5) The Latest on Operation World

This past week, we received an inquiry from a Brigada reader wishing and praying that a new version of Operation World might be in the makings soon. He wrote, “The latest version is 2001, right?” The great news is, Jason Mandryk and all his helpers and staff did this version in 2010:


Then they did an 2015 update called, “Pray for the World,” in 2015…


And last October 30, 2018, they did an Operation World Prayer Resource called, “Window on the World, Revised Edition” with fact files, stories, “do you know” side bars and much more.


Who *knows* what they’ll do next?!!  : )


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  1. Bill Lewis Reply

    It used to be they put out a new edition every 10 years. Do we know if one is planned for 2020 ?

  2. Bill Reply

    I emailed them recently and they are looking at a new version in 2022.

  3. Bill Reply

    Also keep in mind that Window on the World (2018) is a kids’ version of Operation World. Pray for the World is an abbreviated version of Operation World for those who think Operation World is too long or has too many prayer points.

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