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11) What’s Your Honest Appraisal of SkillShare?

We’ve been trying out SkillShare. Honestly, there’s a lot of training offered there. It’s kind of like … Netflix for online distance learning. There are thousands of online classes. You pay a monthly fee ($12/month if you commit only monthly; $8/month if you commit annually), then study as often as you like, with whichever classes you like — in an “all-you-can-eat” fashion. They also have an interesting deal: If someone signs up with your link, that someone gets two free months to evaluate. And you, as a user, now get an extra month for free. So, for instance, here’s our link:




If you use that link to sign up, you get two free months to try it out. And for every Brigada reader who uses it, they give us a free month too, just for passing along the news.


Our take on SkillShare is that the learning community is active and vibrant. Classes are meant to be taken *together* — and the software works. But, because it’s a very broad “faculty” (anyone who wants to teach), it’s really important to review the class. Of course, since you’re not paying anything to try it, it’s kind of like Netflix. Five minutes into a movie, you can always bow out — and nothing’s lost. You can also see how many people have signed up AND there are even review scores you can read. Wouldn’t this be great for homeschoolers???


There are opportunities to make money. Once someone watches your content, you start getting royalties, similar to writing a book and getting paid by Audible. You might end up with $200/month income. Or, eventually, if you become really good, much more. (Some teachers on SkillShare are now making $100,000 plus per year.) There are nearly 30,000 courses though. You’d have to be really good to attract new students. But, we wonder — why is it that when we search for disciple-making, missions and missionary — all those choices turn up empty screens? : ) So what’s your take on SkillShare?


Remember (disclaimer), if you use our link above, you’ll receive two free months — and we receive one. But if you do so, and if you disclose your credit card, make sure you choose “monthly” as your subscription, then make a note of the date you would need to cancel your membership if you decide not to continue — please. Either way, you’d get 60 days of free classes.


5) Your Take on this Online New Training Course for Short-term Teams?

Wondering about your view/input on this new online training course for short-term teams.




Obviously, there’s a bit of a cost involved. We’re thinking… $24 for each team member will add up. (But perhaps it’s not unreasonable since, buying a decent-sized book would have cost $15 anyway, right?) If you’d like to preview the fundamentals of the course, you can jump straight to:




and you can see the pricing page here:




The designers are great at responding personally if you have questions. But our question here is — what do you think about the format and the content? Please click comment after you’ve reviewed the material. Thanks!



3) This Guy Will Teach You and Your Family French, Spanish, Latin

Are you sick of having to pay $500 every semester for a simple class in Spanish or French or Latin, whether for you or for your home-schooled kids? Would you just love to learn another language at an affordable price? Well finally, somebody has thought of a practical, affordable paradigm. This guy — Dwane Thomas — is funny, practical and effective in this teaching/training. He has some super language training gifts that can help you overcome your fear of learning to speak another language. But one of the best parts is — you and your family become “members” of his training by paying one simple fee per month ($25). For that price, everybody in your family can participate (in whichever language you want) as much as you like! There are both live classes (to give you that structure you need so you don’t put off the training) as well as recorded videos (so you can train any time you want). Check out the entire system at…




1) Online Evangelism and Church-Planting Training

Harvestime International Institute is web-based TEE training that is very easy for churches to implement in-house. Subjects only cost $7 each, the content is free, students only pay to do the online exams. HII is a 21 subject, two-year course resulting in an Associate Degree in Biblical Ministries. It’s designed for churches and individuals in the Majority World and has an emphasis on practical evangelism and church-planting. In addition to all that, it’s even mobile-friendly. Learn more at…




or email

johnedatcybermissionsdotorg  (johnedatcybermissionsdotorg)  


2) Community Development Curriculum on DVD in 10 Languages

BOKSI’m holding a gorgeous curriculum in my hands. It’s from Nation-2-Nation Film studios and it focuses on community development. It’s available in at least 10 major languages. It combines the cumulative knowledge of doctors, agriculturalists, dentists, and veterinarian experts, who have worked among the world’s poor, and pools that information into a single, practical and easy-to-use curriculum. The series, known as “BOKS” (Building Other Through Knowledge and Service) is being used by missionaries and nationals in over 35 countries. It is currently available in: English, French, Creole, Spanish, Indonesian, Hindi, Cebauno, Tagalog, Mandarin, Swahili, and Hausa and costs $175. Learn more at…


There are 4 sessions on basic hygiene and health, 8 on Basic Medical Prevention and Care, 2 on Basic Dental Care, 5 on Family Health, 7 on Basic Ag. And Farming, 4 on Pregnancy and Childbirth, 4 on Child Development, and 2 more on the Female Reproductive Cycle. So with 36 sessions, this is a virtual introductory course on the entire community development foundation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this just might be the most comprehensive distance learning curriculum available anywhere today in community health. 21 DVD’s — all for $175. That’s basically $8/DVD. I can’t imagine any better deal ANYWHERE that would so comprehensively give you so much of a body of knowledge at a distance. Plus, the videos are high quality. Yes, many are lecture-based, rather than the participatory style that CHE has made so famous. But if you have to learn this material through a distance learning course, you probably aren’t worried about using participatory instruction techniques (because you’re solo). If you can’t get to a CHE course in person, then this course is highly recommended. And if you CAN, then take CHE to acquire the training in participatory teaching, then use this course to expand your body of knowledge about the principles, techniques and the knowledge base of community health.

9) Crescent Project Offers Training in Islam

Don’t forget about Crescent Project’s Sahara Challenge…


The training is non-confrontational, uses much scripture, is informed by Islam itself, and is well-regarded by many. Also, you can actually see online videos of the training at…


Cool idea. There must be some way to register so you can watch the videos online (and not have to wait for DVD’s to come in the mail). This would be really helpful to overseas customers, living in sensitive situations. Although it didn’t look like the page was protected by SSL technology, one could use a VPN to address security and, presumably, view the entire training program via a distance-learning approach. Awesome.

12) Free missions series starts March 14

These weekly tutorials are designed to cover all the basic elements of world missions. Each blog will feature a different subject, like countries, religions, languages, peoples, terminology, missionaries, and agencies. Further blogs will discuss ways to get involved, like supporting, praying, volunteering, traveling, etc. Participants can add comments and dig deeper using assignments and links. Sign up (free) to get the whole series at


11) Learn to Build Seamless Partnerships in Less than Six Weeks

If you have to build a strong partnership with someone from another culture, don’t give up until you run, rather than walk, to…


I’ve used this course with new friends in Asia, and I’m about to use it (starting tomorrow) with new friends in Serbia and two days later, in Bulgaria. It’s good stuff. You might have to adapt it to your situation, but it will give you plenty of meat to adapt.

10) Run Away with Runway Languages

Runway Languages is a new online language learning tool based on the Language Acquisition Project created by Dwight Gradin at Mission Training International.


Runway currently offers Mandarin Chinese but is looking for partners to help them develop content in additional languages. This is a revenue generating opportunity. They are interested in developing any language that that would be useful for Kingdom work. Contact J.D. at

jdatrunwaylanguagesdotcom if you are interested.

9) What do you think of Online TEFL Courses?

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

I’m assuming a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) class would be superior if you could attend it in person, right? (Or do you disagree?) But are there any better bets for online TEFL programs? For example, if you were to study at…


would you come away with a good handle on how to Teach English? Do you have a favorite online program or experience? If so, would you be willing to give us the referral information in a comment box immediately below this item?

7) Sample Nixty Course for Small Group Prayer Leaders

Remember that prayer campaign, Pray4Tunisia.com ??? Here’s a free course for people to learn how to become small group prayer leaders especially for Pray4Tunisia. This might provide ideas for those wishing to use Nixty for other purposes. There are 5 lessons covering Church planting movements, prayer, Tunisia, and practical tips to lead a small group. There are podcasts, articles, and videos. It’s completely free and is designed to empower people to start small groups that pray for a CMM in Tunisia. You can check it out at….


2) Learn “Working Your Way to the Nations” Today!

mywaytonationsWorking Your Way to the Nations is a twelve unit distance learning course conducted over three months that provides a comprehensive overview of what it takes to succeed as an international Christian witness. Learn interactively with a varied group of adults who are exploring their own pathways to serving God with their skills and professions in other nations. Course guidance and counsel is provided by a cadre of experienced, cross-cultural tutors. This certificate level course is also an excellent resource for senders who work in equipping and sending cross-cultural witnesses. It’s sponsored by the International Missionary Training Network of the WEA Missions Commission. Cost is US$50. But you’d better act fast. Registration is now open. The class begins this week! For more information, see…


or email


6) Distance Learning Courses for You

personallearningcenterThe Personal Learning Center International


offers Junior High, Senior High, Advanced Placement, and Junior College courses that lead to US accredited High School and Junior College degrees.  They are taught by US credentialed teachers; 75% of their teachers hold Ph.D.s in their areas of specialty.  Organizers say they are the least expensive ($225.00 per course).  They are also looking for recruiters and distributors of their online courses.  If you are interested in having your child take a course or helping them market their courses in the country where you work, write Philip

title="spotty4ataoldotcom" src="https://brigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/spotty4ataoldotcomdotbmp" alt="spotty4ataoldotcom" />

3) A Distance Learning Option that you can Join

Are you doing Business as Mission and want to earn additional income while reaching the best and brightest young people all over the world? Then join The Personal Learning Center International


and help recruit students. PLC/I provides English language instruction using the Rosetta Stone language learning program (they also offer 30 other languages) and provide skilled language tutors and give you credit towards your education if you need it. They offer middle school, high school, advanced placement, and vocational education courses over the internet that can lead to a US accredited high school diploma. Contact Philip

to learn more.
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