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Brigada Today 2014-03-09

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In this edition:
1) Plan Now to Take Part in a Global PrayerCast
2) Memo to JoshuaProject: We Love What You’ve Done with the Place
3) The One Video Player You Want
4) Wow: You Suddenly Own the Majority of Getty Images
5) Tips on Business as Missions
6) ZDL, Largest Christian Publisher in China, Asking for a Leader
7) Oral Bible Storying: Tell Jesus’ Story the Way He Did
8) Islamic Immersion: Incarnating the Gospel
9) Understanding those Willing to Serve
10) Finally — Bible Software the Way You Want it
11) Marjorie Collins’ New Book, “Polishing Pearls”
12) Free RSVP Software Might Help With Your Next Meeting
13) Thank you for the Translation Teams
14) The BackPage: We’re Loving InfoGraphics
15) Closing Stuff

1) Plan Now to Take Part in a Global PrayerCast

Global PrayerCast graphic

The stream will originate from a church in Phoenix, Arizona. But by the time the hour is done, you will have prayed side by side with believers in Central Asia, South Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, South America, North and South Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, West and East Africa, and churches of all size in the USA. The entire hour will be packed with prayer (there’s no sermon), and you also will spend time with your family, home Bible study, or local church, praying about local and area needs too. You’ll lift up prayers along 3 major themes with others all over the globe: global suffering (poverty, human trafficking, hunger), unreached peoples and cities, and finally, revitalization of your church for the sake of our hurting world. It will be an hour you’ll never forget. I hate to use the word because maybe it introduces too big of an expectation, but I’m honest when I say — it could even be epic. And guess what: There’s no charge. Watch the video. Plan to be present with thousands of others around the globe. We hope to see you there, Apr. 30th, 9pm EDT. Learn more at…


or catch the one-minute video at…


2) Memo to JoshuaProject: We Love What You’ve Done with the Place

jp_siteWow. If you haven’t stopped by…


in the last day or two, I’m guessing you won’t even recognize the place. It’s WAY cleaner, WAY cooler, instantly responsive, and radically simplified. I’m still trying to learn some of the new push button strategies. For example, in the People Group Listings, it took me a while to figure out that I had to have at least one button turned “green” in each category or else the listing would come back zero. But I figured it out after a few minutes and I know you will too… and then, I bet these pages stay very active — and gets LOTS of looks — because it’s sure a gorgeous interface. Well done, guys!

4) Wow: You Suddenly Own the Majority of Getty Images

Getty ImageAt least… you now probably have the right to use them on your web pages, that is, copyright free. Keep in mind, their byline is fairly good size and, from what I can determine, it won’t reduce. But just hop on over to…


About 4 out of 5 images now have “embed code” for you to insert in your own web pages or reports. Have fun decorating your blog or report with the best images ever, all for free and no registration required.

6) ZDL, Largest Christian Publisher in China, Asking for a Leader

If you’d consider serving as a General Manager of a very large company, please email Dwight
and let him know you’re willing to consider serving as the General Manager. (We have no further information about this opportunity. Please contact him directly if you have questions. Thanks.)

7) Oral Bible Storying: Tell Jesus’ Story the Way He Did

Jesus knew the power of a story to communicate a message. Learn how to communicate HIS story using orally told bible stories in any kind of ministry setting: for evangelism, church planting, & discipleship; with individuals or groups; with unreached people groups or right at home. Join the StoryRunners School of Storying, March 23-28, 2014. Check out


or call Melissa +1-405-306-5348 (USA).

8) Islamic Immersion: Incarnating the Gospel

Join a team of passionate laborers as they trust God for gospel movements of Kingdom communities among Muslims in a diverse community in a U.S. city. Their purpose is to incarnate the gospel by blessing their Muslim community through building relationships of trust, speaking of Jesus, and praying for and meeting their needs. Ministry track options are ESL, Kids’ Club, Language Intensive (Arabic, Bangla, or Bosnian), Sports & Recreation, and Construction. The program runs from May 27-July 2, 2014 and costs $1,500–$1,900. If you’re interested, apply immediately. For more info, visit…


or email

9) Understanding those Willing to Serve

Your ministry website is the gateway to engage with hundreds of potential missionaries and volunteers. Do you know understand their patterns, preferences and searching criteria? Now you can get a powerful glimpse into your audience’s searching habits and preferences through GMI’s latest resource: Searching to Serve. This small book is a summary of GMI’s extensive research on potential missionaries’ use of the Internet. The book introduces you to individual searchers and highlights the five profiles of online ministry opportunity searchers in an easy-to-read format. You can give this resource to everyone from the president of your organization to a recruiter out in the field as a tool to start a conversation and understand those who are searching to serve. Visit …


for more details.

10) Finally — Bible Software the Way You Want it

I’m really enjoying Logos Bible software…


One of the features I like most is the ability to change the layout. I can decide which translations (lots of options) I want positioned where on the page (complete flexibility), alongside which tools (commentaries, word studies, and more). Once I get things the way I like them, I can save that layout under the name I choose. And there’s no end to how many layouts I can design for multiple and varied purposes. It’s Bible software the way I need it. And, I have to add, I love that in the NIV, when I mouse over a word, I get a status bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the original Greek, along with declination or conjugation. What’s more, if I right-click … whoa… there are DOZENS of choices for further study on that word. Well done, Logos. (Truth in Brigada: LOGOS has stated it will make a donation to Brigada for every product they sell at the link above. However, my opinion of their software stands, regardless of whether or not they do so.)

11) Marjorie Collins’ New Book, “Polishing Pearls”

Marjorie Collins is a name familiar to those studying missions. (She’s authored 25 missions books and published hundreds of articles.) In this book, she basically creates a “candidate orientation to go.” This book would be most useful for a prospective recruit who is curious about “how to get from here to there.” It would fill in SOOOO many gaps in the process and calm many fears. Order it directly from the author by sending $7 (includes postage and handling to those in the USA; others, please inquire) at 1089 Kumquat Ct., Orange City, FL 32763.

12) Free RSVP Software Might Help With Your Next Meeting

There are lots of membership and event software offerings these days. However, maybe that’s more than what you need. Maybe you don’t even need a sign-up list. Maybe all you’re looking for is a way to determine “Who’s in?” for your next home Bible study or missions committee meeting. If that’s the case, I’m hearing a lot about…


It looks easy enough. Throw out a date/time and hear back instantly, via this app, whether or not your group can make the date. Try it — and please report back here whether or not you like it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

13) Thank you for the Translation Teams

A recent Brigada donor gave praise for a team in western Niger (the Fulfulde translation team) helping to shine the light of the Gospel in a dark place by faithfully translating the Word of God for this nomadic people group. Join him today in giving thanks for their work. We’re also grateful for his original empowering gift, already recognized in a previous Brigada.

If you’d like to help as well, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

14) The BackPage: We’re Loving InfoGraphics

A few years ago, an elder and psychologist in a local church actually took the time to come to my office, sit me down, and talk to me face to face. He explained, “Doug, you have so many ideas and they’re so clear to you — but they’re not clear to others. You need some way of illustrating them or explaining them. Otherwise, people misunderstand them and, even if they try to follow the idea, later, if there’s some misunderstanding, they become angry at you because they feel you didn’t explain yourself well enough up front.” At the time, I remember being perplexed about it. He finally go to the point: Could you find some way to illustrate your ideas, so we know exactly what you’re proposing?

I first tried transparencies, using an overhead projector. Honestly, my drawings and my handwriting were horrible and hard to read. So it was a game-changer when I discovered Harvard Graphics (now obsolete), which prepared snazzy transparencies (for a premium price, of course). Then I tried Lotus Freelance (now also obsolete), which was easier and maybe a bit more affordable. The problem was, once the software became obsolete, I couldn’t make any more changes to my presentation — so a lot of my work was locked in the past. Third, I began using PowerPoint. (Yawn. Doesn’t everybody?) Then I happened upon Prezi (which sometimes gives me motion sickness :-) ). But regardless of what I used, I ended up with a digital presentation that was tough for my listeners to take home. They’d ask, “Could I get a copy of your PowerPoint?” If they didn’t own PowerPoint, I could use this “pack and go” deal to give them a PowerPoint viewer, but it still seemed convoluted. And they were always having to look through 20 slides to get my big idea.

So recently, my son, Caleb, said to me, “Dad, you’ve got to try infographics.” Honestly, it has taken me months to get the idea. But I think I’m finally realizing it: Today’s 20-something loves to see the entire “big idea” in one power-packed graphic. “Infographics” do exactly that. I work most directly with a small team of individuals who, among other things, tries to cast a vision of where we can go next. We try to invent the idea — then we begin promoting it. So I challenged one of our team members to take her pick of a half dozen online infographics tools which my son had recommended. We looked at the benefits and challenges of each one and I recommended two or three, but in the end, I suggested Kelsey choose the one she liked best. She chose Piktochart.


It didn’t take long before she started producing these cool little illustrated charts that are, in effect, like an entire segment of a presentation all in one drawing. So whereas before, I would have felt compelled to develop 30 PowerPoint slides, now, I just hand out a single chart or maybe two at most. The audience benefits because now they have a drawing they can understand in one view — and they can take it with them on the go. What’s more, I can’t explain it, but it’s just cooler NOT to have to show a big presentation. It almost seems like the understatement is valued in and of itself. And, as much as I regret to admit it, the audience seems to love the idea that my presentation has gone from a 30-minute PowerPoint down to a 10-minute explanation of the chart. The presentation happens in a FLASH compared to my previously long, drawn-out PowerPoints.

So try it for yourself. Look at Piktochart as a sample, but there are other options too. Nobody’s paying me to say this — but … we’re loving InfoGraphics. :-)

And a good illustration never becomes obsolete. :-)

What’s your take on InfoGraphics and which tool do you prefer to develop them? Just click “Comment” after the online web version of this item, available via the link below.

15) Closing Stuff

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