12) Is Christianity in the USA Really Declining This Rapidly?

We’re never sure what to think when we read the latest study. It seems like we can almost always find SOMEONE who can show this trend or that trend (sometimes in direct opposition to one another). But this study…


seems so serious. If it’s true — that the Pew Research Group has determined that there was a 12% decline those claiming to be Christians in the past 10 years, and that church attendance is down by over 7% in 10 years, and that those who say they have “no religion” has grown to 30 million in ten years — what do these trends mean? Is Christianity really declining at such a rapid pace in the USA? What are your thoughts?


8) Animated Bar Chart for Global Religions is Sobering and Inspiring

Yes, we can’t help but be thankful for the many who have made it possible for Christianity to grow as it has throughout the world. However, we also can’t help but wonder what might happen to it in the future unless we change something today. What kind of change might help tip the scales in favor of regaining some momentum for growth and expansion, just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. We’d better figure it out now — because our assignment was to make disciples of all nations. Check out our progress:

See this video at (

11) Learn How the Church All But Disappeared in the Middle East

lost christianityJesus was born in the middle of a region that is today dominated by a religion which disavows his divinity. How in the world did this happen? Now you can know the truth. Get the book, “The Lost History of Christianity,” by Philip Jenkins.

It tells the story of the Eastern church that was larger than both Rome
and Byzantium combined. Many mid-Asia Countries were Christian or
predominantly so. In a fascinating panorama, Jenkins explains that the church began to be seen as politically affiliated. So the church that was once persecuted became so powerful that a region began to fear that it would become like a super-power. Yikes. There have to be some lessons here somewhere. Get the book. Let’s learn the lessons — and change the world for good. (Thanks Ted!)

3) Read the Pew Report about the Growth of Global Christianity

mapI wish I could just memorize the whole page. The entire report summary at…

is chalked FULL of interesting facts and tidbits. It chronicles the Growth of Christianity by location, complete with maps, tables, interactive infographics, sortable data, and even a quiz! The complete report is available at right, along with several appendices. Most interesting is the zoom-in on regional distribution of Christianity both in 1910 and 2010. If I were still a missions prof in a Bible college, this would keep my students busy for at least two class periods! :-)

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