4) Why Lebanon? Why is Lebanon Significant?

Did you know that Lebanon might be the only country in the entire Middle East that isn’t officially Muslim? And did you realize it might also be the only Muslim country in the entire world in which residents are legally free to change their religion? As a result of these and other factors, some say Lebanon is fast becoming the epicenter of Christian ministry to the entire Middle East. Either way, many believe that whatever happens to Lebanon impacts the spread of the Gospel throughout the entire region. Want to learn more? Want to pray more for Lebanon? If so, just hop on over to witness first hand the highest prayer for Lebanon at…




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3 Responses to 4) Why Lebanon? Why is Lebanon Significant?
  1. jk Reply

    Someone has probably already pointed this out, but Isreal is also definitely not officially Muslim.

  2. Hannah Reply

    Yes I came on here to say the exact same thing about Israel…

  3. Editor Reply

    Thanks for setting things straight, JK and Hannah!

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