2) Ed Stetzer: Creating a Culture of Multiplication

We loved Ed Stetzer’s article about “Creating a Culture of Multiplication,” …




Stetzer nails it when he explains that missionaries and church planters need constantly to help local churches articulate the need for a culture of multiplication in the every day local church too. Stetzer got it right — again.


(This article first seen in Justin Long’s “Roundup.” Learn more at www.justinlong.org/roundup/ . Thanks Justin! )


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  1. Richard Goodall Reply

    My immediate reaction is understandable because only yesterday I read an article in Japan Harvest telling us that discipling is the key. If this one has the same slant why has this dear man not produced a multitude already? He’d be famous if he had.”Wisdom is justified by all her children.” Well, that makes me feel ‘good’ but I assume he’s theoretically right. Now to get our theories into reality. The Lord will ultimately have the work done and He will get all the glory due to Him. We might each get a little something. It says, “Then shall every man have his praise from God.” I’ve planted churches in Japan for 59 years but this Lord’s Day’s congregation numbered about six or seven.

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