If you’re still keeping track of your passwords on sticky-notes (please tell us you’re not sticking them to your monitor???), or (equally terrifying) as entries in the contact list in your phone (completely unprotected), why not make 2020 the year you start using a password manager? With apps like LastPass, you no longer have an excuse. It’s free (for 1 person) and you only need one “Master password” to get into LastPass. After that, who cares if you have 100 or 1000 passwords?! LastPass is managing it all for you — in an encrypted “vault.” So every time you go back to a site to log on, once you’ve done it once with LastPass, you’ll never have to remember that password again. LastPass will even generate strong passwords for you, taking away all the stress — so you don’t have to spell your cat’s name backward ever again. RoboForm does the same thing (only charges you a bit). Most of these apps can sync passwords (and secure notes) across devices, too, meaning that, once you enter a website and corresponding password into your laptop, you’ll be able to do the same using your phone — except your phone will already *know* the password (via the password app). With LastPass being free, tell us… why WOULDN’T you want to ratchet up your security a notch?


(Note: We aren’t making any kind of affiliate payment or getting any kickback from LastPass. We’re just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.)