club. (Thanks Kurt <aefcenterathotmaildotcom>.) </aefcenterathotmaildotcom>

  7. CANADIAN TENTMAKER NETWORK WEBSITE GETS NEW LOOK — Did you know that 1.5 million Canadians work abroad? How many of them could be potential tentmakers? CTN’s website has been updated and will get regular attention from now on. They’re asking your help in getting the word out to all Canadians. When you visit, don’t forget to leave a virtual footprint in their CTN Public Forum, eh? :-) Note that there is an upcoming tentmaking seminar in Toronto Ontario on Saturday September 27, 2003. Visit them at or email <infoattentmakingdotorg> </infoattentmakingdotorg>

  8. SHARPEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS — International Training Partners offers Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops in different parts of the world. These five-day, highly interactive workshops focus on biblical application of skills in relating to one another and to the host people.

    An workshop hosted by International Training Partners will be held at Palmer Lake, Colorado near Colorado Springs September 7-11, 2003. Contact Paul <plereatearthlinkdotnet> for information.

    Go to for details on all of the workshops and information on ITP. If your mission is interested in sponsoring a SYIS workshop, contact Paul. </plereatearthlinkdotnet>

  9. NETWORKING FOR MISSION — The Web can be used for networking in a remarkable way. Read how a web-savvy missionary used the Internet before his arrival, to make his ministry much more effective: “Before I arrived in [Asian country] as a missionary, I went online to the city I was sent to. It is a mixed Christian-Muslim regional center in a very remote part of the country.) I then read the daily paper online, emailed the mayor and local officials, joined a local discussion group, got informed and made friends. When I arrived, a number of people whom I had met online invited me out to dinner and my ministry started as soon as I arrived. I also managed to join the email group of the then Vice-President (now President) and made a few constructive comments – so when I had problems with my visa, I just sent an email and it was soon fixed! I reckon that I saved between six months to two years of ministry time by making a wide range of high-level friends before I arrived and “starting fast and well-informed”. Sure, only 1% of people there were online, but that 1% were the leaders and they boosted my ministry so it became effective. Church-planters can use the Internet to network their way to success.”
  10. (Thanks Tony!)

  11. ORIENTATION NOTES ON INDIA — “Laura” has been living and working in south India for four years. When she came she had no orientation to the culture or terminology differences in India English. After a season of learning the hard way, she has compiled a 10 page document of the most commonly misunderstood culture and vocabulary differences. This is designed to help short-term visitors or newcomers to India. It is by no means thorough, but she will gladly make it available to anyone who requests it by emailing <abrahamjosephathotmaildotcom>. </abrahamjosephathotmaildotcom>

  12. WEBSITE FOR CHRISTIAN MAGAZINES — Check the Magazine Training Institute’s website at for hundreds of pages of resources and valuable information for Christian magazine publishers. The site includes a directory of Christian magazines in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, a calendar of conferences, training events, published materials and courses available from a variety of sources, and nearly 100 pages of downloadable sample materials related to magazine editing, circulation, advertising, design, and management. The Magazine Training Institute is a mullt-faceted program which seeks to deploy a variety of publishing training resources in order to strengthen Christian magazine publishing around the world.

  13. BETWEEN TWO WORLDS — Being part of two worlds and two cultures isn’t easy. Cristina Larson grew up in Brazil, and even though her parents are American, she feels Brazilian. It’s Jason Erickson who is American. Or is he? His mother was born in Korea. This novel for young teens by LeAnne Hardy, explores individuality and conformity in the context of the third-culture kid experience. The author’s own two daughters, who were born in Brazil, grew up in Mozambique and went to boarding school in Kenya, have given her insights into the struggles of missionary kids caught between worlds. “Between Two Worlds” is available for $6.99 from Kregel Publications at or by emailing <kregelbooksatkregeldotcom>. </kregelbooksatkregeldotcom>

  14. NEW WORLDWIDE PERSPECTIVES AVAILABLE — YWAM Publishing is offering a great new tool in the Perspectives Movement arsenal: the new 12-week curriculum “Worldwide Perspectives: Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural Dimensions of God’s Plan for the Nations”, edited by Meg Crossman. Both classic Perspectives material (taken from the Missions Master’s degree at Fuller) as well as new insights and options are refreshingly presented in an accessible approach that can well serve local churches and their Kingdom professionals. New maps, graphics, charts, and many pictures and sidebars engage the reader and highlight the material. It can be ordered by calling 1-800-922-2143 or 480-838- 5350, via email <megcrossmanatcoxdotnet>, or on the web at (type “Worldwide Perspectives” in the Search window). Substantial discount rates are available for Perspectives Coordinators. (Thanks for the tip, Mike!) </megcrossmanatcoxdotnet>

  15. EVANGELISTIC LITERATURE OFFER BY SOON MINISTRIES — This team has spare capacity for mailing out their evangelistic paper in easy-English to individuals anywhere in the world. If any radio station or correspondence course ministry has address lists for contacts who would benefit from receiving the paper, SOON is happy to send to them. The paper can also be sent in any reasonable quantity to any Christian worker or TEFL teacher wishing to use them. Other language papers also available: African French, African Portuguese, Swahili, and a range of Fula/Fulani dialects. The team urgently needs several Fula/Fulani people (of any religion) living in the West as by-phone language helpers for article checking. The team is also seeking old telephone directories in order to do direct mail outreach to new contacts. Help is needed in obtaining directories:

  16. CHECK OUT THIS FREE SUPPORT-RAISING SOFTWARE — Built around a mailing list, the program will help the missionary keep track of names and addresses of individual partners and churches, a history of donations Important dates in the partner’s lives (birthdays, anniversaries), a history of contacts and personal touches with the ministry partner, and notes about the partner, their family, occupation, etc. You’ll also be able to store profile information about the donor, print out mailing labels & envelopes, and do merges to most popular software. It’ll print out reports about ministry partners, contributions, etc. You can even attach a picture to a supporters file so you will never forget the donor’s face! Check it out at

  17. NEED SATELLITE CONNECTIVITY WITH THE WORLD? — You’re in luck. The folks at Global Resources for Computing (GRC) have made quite a name for themselves setting up sat systems in Iraq. Check ’em out! They’ll treat you right! :-)

  18. TRUST FUND FOR SCHOLARSHIPS — Below are two different links to the same program that might be of interest, for those interested in government service, academia or in the marketplace, not for missionaries and only for US citizens. NSEP was established by the National Security Education Act of 1991, which created a trust fund in the U.S. Treasury to provide resources for scholarships, fellowships and grants. It is guided by a mission that seeks to lead in development of the national capacity to educate U.S. citizens, understand foreign cultures, strengthen U.S. economic competitiveness, and enhance international cooperation and security.

  19. CHRISTIAN FUTURES AND STRATEGIC FORESIGHT — Here’s another “Christian Futures” consultation, Friday and Saturday Sept. 26-27, in Virginia Beach, this time focused on foresight and organizational development. This roundtable is hosted by Regent University’s graduate Leadership Studies program. A full cohort of professional futurists are joining in, including Tom & Christine Sine, Bob Dale, Peter Bishop, Jay Gary, and Andy Hines. Registration is just $79.00 — a real deal; housing is separate. They are looking at how faith can develop an organization’s “strategic foresight,” beyond routine strategic planning. See the news release on this unique gathering at: Thanks Jay!

  20. FIND A TEAM! — Looking to personalize your overseas involvement? A great online resource presents more than 560 websites published by teams of field workers. is three years old and gets more than 1,600 unique visitors EVERY DAY (453,000 hits per month). Explore the world by region, by country name, by city name or by people group name. Teams place their prayer requests online, an overview of their work and stories that will amaze you! A toolbox is also built into the website to help visitors. PT is not affiliated with any single group in order to facilitate networking. Educators, mobilizers, pastors and missions committees will really appreciate this site!

20030209 Brigada Today

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  1. FINALLY! A PORNOGRAPHY FILTER THAT WORKS — Have you been searching for an Internet pornography filter, just to be on the safe side? Maybe you’re looking for something for the kids’ computer, or even your own. Maybe you have Windows XP and the ones you’ve tried haven’t been fully compatible? Your wait is over. Here’s a piece of software that will protect your entire browsing/email environment … and for a reasonable price. I’ve been trying it out — and I can tell you, there is no noticeable speed hit whatsoever. It’s a great program — and it *works*. Try it out yourself for 10 days for free!!! Just log on at: What’s more, here’s a chance to protect yourself and your computer *plus* help Brigada! For everyone who clicks through the above link in the next two weeks, then buys “Everyware” there, the designers of the software will send a $5 sponsorship to Brigada!!! With 100% of this new funding, we’d like to hire a secretary to act as a Brigada Customer Service Rep. to make address changes and handle other Brigada-related issues with the Brigada family of participants. We already have a person in mind — and her name is Penny! [my wife!!! As soon as we can get her some money flowing in, she’s quitting her teaching job to do it.] So please… run, don’t walk, and set up your new Integrity Online account!!!) :-)
  2. [Note: As of Dec., 2003, only six people had subscribed to Integrity Online. As of that date, that still wasn’t even enough to produce the first sponsorship check. :-( Not a very fruitful way to fund a Brigada secretary, unfortunately.]

  3. ORAL “STORYING” TOOLBOX NOW AVAILABLE — What a dynamite series of CD presentations, presented in a folksy “round table” discussion… in a professional yet informal way. Find out about world view and “orality”, see how oral learners take in information, and discover a great case study in presenting an approach for evangelism. Learn more at: . If you order before April 1st, you can get special start-up pricing. This set would be great to prepare cross-cultural workers in the art of “storying” — chronological story-telling. Use it in your mission’s pre-field orientation, pass the set around to your team members, or “check them out” like a library resource. They’re great!

  4. FOR THOSE WHO WANT A FILTERED ISP — As the nation’s leading filtered ISP, Integrity Online has been protecting tens of thousands of families since 1996. Their content management technology works to eliminate all obscene and inappropriate web material and unsolicited junk emails before they reach your computer. Utilizing artificial intelligence, this technology instantly analyzes over 800 different parameters of each web page, determining if the content is obscene or inappropriate. A special Integrity Online block page will appear each time someone in-advertently or intentionally tries to access an inappropriate site from your computer. Integrity Online account includes 5 fully filtered email addresses with a special feature allowing you to decide who can and can’t send you emails. The customizable filter on this service also sends all spam directly to a junk mail folder that is passcode protected. Also, if you have been thinking about getting your own website, Integrity Online will provide you with the web space to put your site online. For only $21.95 per month, you get filtered web access, 5 filtered email addresses, and personal web space from Integrity Online. This price is less than the basic service offered from most unfiltered service providers. To sign up, click on this link: Here you can sign up online or call them toll free or via Net2phone for 1.866.449.1736 and they will answer your questions and sign you up. (What’s more, for everyone that signs up with them, they’ll sponsor Brigada to the tune of $25!!! Same as above, with 100% of this new funding, we’d like to hire a secretary to act as a Brigada Customer Service Rep. to make address changes and handle other Brigada-related issues with the Brigada family of participants. Our previous Customer Service Reps. recently informed us that they had been unable to help us for quite some time. They were volunteers… and have just run out of time. :-( So… can you help us make it possible for Penny to do this for our Brigada family? Please… run, don’t walk, and set up your new Integrity Online account!!!) :-)

  5. LEARN TO TEACH ENGLISH IN CHINA! — WTO and the 2008 Beijing Olympics have heightened the existing desire of the Chinese people to learn English. China wants trained native English Speakers. Take your TESOL in China and stay to teach or go somewhere else in the world to teach. Course is taught by qualified American instructors. The course is both academic and practical. A two-three week teaching practicum is part of the course giving you the experience and confidence you need to begin teaching immediately! The next course is scheduled for July 4 – August 15, 2003 in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. Please note that emails are received and read in China. Please leave out any acronyms or references to organizations. For more info, log on at: or email <tesol2001athotmaildotcom  (tesol2001athotmaildotcom)   or> <dvscottatgalacticommdotorg>. </dvscottatgalacticommdotorg>

  6. DOUG’S WIFE TO HELP CLEAN UP THE MAILING LIST — To get to the bottom of the 5,222 or so addresses that seem to be bouncing, Doug’s wife, Penny, is going to start cleaning up the place! :-) Seriously… over the next few weeks, Lord willing (if we can float it!), Penny will begin researching those addresses to determine whether or not they’re “dead” … or just temporarily out of order. Just as soon as we can get some money flowing in to replace her teacher’s salary, she’s going to dive into this full-tilt, and also be available to help Brigada participants with those pesky address changes. Finally… a staff person!!! Either way, we’re thrilled that you’ve helped grow the Brigada family by over 200 addresses in the past month alone! Thanks for spreading the word!!! If we can find just two more participants by next week, we’ll be up to 8,000 *good* addresses! Can you think of two people you can invite on the list? If so, just send them this message: “Hey… have you ever heard of Brigada Today? Each weekend, it comes to my inbox filled with tons of resources, ideas, and mobilization news about Missions and unreached peoples — and helps for the people involved in making missions happen. Try it! Just send a note to: brigada-today-subscribeatyahoogroupsdotcom  (brigada-today-subscribeatyahoogroupsdotcom)   And … by the way… your address is secret with them. They pay YahooGroups so there are no ads in the email… and they never release your address to *anybody*, even at gunpoint! :-) They’ve been sending these newsletters out weekly for over 8 years! See their back-issues at: http:/ (click on “Index of back issues”) Check it out!”

  7. STRENGTHEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS — Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills is a 5-day workshop developed by International Training Partners Inc. and run by the AIM Centre at Trinity Western University and Gateway Missionary Training Centre in Langley, B.C. Dr. Laurel McAllister and her team of facilitators help to provide training in key areas of knowledge, godly attitudes and the skills needed for developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Training is very interactive, utilizing the most effective methods of adult learning. The course will run February 24 – 28, 2003 at Gateway MTC, with costs running $175.00 CDN. For information contact: <LaureldotMcAllisterattwodotca  (LaureldotMcAllisterattwodotca)  > or log on at:

  8. LEARNING HOW TO LEARN ANOTHER LANGUAGE — L.A.C.E. (Language Acquisition for Cross-Cultural Effectiveness) is a 9 day intensive workshop designed to make your language learning task as efficient as possible. In this workshop you will discover effective language learning techniques, helpful methods to increase vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation. This course, a part of the training for students at Gateway Missionary Training Centre in Langley, B.C., is now open for others who would like to join the class for this module. The dates are March 17-22/ 24-27, 2003, with costs being $350.00CDN Room & Board $20.00/day CDN. For more information contact <infoatgatewaytrainingdotorg  (infoatgatewaytrainingdotorg)  > http//

  9. “CRISIS CONSULTING” OFFERS NEW 4-DAY SEMINAR — During the dates of May 5-8, 2003, Dallas, TX, at the SIL Center, CCI will offer this management-oriented course to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to provide a competent security and crisis management program for teams, leadership groups and executives who have responsibility for security of personnel, assets and programs on the field. Training will be provided in the following core areas: Evacuation Management, The Terrorism Threat, Contingency Planning, Policies, Leadership in Emergencies, Strategic Risk Forecasting, Tactical Risk Assessment, and Crisis Management Teams. Registration cost: $450 for the 1st registrant from an organization; $400 for each additional registrant from same organization. For more information, call 805-642-2549, email <infoatcricondotorg  (infoatcricondotorg)  > or go to Please let them know you heard about it on Brigada. Thanks.

  10. INDIA RESOURCES WEBSITE LAUNCHED — Doing ministry in North India? Need good quality Hindi language materials for Evangelism? Children’s Ministry? Discipleship? Etc.? Or other Indian languages? Wonder if someone has already translated that good book or video into Hindi or other Indian language? Then log onto Here you can find an extensive database of Christian resources available within India with a focus on Hindi language materials, although other Indian languages are also included. There are well over 700 resources already in our database and it is growing. Search by category, language and media type to find what you need. Useful website resources are also included. For details, contact <infoatindiaresources777dotorg  (infoatindiaresources777dotorg)  >.

  11. RASCALS AT SPAMARREST — Those rascals at SpamArrest. Not long ago, a few of our Brigada participants must have started using their service. We received an email from SpamArrest saying that if these participants were to keep their Brigada subscription going, we had to log on to the SpamArrest website and read this graphic image of a word, then type it into the blank. Well it sounded harmless enough, though I’ll admit — if even 1000 of our readers suddenly set up SpamArrest accounts, we’d never get anything else done! Well either way, like a completely trusting fool, I logged on at the SpamArrest site and dutifully typed in the word. Now, yesterday, I get spam from SpamArrest itself! I’m not joking. It’s one of the most ironic twists in marketing that I’ve ever seen. The very company purporting to stop spam *engaged* in it! I wrote them to complain, but I figure… all it might do is let them know my email address is “good”, so my address will be fired up to a higher level of trust, or something. Sure it had a link on it saying, “Click here to be removed from our marketing list”, but articles everywhere have told us *not* to click there, because sometimes that’s just a trick to discover which addresses are actually *good* (current, or at least spelled correctly). The bottom line: If a spam company is going to require mail senders to fill out a “graphical word” or something, they shouldn’t *market* those who innocently take part. Oh well, … once bitten… twice shy. Just remember — we’ll never be participating in anything SpamArrest sends out again. Rascals.

  12. SPACE SHUTTLE TRACT BRINGS COMFORT IN CRISIS — The American Tract Society has now published a new tract that deals with the recent space shuttle tragedy: “Lost: Space Shuttle Columbia.” ATS says, “Many are turning to God…and the awareness of faith is being played out in all the media. The nation is searching for answers about this tragedy. This is an opportunity to help people come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.” Read these tracts online and order them to use as a Christian witness to your world. Order from the American Tract Society, PO Box 462008, Garland TX 75046-2008 or call toll free or via net2phone 1-800- 548-7228 or log on at or or email <atsatatstractsdotorg  (atsatatstractsdotorg)  >.

  13. BOOT CAMP FOR PERSONAL SUPPORT RAISING — Boot Camp is a practical and biblically based 2-day training seminar for new and veteran missionaries alike who need to learn how to raise their personal support or may need a new perspective on this critical area. There are two locations for 2003: (space for the seminars is limited) March 26- 27, Pasadena, CA and June 18-19, Atlanta, GA. For more information or to register, write <infoatthebodybuildersdotnet  (infoatthebodybuildersdotnet)  > or log on at: or call: (501) 329-4881

  14. UPCOMING MISSION CONFERENCE — Check out the OMF 2003 Bay Area Mission Conference, “Blessing East Asia’s Muslims”, May 2-3, at the Peninsula Covenant Church (Redwood City, CA). For info, lot on at: or to register via email, write Elaine <omfconferenceatyahoodotcom  (omfconferenceatyahoodotcom)  > or call (650) 559-8088. Fees run $30 per Adult, but special Student/Senior rates are available. 2 plenary speakers and 7 workshops will enrich your understanding of how to bless Muslims living in East Asia and the Bay Area. Featured will be Dr. Kang San Tan, OMF Malaysia Home Director and Dr. Miriam Adeney, Author of “Daughters of Islam” (Building Bridges With Muslim Women – InterVarsity Press) along with a special “Win Our World” children’s mission program.

  15. TRAVEL/HEALTH ADVICE — Taking vaccines available easily prevents many of the illnesses missionaries may face whilst on mission away from home. Passport Health, a US based travel medicine clinic, with offices throughout the United States, stresses the importance of keeping all routine vaccines, like Tetanus/Diphtheria, up to date. Other vaccines, for e.g. yellow fever, may be required, depending on your specific destination & medical history. The most common ailment, however, still remains traveler’s diarrhea, as your digestive system struggles to come to terms with the new foods & water sources of your home away from home. The treatment of choice remains taking an antibiotic, anti- diarrheal & fluid replacement. When preparing for your trip, take time to visit your local travel clinic like Passport Health. They have a wealth of up to date information with regard to your destination, which will help keep you safe & healthy during your travels. Remember; don’t let your heart’s work be ruined by falling ill. For further information, see their website at

  16. FRONTIER MISSIONS “SHORT COURSE” FOR ADVOCATES — Here’s a YWAM course specifically for “strategy coordinators” (catalysts, who facilitate and mobilize to link people who have knowledge, resources, personnel and expertise to take advantage of ministry opportunities amongst a people group). It’s slated for Monday 1st June – Friday 1st August 2003. The location will be Bali, Indonesia. The cost will be £595 (UK pounds). Small grants are available for full time Christian volunteer workers. For more info or an application, contact Philippa <pnewisatovaldotcom  (pnewisatovaldotcom)  > or call +44 1582 463269 or fax: +44 1582 463305.

  17. MINISTRY VIDEO PRODUCTION SEMINAR — It’s happening May 9 and 10. This day and a half information-packed seminar will help you develop your stories into furlough or ministry videos for communicating more effectively with your constituency. Especially designed for missionaries and ministry workers, and filled with lots of how-to tips, the seminar is conducted by Village Avenue, the team behind the Toolbox for Video Storytelling; How to Write and Produce Your Missionary Video. Visit for details, registration, and housing information or Email <JohnWatVillageAvedotcom  (JohnWatVillageAvedotcom)  > if you have questions.

  18. FREE CHRISTIAN WEBSITE CONTENT — Need some fun content to fill in the gaps on that mission or church website you’re preparing? Check out ElmCreek Community Church’s “Free Christian Content” pages. Get sayings, jokes, articles, Bible verses, inspirational stories, animated gifs, banners, photographs, news stories, and more. Some can be configured to automatically update — so you get lots of new content without too much work. For more info, lot on at: or email <webmasteratelmcreekchurchdotorg  (webmasteratelmcreekchurchdotorg)  >. Thanks Elm Creek!

  19. NO RISK PREVIEW FOR SHORT-TERM MISSION TEAM LEADERS — You can preview the 6-Part “GO PREPARED! Essentials” Short-term Missions Video Training Series for 10 day personal review — with no obligation to purchase the set if you are not 100% convinced of its value. The 6 Teaching Sessions (approx. 30 minutes each) are:
    #1-Laying the Foundations;
    #2-Spiritual Preparation;
    #3-Building Your Team;
    #4-Cross- Cultural Training;
    #5-Ministry Without Dependency; and,
    #6-Re-Entry & Debriefing.
    If you decide to keep the “GO PREPARED! Essentials” set, the cost is just $99 + $6 S&H. If not, simply return the video set after your 10 day no risk preview. Send your order to: Bill Berry, Publisher-Into All The World Magazine, at <BBerry4215ataoldotcom  (BBerry4215ataoldotcom)  >. Offer valid in North America only.

  20. WOULD YOU GO IF GOD CALLED YOU TO THE MISSION FIELD? — ‘When God Comes Calling’ is a compelling new book by Mike Linville recounting the inspiring, true story of how God sent an ordinary Midwestern family of five to the mission field, a mere sixty miles from the radioactive wasteland known as Chernobyl. Despite KGB raids and mysterious phone taps, government harassment and eviction, they experienced God’s amazing power and intervention as He used them to build a Bible college in the former Soviet Union, and now what some say is the first pastoral counseling training institute in the former Soviet Union, under the auspices of International Faith Initiatives, Inc. Retailing at $12.99, Brigada readers may purchase at the discounted price of $10.50. Bulk/wholesale pricing is available. To order, email <orderatinternationalfaithdotorg  (orderatinternationalfaithdotorg)  >.
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