I have a friend who is a Bible translator. Let’s call him “Ken” (not his real name because he’s in a secure location). He’s working in Southeast Asia. He has received an assignment to speak (at the local fellowship he attends) on Acts 10 (extension of the gospel to the gentiles) on May 5. He’s hoping to share with his church some of the exciting things happening these days through disciple-making movement and church-planting movement (DMM/CPM) growth. As it is “the 3rd Sunday of Easter,” he’s considering using the theme “The Light Dawns” with the image of the “Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe” — that, even after Aslan rose from the dead, Life had to be brought to different parts of Narnia by his people.

He’d like to make the point that Acts 10 broke things open in a new way, a way that is continuing today via (among other things) DMM/CPM. He asked me not to spend more than a couple minutes on this — but I wondered… what if we asked for help from thousands of Brigada participants from around the world. Could you supply him with a couple of short stories (it would be super awesome if you could point to a picture on the web that goes WITH the story, but be sure to protect identities in secure places). In particular, he’s looking for stories which illustrate (small- or large-scale) social transformation as a result of DMM/CPM. Obviously, since the message is a week from Sunday, time is of the essence. Would you have a moment to copy and paste something into a comment? (Don’t forget to change names if needed.) Thanks for any help you can give. Just click “Comment” and feel free to share anonymously if you must. Thanks again!