7) Are Disciple-making Movement Views Faulty on Conversion? Thoughts?

This podcast is indeed garnering a lot of attention. We’re hearing several people comment on it. It’s a discussion from the ABWE featuring guest specialist, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, who is a professor history at a university out East. It’s worth the listen:




2 Responses to 7) Are Disciple-making Movement Views Faulty on Conversion? Thoughts?
  1. Warrick Farah Reply

    I listened to the podcast, and I remember that criticism, but it wasn’t explained. So it is difficult to respond without more information. However, it is fair to say the traditional American evangelical understanding of conversion as a one-step decision (which comes more from the big tent revivalism of the 18th and 19th centuries than it does from the Bible) is challenged by movements in which conversion is seen more as a process, and a personal-collective decision, not simply individualistic one. It is important not to confuse regeneration with conversion- they are two sides of the same coin of salvation. Regeneration happens by the Holy Spirit at divine initiative, but conversion is our human interpretation, experience, and application of that transformation. As such, it is rarely a momentary thing. If we were to ask Peter when he converted, he would probably be confused by the question. But he could point to his journey of discipleship in Christ, and that is precisely the point.

  2. Brian A. Reply

    I’m glad David Watson commented on the podcast. I think it would be good for him to be invited on a future podcast to speak for himself about the topic.

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