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8) Bravo for the Ten Agencies Cooperating in IllumiNations Website

The new version of IllumiNations Bible translation website went live this week. See it at…


And be sure to scroll to the end to see the 10 agencies that make up this powerful impact alliance hoping to finish the majority of Bible translations (95% of the whole Bibles and 99.96% of the New Testaments) by 2033. It’s a beautiful example of synergy and partnership.


13) We Asked about CCBT Last Week. Jesse Answered.

We’re grateful to Jesse for picking up on our inquiry about CCBT. (See last edition, 2) Can You Teach Us About Community-Based Bible Translation? (CCBT), at ). He wrote, “CCBT, as used on


refers to “Church-Centric Bible Translation” which is an approach that equips the church that speaks any given language for excellence in Bible translation, as an intrinsic part of their theological formation and leadership development. There are some similarities with other approaches, but in many ways, this Bible translation model is very different. At unfoldingWord, we’ve made an attempt to describe it in some detail in the paper “From Unreached to Established”


Other papers that may be helpful include “Trustworthy and Trusted” (which considers how to equip the church to achieve excellence in Bible translation,


and “The Gateway Languages Strategy” (which describes a global strategy for providing content, tools and training that equip the entire global church,


Also there is a Getting Started guide that we put together at


Hopefully that has some value for you too.” It does. Thanks for your help, Jesse!


2) Can You Teach Us About Community-Based Bible Translation? (CCBT)

We started hearing about CCBT a few years ago, but it bubbled up again this past week in a very big way.  A foundation made it clear that they would prefer working with onsite team members who were capable and experienced in CCBT. Can you help us find a few case studies — and just help us understand it better please? It seems like a game-changer, but it also seems to be somewhat debated by those who prefer a more traditional Bible translation approach.


For starters, we could browse to…


But it feels like there should be much, much more.


14) The Last Bit: What are the Goals for Bible Translation?

We were listening to a talk on this recently. Get this: First, By 2033, 95% of all people in the world should have a full Bible, and just as significantly, 99.9% should have the entire New Testament. The exciting part is — 100% should have at least 25 chapters. Imagine — every tribe, every nation, with the Word of God. It’s going to happen. Want to be a part of it? It’s really cool. First, scan this article in Christianity Today to see what a huge accomplishment this is…

Then check out the site itself at…

For Bible translation, this has got to be one of the most exciting times in the history of the work.

13) Thank you for the Translation Teams

A recent Brigada donor gave praise for a team in western Niger (the Fulfulde translation team) helping to shine the light of the Gospel in a dark place by faithfully translating the Word of God for this nomadic people group. Join him today in giving thanks for their work. We’re also grateful for his original empowering gift, already recognized in a previous Brigada.

If you’d like to help as well, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

3) Easybibles Volunteers Now In 15 Languages/10 Nations In Africa

easybiblesEasybibles is asking for continued prayer for great progress being made in Africa (10 nations) and Asia (4 nations) by translators and checkers working for no payment. In certain countries, Martin and the Britannia Club Account send money exclusively for printing. (Still other countries fund their total operation.) Learn more, including details on conferences for the volunteers producing ‘easyBibles’ in Africa and Asia by visiting…

5) Mother-Tongue Translators in the Pacific

Cool that Wycliffe Associates is stepping up its support of national, mother-tongue translators who are at work on Bible translation projects for their own people. This effort, called the Pacific Advance, focuses on providing national translators with resources and training to hasten the work of Bible translation in a region where 350 Bible translation projects are in progress, with 404 projects yet to begin. Read more at…

6) Expands and Enlarges Translation Info

I have a great friend named Greg who serves in the Bible Translation business. He leads a fast-growing agency and stays up on this stuff. This past week, he wrote to make sure we had seen…

We hadn’t. I wrote him back to make sure I knew what I was looking at. He described it this way: “They applied their JP progress scale to languages by calculating the progress of each language group based on the people groups that spoke that language. They combined everything else they know about languages on one sheet so you can find unreached language communities now as well as unreached peoples. You can find unreached language groups that also have no Scripture, no Jesus Film and are Muslims. And a lot of other things like that, including language groups over a certain population with some other combination of criteria.” So hats off to for the further development… and to Greg for pointing the Brigada family to it!

8) Linguistics For Bible Translation Or Language Learning —

Are you interested in Bible translation or other missionary work? Your best tool in training will be to learn how to understand and learn the language. SIL at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, has the courses you need. June 2 – Aug 4 could be a wonderful summer for you alongside others with similar interests. Apply by May 1 to avoid a late fee, or by March 15 if you want to apply for financial aid. The summer package costs $2680-$3125. For more details:


6) Digital Bibles Project Bible on cell phones —

Several Bible translation groups and other mission groups are involved. The project targets the 5 billion people who have cell phones. Please send your email to


He will be blogging his trip to several countries in Africa for this project. He and the team need your very important prayer support. No one else prays your prayers, so please be a part of this great effort to enable people in many countries who speak many languages to download (free) the Bible in their language in text and voice.

10) Having trouble Translating that sign? There’s an app for that —

Literally. Thanks to our I.T. guy, Greg, for point us to this article:


(That link might wrap. If so, just navigate to this item on the web, using the link below, and click on the link to the techcrunch story there.)


Basically, the story reports an iPod app that translates text from Spanish to English (and vice versa) in virtually real time. Right now, there’s only Spanish, but give ’em time. :-)

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