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6) We’re Grateful for…

We’re thankful for the $50 gift “from a lover of all your great ministry resources that keep us current and in the know!” And the $30 gift from a great friend of Brigada who wants to help short-termers with...

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7) Honor-Shame Conference

Explore how honor and shame influence the gospel, the Church, and various other disciplines, including theology, missiology, pastoral ministry, and counseling. This conference is coming up quickly, June 8-10, at Wheaton College...

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8) Engage the Church in the Great Commission

Jump on a Zoom call with other church partners and friends. Explore how churches and agencies can develop relationships that improve their partnership in advancing the Great Commission. This conference takes place on January...

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10) Overwhelmed About Iran? Try This: #Pray

Here’s a moving video for your next worship service or missions event. In recent days, the USA embassy in Iran was attacked, the USA killed Iran’s highest military commander, and Iran attacked a...

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