I (Doug) remember the first time I came across a computer application designed to help me remember all those loose items in life. “Who was the author of that book? What’s the name of that hotel in Paris that has a fantastic rate on an amazing room in the perfect location? Remind me which shuttle service we used in Bangkok. What are the names of all my neighbors?” I finally realized – this was the perfect reason that computers were invented: To help us search massive amounts of information and find knowledge. So when you think about all the applications you’ve ever seen that are perfect for that challenge, which one wins in your mind? I had been using Microsoft OneNote. But frankly, I’ve become interested again in Evernote lately. You might have another fave. Would you click comment and tell us briefly why?


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Sadly, the OneNote we’ve all enjoyed (from Office 2016) is now being put out to pasture by Microsoft. Only this “app” in Windows 10 will survive. Rascals.


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Both have free versions.