14) The Last Bit: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Since time eternal, missionaries have had trouble getting along. Paul and Barnabas had it out in Acts 15:39. Paul and Peter fight in Antioch (Galatians 2:11-14). Our good friend, Ron Koteskey, analyzed why we seemingly keep experiencing these conflicts at…


He encourages (with biblical backing) to approach the person alone. If this doesn’t work, he suggests we bring a witness or two. If this won’t work, he concludes the only way forward is to take it to the church. Ron suggests that, once the church makes a decision, if either party refuses to abide by the decision, then the church should treat that party as being “outside the church.” (See the biblical backdrop for Ron’s conclusions in Matthew 18:15-19.) Ron’s additional comments and suggestions all seem helpful. But, still we are left with questions. Why does conflict happen? We’re all trying to walk in Christ’s steps. We’re all praying. We’re all reading the same Book. Why can’t we all just get along?


If you have a magic solution… if you can help explain this… please click “comment” after this item on the web. We’d love to hear your take.


14) The Last Bit: Please Help us Understand Madrasas

Have you ever studied these Madrasas or religious schools in Islam? We searched for a polite and fair explanation. Here’s one sample we found…


But even in this most cordial explanation, we still remain troubled. Notice how the article points to the fact that these Islamic religious schools tend to teach concepts such as holy war — and some even teach students to dislike (or hate) Western ideals. This prayercast helps bring critical issues into focus:


Would you pray with us that God will guide the religious leaders in these schools? Pray that Christians can better understand how to relate to this kind of teaching, offering positive alternatives that aren’t judgmental or biased but still bring openness to following Jesus as Lord.


What’s YOUR take on Madrasas? Feel free to write anonymously if you prefer. Thanks for your response.


12) US Director of National Intelligence: Worldwide Threat Assessment

Thanks to the US Director of the National Intelligence Service who, on behalf of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, recently made available a 42-page briefing on just about every hotspot under heaven. You can learn about the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the latest on Iraq, perhaps understand the latest threats from North Korea, and much more. (There are some advantages to open democracies.) Download the briefing for free at…—SSCI.pdf


(Thanks to Justin for tipping us off to this resource!)

3) Just When You Thought the World Was More Violent (It was)

We caught a link in the BBC news recently to a page that tracks and studies violent incidents and the actors who make them happen. This is a good news/bad news deal. The good news is — they found fewer total fatalities this year. I talked this through with my son who is studying conflict in his Ph.D. grad program. His take on this was that civil conflicts are starting at a similar rate as throughout history and with similar predictors, but are much harder to resolve. As a result, there are more conflicts since they just keep grinding on. So again, the good news is, maybe we aren’t seeing more violent encounters than at any time in the past. We just can’t STOP them. Here’s the page that started the conversation.

What’s YOUR take on this? (Some of you are living in the MIDDLE of this conflict. We value and treasure your feelings on this — and we pray for your situation daily.)

7) If you Had Just One Wish This Christmas, What Would it be?

Boy, I’d be very tempted to wish for the complete peace of Christ in Yemen. Take a look at the conflict tracker at…!/conflict/war-in-yemen

It’s haunting. I would wish that it could stop. Today. Now.

By the way, learn more about conflict throughout the world at…!/

9) Dealing with Conflict

counselorIt’s one of the most frequent reasons for missionary attrition. But it doesn’t have to be. Conflict can be a tool for greater understanding between people. If dealt with in healthy ways it can actually enhance closeness rather than causing greater distance. Whether you’re experiencing conflict with colleagues, a spouse, kids, your boss, there can be a way forward. Care Port Counseling can help. Contact them at…

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