Arab World

2) What’s the Best Guide to Arab Culture & Islam?

One of our Brigada participants wrote this past week wondering what might be the best guide to Arab culture and Islam. One of the churches with whom he is partnering is looking for something less on how to evangelize and more on how to get know, how to connect, and how to avoid insulting. What resource would you recommend? If you have an idea, please click “comment” below the online version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can render.

9) Resources for Focusing on the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is the focal point of all Islam and there is a growing array of resources to encourage prayer for the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. Download Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula (PTAP) booklets at

Pray, view and/or use in worship any of the excellent 1-2 minute PTAP YouTube videos

Subscribe to receive weekly PTAP prayer requests at pray4ptapatgmaildotcom. Follow PTAP’s “Twitter” version of the prayer email at

Seeking Sources for Audio/Video Discipleship Material

Tony recently wrote, on behalf of a friend, asking for possible sources for discipleship material — especially audio or video material — in French and/or Arabic. Apparently the friend was trying to help a new immigrant from Burkina Faso. She had spent her teenage years in Saudi Arabia as a virtual slave. She is now free, is married to an American, and is eager to learn more about her newfound Savior. Unfortunately, she has received little formal education, and is virtually illiterate. She speaks English well (and also speaks French, and a bit of Arabic) but cannot read or write beyond her letters and basic sounds. In particular, the church is seeking material that would help her understand and bridge the gap between her indoctrination as a Muslim and her new life as a Christian. Are there downloadables (MP3s) that might help her? I was thinking of all the “storying” stuff that’s being developed. If you have an idea, just click to this item on the web and leave a comment. (Feel free to leave it anonymously if you wish.) Thanks!

20070318 Brigada Today

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  1. STRATEGIC PRAYER — Want to be more focused and strategic in your prayers for unreached and least reached people groups? Check out the following websites:

    (Thanks to Betty, Team Expansion’s Prayer Coordinator, for these tips!)

  2. SPECIAL BRIGADA REPORT: WHAT MAKES A MISSIONARY EFFECTIVE? — Remember Rebekah? She’s 22 years old. In preparation for her work in India, she asked for your top-ten list of tips, thoughts, ideas, and principles that would help her become super-effective on the mission field. Here’s the report she compiled. Thanks Bekah!

  3. HELP LINDA NAME HER COLLEGE — Linda is a missions prof at her college, which has a traditional name, ending in the words, “… Bible College.” She’s wishing for input, articles, and info regarding the upside and the downside of her college having the word “Bible” in its name. What is the advantage over having Christian rather than Bible? What is the advantage of not having either Christian or Bible? What is the advantage of having university over college? Would you be able to help her? If you could help her, write lcj(at)roanokebible(dot)edu

  4. NEED A NANNY? – – Free up more of your time for your ministry! has a number of applications from Christian women seeking to help with missionary children. The women can help with tutoring, child care, shopping, household chores, etc., and ask for no more than free room and board while they serve. The amount of time they can serve varies. If you have a need, contact BettySullins(at)Juno(dot)com See the web site for more information.

    (Thanks for the reminder, Rod!)

  5. PRINCIPAL AND STAFF NEEDED AT INT’L CHRISTIAN SCHOOL IN INDIA — Metro Delhi International School has an urgent need for an experienced Principal, who can lead the school, especially in the development of a High School program for students. Other staff positions are also available and applications are being accepted. The school currently serves 60 international children, Kindergarten to grade 10, with potential to double in size in the coming year or so. MDIS primarily serves International students working with organizations in the Delhi area, as well as business and diplomatic families. Salary and housing are provided. For more information, see

    or contact info(at)mdis(dot)net. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  6. NORWAY TRAINS TENTMAKERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD — Since TENT of Norway started running tentmaking courses in 2003, people have attended them from 8 countries and from as far away as Hong Kong. These intensive 4.5 day courses include a two-week curriculum in English, designed by former tentmakers. To keep course fees down, you will be housed in local homes. The people of Bergen are known for their hospitality and you will enjoy getting to know your host family. Check out the course outline and date at

    or email their office steinar(dot)opheim(at)tent(dot)no [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

    TENT will donate $5 to Brigada for each person who registers and indicates they heard about the course from Brigada.

  7. FOR MISSION IN THE ARAB WORLD — For those with an interest in mission in the Arab World, have a look at

    The website of this magazine is renewed, and contains very useful articles on Islam, Arab Churches and mission.

  8. MAKE YOUR OWN TRUECRYPT DISK/DRIVE — Our Feb. 24th item, “4) GET BY ‘ON THE CHEAP’ WITH TRUECRYPT,” shared some options for pay, but Jonathan shared some free options, “Make your own encrypted disk by downloading TrueCrypt to your hard disk or a USB drive for free.

    More portable (USB) free security application are available at

    As far as email PGP (and Hushmail) are free and simple.” (Thanks Jonathan!)

  9. FREE TRIAL, CHRISTIAN BOOK REVIEWS — The Christian Library Journal, now entering its 13th year of publication, welcomes inquirers to sign up for a 90-day free trial online subscription. CLJ includes reviews of library material (books, DVDs, etc.) written from a Christian point of view by librarians, teachers, and free-lance writers. Titles reviewed cover many different subject areas, fiction as well as nonfiction, and children’s and teens’ as well as adult material. Go online to sign up for your free trial.

    Sorry, since this is an online journal, there is no other way to access it.)

  10. THANKS TO THOSE UNDERGIRDING BRIGADA — We’re grateful to those who make our work possible here. This past week, we’re thankful for Dial- Abroad, who gave $111 as a way of saying thanks for recent referrals to their great long-distance service, along with help for telecommunicating travelers. Check them out at:

  11. THE BACKPAGE: “COOL TOOLS” (CONT’D) — We’ve been highlighting worthwhile “tools” for cross-cultural workers. Our list so far has included…

    #1: Beat jet lag (Sleep East, Party West, Gear up to sleep, Herd your kids) #2: Get your own mosquito tent (for malaria-infested areas) #3: Insist on AC adaptors that don’t require converters/transformers #4: Rent or buy a “worldphone”, satphone, and/or sat modem

    In addition to those, add these:

    #5: Pack by checklist, pack light — Make a checklist. Take it with you on trip so you can add things as you “miss” them. Prioritize them according to a scale where 1 is “imperative” and 5 is “luxury”. When you pack, try to always stay within one checked bag, one carry-on. Go light!

    #6: Use roller bags — This new generation of rolling carry-ons and rolling suitcases is the berries. What a back-saver. Find the lightest, most durable stuff you can find. I like the ThinkPad Vertical Roller Case (model #40Y7384) but that’s probably just because I’m a Thinkpad guy. Still, they’ve thought of everything on this briefcase: gel padding, vertical “upright” design, telescoping single handle, has a retractable document holder built into the top (perfect for tickets, passport, directions), removable water bottle holder, removable cell phone holder, ultra-nice ID tag holder, business card storage, fits in all overhead luggage bins (including the thin Canadair “jump jet” bins), … I mean… they even give you a retractable *blue* LED flashlight inside! Yes it’s $132. I know. Too much. But mine has lasted for 20 years I think. Ok… maybe not quite that long. :-) Keep the rolling suitcase to a manageable size (not one of those rolling *trunks*!) and you can easily glide them both behind you, one in each hand.

    #7: Bring a filtered water bottle — I’ve been carrying the Bota “Outback” for some time now…

    But pick your favorite. I like this one because it has the built-in lexan guard over the top, so you don’t have to suck on a dirty “straw”. Because you can “squeeze” water out, you can also use the Outback to filter a glass of water to drink the “real way.” It filters 99.9% of the Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts — without the iodine that’s not so good for you. It’s also easier to squeeze so you get a slightly faster flow rate than most bottles. Either way, bring along *something*. I’m here in Spain as I write this. Sure the water is clean in most of Spain. But today I’ve spent most of our day in a 700-year-old community. There’s no way I can be sure that all these pipes are new. Having the filter, I can pretty much be assured of pure water, any time I want it. Besides, it’s great to have a water bottle anyway, and if you’ve got to carry one, why not carry a filtered one! :-)

    More travel tips next time! Doug

20060514 Brigada Today

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  1. RETREATS FOR PROSPECTIVE MISSIONARIES — “The Journey Deepens” is a weekend retreat to help prospects explore what it is like to be a missionary, discover whether a missionary or sender role is God’s fit, and connect with mission agencies. These retreats are for college students, young professionals in their 20s and 30s, adults in their 40s and 50s, and high school seniors willing to explore becoming a missionary. Each retreat of 50 participants and 10 missionary mentors from multiple agencies is highly relational with extended worship, small group discussions, personal reflection and much prayer. Discussions include agencies guidance, finances, singles/families, etc. For those in south central USA a 2006 retreat will be Sep 29-Oct 1 in Davis, Oklahoma (between Dallas and Oklahoma City). For those in southeast USA a 2006 retreat will be Oct 20-22 in Atlanta, Georgia. Agencies may apply to send a mentor/recruiter as well as receive a free sponsored link on every webpage of The Journey Deepens web resources in exchange for reciprocal promotion. These retreats are presented by MissionsFocus Int’l and co-sponsored by ACMC, Caleb Project, Perspectives and the U.S. Center for World Mission. For more visit

  2. WIKITRAVEL IS A GREAT RESOURCE — Have you been there? Check out this resource, whose goal is a “free, complete, up-to-date and reliable guide” to worldwide travel:

    Yes, I recognize several of the pages are empty… and that, of those which are filled in, many are filled in by informal fellow-travelers. But just the same, my hunch is that this project will grow and grow . . . so let’s help make it happen in a healthy way.

  3. URBANA 06: YOU HAVE A CALLING — God has a place for you in his global plan. He has given you unique passions, skills and resources that can make a difference in his Kingdom. At Urbana 06 over 25,000 will gather to worship and hear how God is using his church to accomplish his purposes throughout the world. Will you be there? Learn about God’s love for people of every tribe, nation, and language, and how you can be a part of his global mission. Organizers look forward to seeing you on December 27, 2006 in St. Louis! For more information, visit

    You may also reach them by emailing info(at)urbana.Org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or calling 608-274-7995.

  4. “GREAT COMMISSION KIDS” PUBLICATION — GC Kids is a quarterly six- page publication for children ages 9 to 13 who have an interest in missions. It aims to encourage these children to become missionaries. GC Kids may also be used by children’s workers to educate children about missions. It is sent by postal mail. Multiple copies are easy and inexpensive to obtain. For a sample copy as a PDF file by email or to get samples by postal mail, send your request to elinor(dot)young(at)worldteam(dot)org. To subscribe to GC Kids, email leahy(dot)ken(at)comcast(dot)net, and put “subscribe GCK” in the subject line.

  5. PRAYER REQUEST FOR ARABIAN PENINSULA — Mert is a brother asking us to pray for Arabs: “Pray that the power system of Wahhabi leaders would crumble and that the people of Saudi Arabia would not feel controlled by these leaders. Pray that God would break down the stronghold of pride that binds Saudis to Islam.” He goes on to tell this story: “Salman is an Arab Muslim who began following Jesus along with his wife, just before she died of cancer about 16 months ago. Being with his mom in the hospital these past few days reopened the shallow wounds of his wife’s death. He has not grieved properly for either. He is a young single dad with tremendous responsibility and no time to stop and grieve. Pray that God would touch Salman’s heart deeply this week with comfort and peace. Pray too for his boys, aged 13 and 9, that God would heal their hurting hearts as well.

    “One of our workers learned tonight that local tradition mandates returning to the burial site on the third day after the death to make prayers for the deceased. Salman said he hated this tradition, because he said it just reopens the hurt. Could this be because there is no hope of resurrection for most Muslims who are buried in that cemetery! Pray for wisdom as several men and women in the country are involved in his life.”

  6. NEED HELP WRITING YOUR BOOK? — There’s a book inside you, and if you need help writing it, a new e-book, called “How to Write a Book,” can help. In seven easy-to-follow steps, writer’s coach Diana Scimone shares practical insights that will help you move your book from dream to reality. Her encouraging and motivational teaching style can help you finally write the book you’ve always dreamed of writing. Cost for the e-book is $14.95, and you can download it (as a pdf) at

  7. STRATEGY CO-ORDINATOR (SC) TRAINING — Sign up for this training from 07 to 31 August 2006 with Asia Pacific Mission Limited (APM) in partnership with the Singapore Centre for Evangelism and Missions (SCEM). Learn the work of a Strategy Coordinator (SC) to focus on developing Church-planting Movements (CPM) among Unreached People Groups (UPG), Cities or Regions. It’s happening at the Global Training Centre, Singapore for US$600.00 per single person or married couple (plus your airfare, board and lodging). Sign up before 15 July, 2006 or you’ll pay a $50 late fee. For more info, write scanet(at)gmail(dot)com with subject: SCT06 or contact Frank (Mobile: +65-9682-4493; Fax: +65-625-777-29)

  8. HOW CAN WE SAY THANKS ENOUGH? — Hats off this week to the kind- hearted individuals who gave $25 and $10 respectively to empower Brigada to keep pumping out missions resources to your screen. Thanks, too, to Insurance Services of America for their gift of $30. The really cool part about this ISA gift is that it was based on two different short-term teams having purchased trip insurance for their journeys. One group, from Fairbanks, Alaska, had gone to the Philippines… and another, from Joplin, MO, had traveled to Jamaica. Because they used ISA and this link:

    they received a great deal on their trip insurance while helping Brigada too! (Thanks Carla and Lyle, for choosing ISA!)

    This past week, we were also humbled by the generosity of Covenant College and, in particular, its Chalmers Institute

    We were floored when they sent a $600 gift for Brigada. I’m telling you… if we had our way, we’d ask all 10,000 Brigada subscribers to register for “Foundations and Principles of Holistic Ministry”, offered in distance format on August 28 – September 22, 2006. But even if only 100 of us decide to check out a course at the link above, I’d be thrilled!

    Finally, Blessed Hope sent $16.45, based on long distance use by those who had signed up at this link:

    Once again, if you’re looking for long distance service anyway, you’ll get a great deal while helping Brigada if you travel to that link and switch your long distance to Blessed Hope. Thanks in advance!

  9. GCOMM REGISTRATION DEADLINE COMING JUNE 15 — The second Global Consultation on Music and Missions (GCoMM 2006), a worldwide gathering of hundreds of musicians, music missionaries, educators, worship pastors, and Christian leaders, will be held July 11-15 at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Exhibitor information is now available at

    as well as speaker information and a convenient online registration. The regular rates for North America attendees (as well as highly discounted student and overseas registration rates) are available only until June 15. After this date, late and walk-in registration rates will be available for an additional cost.

  10. KEEP BRIGADA COMING TO YOUR SCREEN: CHIP IN? — When you empower Brigada, you keep Brigada Today editions cranking out each week to people all over the world who perhaps can not, at this time, pay a subscription fee. We keep sending them Brigada Today on a weekly basis — and you have the opportunity to make that possible for them. Just click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. In any case, thanks for considering Brigada in your estate giving, your monthly church missions fund, and/or your own personal giving for this calendar year.

  11. THE BACKPAGE: “24” FINALE — Previously on “24” (in our BackPage Editorials), we’ve discussed courage, patient wisdom, speaking the truth, freedom, accountability, a sense of urgency, and private pain. In this “season finale”… the final episode in our series of metaphors with “24”, let’s consider what happens when Miles erases the tape… or when the witness dies. Let’s talk about what Jack does when the bottom falls out of his world.

    If you’ve seen “24”, you know that Jack isn’t perfect. Many of us probably squirmed as he sat on that hospital bed, talking to Audrey, while Miles snuck in and erased the tape that would have served as evidence against President Logan. (If you haven’t been watching “24”, all you have to do is realize that, basically, Jack dropped his guard because he assumed everything was good.) I think one of the most encouraging lessons I’ve drawn from my analysis of the character of Jack Bauer is that, although he does express some disappointment, and, at times, even anger over a setback, he seems to immediately go back into fighting mode. In short — he never gives up. Bad guys get away. People he loves get kidnapped or killed. Witnesses vanish. Enemies resurface. And, at least on a couple of occasions, he’s even essentially been killed – then revived. (Someone joked that the only time we’ve ever seen him rest was during those moments when he was dead!) But regardless of the extent or nature of the setback, he just shifts into the next gear, trying to design a contingency plan. And, because it’s TV, most of the time, something eventually works in one form or another.

    I take a lot of encouragement from that model. I’m involved in several very difficult and trying negotiations at present. Some of them seem, at times, even overwhelming. When I begin to feel that cold wave of discouragement sweeping over me, I pray to the Father, take comfort in the fact that He is with me, and yes… I’ll admit it… I have even succumbed to the line of thought… “Jack wouldn’t quit.” Now I’m not suggesting we sell wristbands reading, “What would Jack Do?” :-) But just as Jesus drew parables from nature, I’m drawing parables from today’s world — and this parable of “24” has meaning to me . . . and I hope and trust it will to some of you as well. Missions is very hard work. Stephen Neill said that mission work is so hard, it’s a wonder anyone should have ever even attempted it. Whoa. Conclusion: when life is tough, remember — don’t quit just because someone erases your evidence tape. :-)

    So, with that we close our series on “24.” Besides… Jack’s on a slow boat to China and we have some time to ponder season 6 anyway. So… until next time, please take heart — and don’t give up. Even if the battle costs you your very life. Keep fighting. Never give in. Jack doesn’t.

20050731 Brigada Today

In this issue…


1. FINAL CALL (AUG. 17) FOR HELPING DOUG WITH FOLLOWERSHIP STUDY — Good news on Doug’s dissertation. At last count, 322 followers had completed the 5-minute survey, with 223 of their respective leaders logging in afterward to complete the supervisor’s corresponding portion. (So about 100 leaders still needed to finish their 5-minute questionnaire.) That means we’re halfway there. Only 72 hours or so remains. Can the Brigada family help Doug reach his goal of 500 completed followership surveys by midnight on Aug. 17th? Remember, this doesn’t require any credit card; in fact, it doesn’t cost you a dime. It’s completely confidential. No one will call. It’s just a great way to give back something to Doug (for free!)… he can finally complete his doctorate! :-) Just a couple of hundred followers (and their leaders) to go! Remember, eligible persons would include anyone working or volunteering full-time (more or less) for a church, mission, humanitarian aid organization, or any other non-profit. Please help. Doug is desperate. Just click to: Thank you in advance. This might be the largest academic study on followership ever conducted. This is the last opportunity and the last time it will be promoted in Brigada Today. (If you would like to clip this item and forward it to some friends, we’d appreciate it. Just remember it needn’t be circulated after Aug. 17, 2005.)
2. FROM CALEB PROJECT: 10-WEEK STUDY ON OUTREACH, FOR SMALL GROUPS — In an attempt to equip church leaders seeking a unified local and worldwide outreach, Caleb Project has produced a unique 10-week small- group study for adults entitled “Eternal Impact: Discover Your Role in God’s Worldwide Purpose.” This tool helps church leaders equip their congregations to reach the nations, from neighborhood to distant lands. Learn how to be Pray-ers, Senders, Goers, Welcomers, Givers, and/or Connectors. Find it at
3. PRODUCING FUELS FROM AGRICULTURAL WASTES — Are you interested in economically converting agricultural wastes into valuable fuels and efficiently utilizing the by-products as an effective “helps ministry” outreach? If so, plan to attend the Producing Fuels from Agricultural Wastes Course held at Camp Living Water, Bryson City, NC, September 27, 30, 2005. Instruction will focus on the production of methane from animal and plant waste, but other fuels will be covered, such as ethanol and bio-diesel. Included will be the construction of various types of digesters from locally available material and discarded products, day-to-day operation, utilizing the fuel for heating, running generators and other engines, the profitable use of the valuable by- products and alternative complimentary power production. The same principles can apply to the utilization of sewage for methane production. For more information or to register, visit: . Full-time missionaries can register at the student rate ($75).
4. SEND GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL AIRTIME — Here’s a service that allows family members and friends in the USA to keep in touch with their loved ones serving overseas. They are said to have outstanding rates to anywhere in the world with clean, quality connections. It can be used with any cellular or land line phone. Find out more and read missionary testimonials at their website. You can even try it out for free and look up rates to anywhere in the world. Click to… or contact Andy toll free in the USA at 888-683-0653 or write him at cytechnologies(at)earthlink(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
5. BARREL AQUAPONICS: CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION — Do you want to learn to produce a constant supply fish and vegetables in an efficient, inexpensive small-scale system which will prove to be an effective “helps ministry” outreach? If so, you will want to attend a practical workshop entitled, “Barrel Aquaponics: Construction and Operation” held at Camp Living Water, Bryson City, NC, October 10 & 11, 2005. Instruction will focus on “Aquaponics,” which is the combining of aquaculture and hydroponics for mutual benefit. In addition to instruction, each attendee will be given an opportunity to construct a highly productive, small-scale system from barrels, capable of producing fish and a large variety of vegetables, greens & herbs adaptable to all types of environments. For more information or to register, visit: . Full-time missionaries can register at the student rate ($25).
6. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE WORD AT SBS — YWAM Turner Valley Canada’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is an intensive Bible school open to C/DTS graduates. Inductive study is done book by book employing thorough observation, careful interpretation, and personal application. Students go through the Bible five times in nine months! According to its administrators, SBS gives a balanced view of the Scriptures as a whole and exposes students to the richness of the Bible in its continuity, various styles of literature, and historical backgrounds. SBS begins September 12th, 2005 and concludes June 30th, 2006. For more info, call 1-403-933-3755 or email turnervalley(at)ywam(dot)ca [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
7. PRE-ISLAMIC ARABIA — Gateway Missionary Training Centre in Langley B.C. is offering this special one-day seminar by Roland Muller (author of books such as Tools for Muslim Evangelism) on Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 10am – 5pm. Come away with a new understanding and appreciation for the historical background of the Bible and what happened in Arabia in the years between Noah and Mohammed. Cost for the day, lunch included, is $20.00CDN. Register via phone 604-530-4283 or e-mail Seminar(at)gatewaytraining(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] This should be very effective at helping people groups in Arabia understand their true native religions (pre-Islam).
8. STARTING OUT IN MISSIONS? TRY DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL — YWAM Turner Valley Canada offers DTS for you to grow in relationship with Christ and obedience to Mark 16:15. Dates are September 14th, 2005 – February 10th, 2006 OR mid March 2006 – mid August 2006. The school includes 12 weeks of teaching and training in Canada and an 8 week field assignment in South East Asia or North Africa. Topics during training include: Character of God, Sin & the Cross & Repentance, Bible Meditation, Frontier Missions, Relationships, Evangelism, Islamic/Buddhist Worldview and more. Outreach activities may involve helping long term workers, evangelism, prayer ministry, community development projects, children’s ministry and more. Please call 1-403- 933-3754 for information or email turnervalley(at)ywam(dot)ca. Check out the website at: [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
9. THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT — OK, I’ll admit it. It’s encouraging when someone makes a donation or sponsors or donates in any way. And you always know exactly how much comes in… and if we ever took in more than the goal for 2005, we’d just apply it to 2006 — not that that’s going to happen anytime soon though. :-) But this past week, a missionary serving in Guatemala helped us get $25 closer, enclosing a note which said, “thanking you for your service to the Christian community, anonymous.” Thank you so much for fueling our fire all the more. Would you like to help make Brigada happen next week and beyond? Your sponsorship or gift helps offset the costs of our webspace, some secretarial help, and a small amount of advertising. To chip in or make a substantial donation, just click “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous.

20021117 Brigada Today

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  1. LEARN TESL IN CHINA — Learn to Teach English by taking a TESOL course in Shanghai China. The course is both academic and practical in content and will prepare you to be a professional teacher of English. The course has a two week practicum which gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in the course. The practicum is critical to any TESOL course. Course dates are Feb. 14-March 28, 2003 and July 4-August 15, 2003. Go to for more information on the school. Please note that emails are received in china and can be read by anyone!!!! Please THINK before you write. The application deadline for February TESOL School/Shanghai, China will be January 1, 2003. The application, reference letters and application fee are due by January 1, 2003.

  2. DENTAL TRAINING FOR MISSIONARIES! — Learn a great skill in which you can demonstrate the love of Christ in a practical way. Dental decay and gingivitis are the most common diseases in the world. Millions suffer needlessly. In just seven intense days, Dentistry For Missions can train and equip you to bring greatly needed dental care to your community. Cost: $975 (Includes lodging, books, $300 kit). Courses offered monthly in Texas, USA. or e-mail: <dentistryformissionsatworldnetdotattdotnet>. </dentistryformissionsatworldnetdotattdotnet>

  3. MEDICAL MISSIONS TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES — Thanks to Tina, who passed along a great resource for Medical Missions. Dr. Dan Fountain, one of the leading voices in medical missions, is involved with King College and providing some great courses. In January he is offering one on Short Term Medical Missions. Check out this link: Now, medical professionals and other students will have the opportunity to attend one- to four-week workshops organized by King College and conducted by the top experts in the field of global and community health care.

  4. FREE TENTMAKING JOURNAL DOWNLOAD — “GO World”, the journal of tentmaking published by Global Opportunities is now available as a free pdf download. The subscription only hardcopy circulation is 5900 and growing. Each issue contains tentmaker stories, articles on tentmaking and missions, a country profile, and is sure to stimulate your missions thinking. Log on at…

  5. LIFE TIME MISSION OPPORTUNITIES AT HOME AND ABROAD — John wrote this past week to exhort us to try to lift up *lifetime* missions commitments, as opposed to short-terms only. He wrote, “When Isaiah saw the Lord ‘high and lifted up’ (Isaiah 6) he saw the eternal King, holy, righteous and glorious and he was devastated by this wonderful/scary spectacle. He was able to hear and respond to the clear word from God “Whom shall I send? And Who will go for Us?” Isaiah didn’t say “I will have to pray about it.” He didn’t ask “Where?” or “To whom” He didn’t ask “For how long?” He didn’t ask “How much will I get paid?” or “How much support will I have to raise?” Isaiah responded “Here am I! Send me.” God said “Go and tell this people.” Isaiah let God take over every aspect of his life. A true salvation experience, after hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, doesn’t come from a response of: ‘It sounds like a good idea, I will give it a try and see how it works out.’ A conviction of sin comes from an encounter with the same God who confronted Isaiah, giving the same helpless, Hell-bound feeling. Repentance of sin brings forgiveness and forgiveness opens you to the opportunity to hear the same (continuing) word from God “Whom shall I send? And Who will go for Us?” What are YOU going to say? God wants YOUR LIFE and He knows how to look after it better than you do!!” Thanks for your thoughts, John <cwmbcattelusdotnet>! </cwmbcattelusdotnet>

  6. TESOL SCHOOL IN HAWAII — The next TESOL Course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) will be held at the University of the Nations in Kona Hawaii beginning Feb. 17th, 2003. This course will equip you to teach English & open doors for you anywhere in the world you may be led to go. This is a four week academic curriculum with a two-week practicum which gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in the course. The exact schedule is from Feb. 17th to Mar. 28th, 2003. For more information & application forms contact <admissionsatuofnkonadoted>. </admissionsatuofnkonadoted>

  7. PRAYING THROUGH THE ARABIAN PENINSULA (PTAP) — Believers and churches in the Arabian Peninsula are calling on believers and churches around the world to pray for at least one (1) year, especially in 2003, for this region. In order to learn more about this year, you may read the Dec. 6, 2002 “World Pulse” issue, visit , or email <ptapatsrgincdotorg> . Translations of the PTAP booklet are underway in more than 10 languages, bookmarks, kid’s prayer kits, and videos are also available in some languages. The time has come to pray passionately and persistently for the Arabian Peninsula until there are church-planting movements all across the region. If you wish to subscribe to the weekly prayer updates on the web, you may sign on at via email . To receive them via email, send a message to <ptap-requestatlistsdoteverybodydotorg> with the subject “subscribe”. After you confirm your subscription, keep the welcome message since it contains the password you need to unsubscribe and protect & manage your account. </ptap-requestatlistsdoteverybodydotorg></ptapatsrgincdotorg>

  8. SEND YOUR FRIEND TO AN UNFORGETTABLE WEBSITE :-) — Check out this site… customized for your friend. Put in your friend’s name like this: Change out “brigada” for your friend’s first name… and “today” for your friend’s last name. Check it out! (Thanks for the tip, Eric! :-) And… you’re my friend too, buddy. :-)

  9. LANGUAGE AND CULTURE SEMINAR FOR NEW MISSIONARIES — Catch it February 9-21, in Toronto, Canada, it’s being hosted by Missionprep. Drawing from the rich cultural resources of Toronto, this seminar will prepare you for the challenges of cross-cultural ministry. Gear up with natural and easily-implemented language and cultural learning activities. The projects, techniques, skills and strategies for language and cultural learning will give you a head start in planning for your cross-cultural assignment. For more information contact Robert <missionprepatsympaticodotca> or </missionprepatsympaticodotca>

20020505 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. OSCAR LAUNCHES FORUM FOR MISSION MOBILISERS — OSCAR, the UK Information Service for World Mission, this month launches a new online forum specifically for local church mission mobilisers, secretaries and representatives in the UK, aimed at helping these individuals discuss their helps and hindrances and generally have a place where they can share their experience. Overseeing the group, in partnership with OSCAR, is Joy Piper, author of the book “Bringing the World to Your Church”. To access the forum, log on to , click on ‘Forum’ and then ‘Mission Mobilisers’.

  2. YET ANOTHER WAY TO CONNECT WHEN YOUR MODEM WON’T DIAL — In our ongoing saga of fixes for my wayward [Sony] modem that wouldn’t dial out in Ukraine, “Mr. O” in SE Asia suggested this (using Windows ME): Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double- click Dial-Up Networking. Click the icon for the connection you want to change. On the File menu, click Properties. Click Configure. Click the Options tab, and then select the Operator assisted or manual dial check box. Connect to a shared resource that uses this connection, or click the icon for this connection. When prompted, lift the receiver of your phone and dial the number. When you hear the tone from the computer, click Connect, and then hang up the phone. (You’ll have to translate it to your own operating system.) Thanks Mr. O!

  3. FREE BIBLE TRAINING RESOURCES ONLINE — AIBI Resources provides Bible training resources including detailed Bible book outlines, Bible survey manuals, training diagrams and much more. Some of the current material is also available on the website in Spanish. One resource that has been kept somewhat secret is a CD version of the resources. To learn more about the CD version, take a look at: . Volunteer translations teams are currently being developed to help make these valuable resources available in other languages as well. For more information on being a part of the translation teams, please see .

  4. TEFL COURSE IN THE SOUTHEAST — From July 22nd to August 2nd, Columbia International University will be offering an introductory course on the Techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Speaking, Listening, and Reading. This three semester hour graduate level course introduces students to communicative language teaching, lesson planning, and practical techniques for the classroom. The course may be taken as part of Columbia’s MA in TEFL or as a stand- alone introduction to English language teaching. For more information, please see Columbia’s Summer Studies website , or contact Dr. Kay Herbert at <kherbertatciudotedu>. You can also call: 1-803-754-4100, ext. 3316, or toll-free in the U.S. or via Net2Phone from elsewhere at 1-800-777- 2227. </kherbertatciudotedu>

  5. SCI BUILDS SOUND SYSTEMS DESIGNED FOR EVANGELISTS/MISSIONARIES -– Sound Communications Inc. of Louisiana has been bringing new ideas to portable sound systems for several years. The Communicator is the latest model that brings a unique “All Weather” capability to a very versatile, durable, self-contained, over the shoulder type system that offers mobility as well as quality sound. These are systems born out of missions for missions. Also check out the Power T12V which is also the number one system in schools and recreation departments in our home state of Louisiana. Contact them on line at or via email <scipoweratbayoudotcom>. You can call toll-free from the USA or via Net2Phone from elsewhere 1-866-846-4036. Their office phone in the USA is 1-318-396-7221. </scipoweratbayoudotcom>

  6. IS HUMILITY THE KEY TO THE ARAB WORLD? — Could simple acts of humble repentance open the heart of the Arab world to the gospel? For actual case studies explore the site which recounts the 3 year journey of Christians retracing the route of the First Crusade. The Crusades were the last time that the Church of Jesus Christ sent representatives to the Middle East in any large numbers. The atrocities committed in the name of Christ by the Crusaders hardened the hearts of the Arab world to the gospel for over 900 years. See how humility expressed in brokenness is softening hearts to the love of God.

  7. TRANSFOMRING NATIONS . . . COMMUNITY BY COMMUNITY — Are you interested in establishing a Community-Based Health Care Program which integrates the physical and the spiritual? Medical Ambassadors International’s Training of Trainers (TOT) introduces people to Community Health Evangelism (CHE). This strategy teaches concepts, gives vision and practical How To’s for implementing and managing CHE in your ministry. Training dates for USA: September 17-22, 2002. Additional information can be found at OR <helenatmed-ambdotorg>. </helenatmed-ambdotorg>

  8. STRATEGY COORDINATOR TRAINING COURSE — Catch this course for hands- on practitioners reaching UPGs : 13 August to 6 September, 2002 (4 weeks) in Singapore, and the side-by-side Go4th National Missions Conference 7- 10 August, 2002. There’s a special package available for both programs US$1000.00 (airfare, board and lodge not inclusive). Closing date: 31 July,2002.Registration or enquiries to Frank at <scanetatwritemedotcom>. </scanetatwritemedotcom>

  9. SINGAPORE SCHOOL OF FRONTIER MISSION — YWAM’s SoFM starts 19 September. Read more at . It’s a three-month lecture phase plus nine-month field internship. The entire program helping you develop skills in 1) language acquisition, 2) cross-cultural, 3) frontier survive, 4) teamwork and also 5) find a place of long-term service. The Singapore SoFM offers its internship at 6 entry cities and among 5 unreached peoples. You can see cost and schedule information at This is a secondary school with YWAM. A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is required before taking this course. For more info, write <apocal59atpacificdotnetdotsg>. </apocal59atpacificdotnetdotsg>

  10. THE BACK PAGE: SO HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE ADAPTING — My 12-year- old and I were talking recently and he came up with these ways that a missionary can know if they’re truly adapting to missionary life: 1. You can’t answer the question, “Where are you from?” 2. You read National Geographic and recognize someone. 3. You have a time zone map next to your telephone. 4. You consider a city 500 km away to be “very close”. 5. You watch nature documentaries, and think about how good that animal would taste if it were fried. 6. You can cut grass with a machete, but can’t start a lawnmower. 7. You speak with authority on the subject of airline travel. 8. You read the international section before the comics. 9. You have friends from or in 29 different countries. 10. You sort your friends by continent. 11. Fitting 15 or more people into a car seems normal to you. 12. You refer to gravel roads as highways. 13. You haggle with the checkout clerk for a lower price. 14. You don’t think that two hours is a long sermon. 15. You marvel at the cleanliness of gas station bathrooms. 16. You think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you go into a foreign grocery store. 17. You think a “foreign school” conducts classes in English.
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